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Are We Ready for the Next Recession? No!


**************************************** Note from the Publisher For all of you dividend fans out there, I am thrilled to announce that we have added www.DividendInvestor.com to the Eagle family of products. With screening tools, an all-star ranking of dividend stocks, the best dividend calendar on the web, personalized alerts and more, this site is a great complement […]

Who Won the Krugman-Moore Debate?


“I am not a defender of socialism or big government!” — Paul Krugman It was billed as the Dream Debate of the Century, and it did not disappoint. More than 2,000 people poured into the Celebrity Ballroom at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, for the explosive debate between Paul Krugman and Steve Moore. Krugman is the […]

Does Greece Have One of the Most Incompetent Governments Ever?


Now that Greece officially has defaulted on its 1.6 billion euro ($1.1 billion) debt payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Greek voters voted “no” to the budget cuts the creditors had demanded in return for additional rescue loans, will Greece be the first country to exit the euro zone? If so, what does […]

Will You Panic When the Next Crisis Hits?


The biggest threat to your portfolio is “fear” — fear of the next bear market that might force you to sell prematurely when a temporary crisis hits. The Greek debt crisis is a case in point. On Monday, the markets worldwide sold off hard on news of a potential default by Greece on its sovereign […]

What is the Best Tax Policy for Investors?


“Trying to minimize taxes too much is one of the great causes of really dumb mistakes in investing.” –Charlie Munger Whenever I speak at the MoneyShows or other investment conferences, I frequently get asked about the tax implications of master limited partnerships, long-term vs. short-term capital gains, etc. Generally speaking, I try not to let […]

A Tale of Three Charts: Is the American Dream Alive or Dead?


“The American dream is dead.” — Donald Trump, 2015 “I believe we can restore the American Dream and expand it to reach more people than ever before.” — Senator Marco Rubio At this year’s FreedomFest (www.freedomfest.com) in Las Vegas next month (July 8-11), we are going to debate the question, “Is the American Dream Alive […]

Investors’ Alert: Are You Making These Two Mistakes?


The first time I looked at the incredible chart below, I thought of the classic book, “Winning the Loser’s Game” by Charles Ellis. Last year, Richard Bernstein Advisors, using the research provided by Dalbar, put out a 20-year performance chart of most asset classes and compared it to the return of the “average investor.” Who […]

King Dollar — What It Means to Investors


On September 14, 2011, I received a little book in the mail called “The End of America,” in which the author predicted chaos in America within 12 months. “I want to detail for you a specific event that will take place in America’s very near future… which could actually bring our country and our way […]

Who Does Better for Stocks, Democrats or Republicans?


At the recent Las Vegas MoneyShow, I gave a talk on “Money & Politics: A Washington Insider Reveals the Surprising Secrets of Capitol Hill.” I had people standing in the room to hear my presentation with all the seats filled. If you missed it, I will be repeating the talk at this year’s big FreedomFest show. I shared several […]

Los Angeles Vote to Help… and to Hurt Workers


The Los Angeles City Council demonstrated its ignorance of Economics 101 when the panel voted this week 12-1 to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020 for millions of workers in the country’s second-largest city. United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta celebrated and said, “I think the economy will benefit and everyone […]

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