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How Important Is Trade? It’s ‘Yuge!’


“No nation was ever ruined by trade… The system of America is universal commerce with every nation; and war with none.” — Benjamin Franklin (1774, 1778) Two weeks ago, I was a speaker on my first Forbes cruise, hosted by Steve Forbes. Another speaker was Mark Mills, an energy expert from the Manhattan Institute. He […]

Is the Golden Age of Investing Over? Yes for Bonds, No for Stocks!


For the past week, I’ve been on my first Forbes cruise in the Caribbean with more than 150 investors. Speakers not only included me but also billionaire Ken Fisher, Fox Business hosts David Asman and Elizabeth MacDonald and energy expert Mark Mills. On the “Forbes on Fox Live!” panel, we debated whether the Trump rally […]

SALT vs. Ruff: A Tale of Two Conferences


“He who is a bear on the United States will eventually go broke.” — J. P. Morgan In the early 1980s, I was a keynote speaker at most of the Ruff National Conventions. These “doom-and-gloom” conferences were hosted by Howard Ruff, who died on Nov. 12. As I told the New York Times and Wall […]

Rough Lessons from Howard Ruff


“And I hope when I get old I don’t just sit around thinking about it, but I probably will. Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory days.” — Bruce Springsteen, “Glory Days” “He was a self-made millionaire. Twice. He lost it all. Twice. He often said he learned more from […]

Trump Victory Energizes Wall Street: How to Profit


“We have reason to be optimistic.” — John Stossel, Fox Business Last night, I attended the Reason Media Awards dinner, hosted by libertarian and “Price is Right” host Drew Carey. John Stossel of Fox Business was there to receive an award. Stossel told the audience he was surprisingly optimistic and hopeful after seeing President-elect Trump […]

Trump Towers over Clinton… What It Means to America, the World and the Markets


I predicted last week that if Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was going to win, it would take “an exhausting night,” like it took for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series for the first time in a century. Indeed, we didn’t find out who would be the 45th president of the United States […]

The Impossible Year: Cubs Win… Is Trump Next?


It has been an improbable year: the curse of the Billy goat was lifted on the Chicago Cubs and they won a world championship in baseball after a 108-year drought. Among my friends, I predicted they would win it all this year and celebrated the victory with my daughter, who lives in Chicago, and reveled […]

Easy Way to Double Your Returns


“The easiest way to double your returns is to double your time horizon.” — Tom Gardner, CEO, Motley Fool Last week, I was the guest of John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, who sponsors an annual Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit in Austin, Texas. Top CEOs included Jostein Solheim (Ben & Jerry’s), Dan Cathy (Chick-fil-A) […]

Does Business Need a New Brand?


“Capitalism is awesome!” — John Mackey, co-CEO, Whole Foods Market This week I was a guest of John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, to attend the 10th anniversary of the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit in Austin, Texas. It was an incredible opportunity to listen to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country who […]

King Dollar — What It Means to Investors


The dollar has rallied sharply in the past month, continuing a bullish trend since late 2011. It has risen significantly against the pound, the euro, the yen, the Aussie dollar and the Mexican peso lately. The dollar’s recent rise is reflected in the following chart of the PowerShares DB US Dollar Bullish ETF (UUP). King Dollar […]

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