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The Elections and Wall Street: Who Wins in November


“Don’t always trust the experts.” — Steve Forbes On Tuesday, Aug. 23, at the San Francisco MoneyShow, we had a raucous debate on “The Elections and Your Portfolio.” I was the moderator and had the challenge of confronting four Donald Trump supporters in front of an audience of both supporters and detractors. Some of the Democrats […]

Is the U.S. Stock Market Dying? View This Scary Chart


Wall Street seems to be in an ebullient mood as the Dow Jones Industrial Average is near an all-time high and has enjoyed a seven-year bull run. At my newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, we are enjoying the ride. We are 100% invested and taking advantage of high-dividend paying stocks and funds during a low-interest, low-inflation environment. But […]

Why the Progressive Income Tax is a Danger to your Liberties


Why the Progressive Income Tax is a Danger to your Liberties “The moment you abandon… the cardinal principle of exacting from all individuals the same proportion of their income or their property, you are at sea without rudder or compass, and there is no amount of injustice or folly you may not commit.” — John […]

Are Wages Really Falling Behind?


Supporters of the “stagnation thesis” argue that wages and the standard of living for the average American are flat or have been declining in real terms since the 1970s, and haven’t kept up with productivity. Here’s the chart they use to support their doom-and-gloom case: But this chart doesn’t tell the whole story. It leaves out […]

Who’s Better for Stocks, Clinton or Trump?


At this year’s FreedomFest conference, by far the most fiery debate ever in our 10-year history was “The YUGE Debate: Trump, Pro and Con,” between Trump supporters Wayne Allyn Root and Dan Mangru and critics Matt Welch and Jeffrey Tucker (Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV was the moderator). It turned into a shouting match, the first ever at FreedomFest. Watch it here. For investors, the big question is, which […]

The Capitalists Win at FreedomFest!


“Capitalism is turning luxuries into necessities.” — Andrew Carnegie “[This market] can sure take a punch!” — George Foreman Former heavy weight champion George Foreman going mano a mano with your editor at FreedomFest. FreedomFest, what one attendee called “the greatest libertarian event in the country,” defied all odds by attracting more than 2,100 attendees […]

Who’s Right, the Bulls or the Bears?


“Bears make headlines, bulls make money.” — Old Wall Street saying. Today at FreedomFest, the bulls Alex Green (Oxford Club) and Keith Fitz-Gerald (Money Map Press) are taking on the bears Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital) and Bert Dohmen (Wellington Letter). I’ll be the moderator, although I am definitely biased toward the bulls. The event will be […]

We’re Crushing the Market with Gold and Silver!


On February 4, 2016, my Investor CAFÉ addressed the question, “Is now the time to buy gold?” My answer was “yes.” I concluded, “I suspect that precious metals and mining stocks will be a good contrarian play this year, while traditional investments in stocks and bonds will struggle.” So far, my prediction has been right on the […]

Is Ron Paul Right about Brexit? Is The End Coming? No!


I was asked to comment on former Congressman Ron Paul’s prediction that Brexit — the British voting to leave the European Union (EU) — is the last domino to bring about the collapse in the monetary system as we know it. I was on KitcoTV Wednesday, June 29, in New York to discuss it. Click […]

Got Profits? Here’s Where to Spend it!


“Politics and economics are concerned with power and wealth, neither of which should be the primary, still less the exclusive, concern of full-grown men and women.” — Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction Writer Back in 2011, Alex Green, the long-time investment director at the Oxford Club, wrote a book called “Beyond Wealth: The Road Map […]

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