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The New Bulls and Bears: ‘One Word’ Describes the Post-Election Markets


“The difference between a rich investor and a poor investor is the quality — and timeliness — of his information.” — Bernard Baruch (“The Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 31) Know the signs of the times. Much has changed since the Nov. 3 elections, and smart investors must adjust their portfolio when the political winds shift. With Joe Biden headed […]

Who Predicted the Election and Why It Matters


“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king.” — The Maxims of Wall Street (p. 62).  A number of financial advisors went to 100% cash before the election, fearing that the bull market on Wall Street would falter under the uncertainty of the election. Others sold stocks and bought gold. I was not one […]

Republicans Trump Democrats, Stocks Soar


You probably think my headline is crazy, but it’s true.  The media is reporting that irascible Donald Trump was dumped, and sleepy Joe Biden is the president-elect. Then why did stocks soar after the election, given that Biden and the Democrats hate investors and want to cancel the Trump tax cut? The answer to this puzzle was explained by John […]

Why Stocks Skyrocketed After the Election


  Talk about a crazy election night. On Tuesday night, the voting swung from Biden to Trump and back to Biden. We witnessed the fleeting thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat. The election betting odds saw those who bet on Trump suddenly making millions, and then hours later they were wiped out. The […]

2020: A Turning Point in America?


“The outlook for stocks, gold and the dollar is positive as we enter 2020 but beware of a ‘black swan’ event that could derail the longest-running bull market in history.” — January 2020 prediction in Forecasts & Strategies. My prediction of a “black swan” event has generated a lot of interest by investors and the media this […]

Caught on Video: Kevin ‘The Shark’ O’Leary Takes on Whole Foods’ John Mackey


“Business has only one purpose, to make money. If you want a friend, buy a dog!” — Kevin O’Leary Which should business leaders and entrepreneurs focus on: the bottom line (profits) or achieving a higher purpose — the good, the beautiful, the heroic? The best debate on this subject was held at last year’s FreedomFest between John Mackey, the CEO […]

Wall Street Catches Auction Fever — You Can Profit


“Auction theory is one of the economics’ biggest success stories.” — Paul Klemperer, Oxford University Earlier this year, in my class at Chapman University, called “EconoPower,” I auctioned off a jar of pennies to my students.  They were to bid on the jar, making sure they didn’t offer to pay more than the pennies in […]

The Economy is Doing Better Than We Thought


“GDP is like an X-ray of the economy; Gross Output (GO) is like a CAT-scan!” — Steve Forbes The Wall Street Journal ran my op-ed over the past weekend with the headline: “New Stat Augurs Well for Covid Recovery: Gross output measures business confidence better than GDP. It’s fallen less than in past recessions.” This is the third time […]

Danger Ahead: Will We Have a ‘V-Shaped’ Recovery or a ‘K-Disaster’?


In last night’s political debate, an issue came up. Will we have a “V-shaped” recovery or a ‘K-disaster’? President Donald Trump said that he expects the economy to continue to recover, and for the stock market to head higher, resulting in his reelection. It may be wishful thinking. His opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, […]

This One Investment Survived the Bloodbath


  Stocks have been down almost every day in September, the toughest month for investors. The market is down 10% this month. There are plenty of reasons. The markets hate uncertainty, and we’re getting plenty of uncertainty as we head into the November elections. If Trump and the Republicans hold onto controlling the White House and the Senate, […]

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