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What is the Greatest Threat to Your Investments Today?


What is your greatest fear when it comes to investing? Is it taxes, inflation, recession, world war, another pandemic or maybe even global warming? Last Sunday was Constitution Day (Sept. 17), the day 39 brave founders created a new nation that would change the world (see more about the importance of Constitution Day below). But […]

Our New Book is Banned in Beijing!


“Cleon Skousen was truly a giant. I encourage everyone to read the story of this great man, which will inspire you to join the cause of liberty.” — Senator Mike Lee I’m thrilled to announce the release of a new book that my wife Jo Ann and I have worked on for three years — […]

Three Charts Foretell the Future….Plus Viva Vivek!


“If you want to stay ahead, keep one eye on the Fed.” – Patrick Balogna (Maxims of Wall Street, p. 65) As we enter the fall of 2023, Wall Street faces a conundrum:  an aggressive fiscal policy with growing trillion-dollar deficits by the Biden administration in the face of a tight monetary policy by the […]

Is the Mother of All BEAR Markets Coming Soon? This Book Predicts It


“History is seasonal, and winter is coming.” — The Fourth Turning, 1997 “A forecast is never so useful as when it warns man of a crisis.” — Bertrand de Jouvenal (“Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 112) My newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, specializes in making predictions about the markets and global trends. I’ve been writing my […]

Attention, Investors: My Geiger Counter Discovers This Energy Source to be 8,000% More Efficient!


Non-renewal fossil fuels — oil, gas and coal — have proven to be much more efficient than solar, wind, water and other alternative energy sources. Investing in fossil fuels has made us rich. Meanwhile, the production of “green” energy has to be subsidized. Investing in solar and wind has been much more risky. Of course, […]

Do You Have the Courage to be Disliked?


“It is the essence of a successful investor that he should be eccentric, unconventional and rash in the eyes of the average opinion.” — John Maynard Keynes (Maxims of Wall Street, p. 44) “You can’t buy what’s popular and do well.” — Warren Buffett (p. 50) “The only people who never get criticized are those […]

A Milestone: GO to the New York Times!


“By integrating the vital role of the supply chain into national income accounting, Mark Skousen’s development of gross output (GO) has created a more dynamic and broader view of the economy, and of the central role that business plays in national income, the business cycle and economic growth. I recommend that economists seriously consider his […]

Inequality? This Product is the Great Equalizer


“Without one in your pocket you would have to lug around the equivalent of 50 separate items.” — The Daily Mail Whenever the subject of growing inequality comes up, I readily agree with the statement that the rich are doing better than the average income earner when it comes to wealth and income. But in […]

Adam Smith Reveals His Invisible Hand!


Adam Smith Reveals His Invisible Hand! “Adam Smith was a radical and revolutionary in his time — just as those of us who preach laissez faire in our time.” — Milton Friedman In honor of Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, and his 300th birthday (born in 1723), I have attended and spoken at […]

The Magnificent Seven at FreedomFest


“The entire FreedomFest is an unbelievable achievement. What you and your family have accomplished with this annual conference is phenomenal. I don’t see how you all put together so many speakers and so many sessions and make it work so well.” — Bumper Hornberger This year’s FreedomFest in Memphis, Tennessee, was another triumph, with over […]

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