How Important Is Trade? It’s ‘Yuge!’

By thiggins

“No nation was ever ruined by trade… The system of America is universal commerce with every nation; and war with none.” — Benjamin Franklin (1774, 1778)

Two weeks ago, I was a speaker on my first Forbes cruise, hosted by Steve Forbes. Another speaker was Mark Mills, an energy expert from the Manhattan Institute. He made a startling statement: “Trade represents two-thirds of the world economy (GDP).”

Was it really that big? After all, trade in the gross domestic product (GDP) data appears, on the surface, negligible. In general, GDP is defined as the annual value of the domestic production of final goods and services. Net exports (exports minus imports) is actually negative in GDP statistics. Why are imports subtracted from GDP? Because imports are already included in products sold to consumers, business and government and are subtracted out to avoid double counting.

Exports by U.S. firms represent almost 14% of America’s GDP. If you count exports plus imports (since they are done by different firms and individuals), trade represents 28% of the U.S. economy. It is even bigger in foreign countries. According to the World Bank, trade (exports plus imports) amounts to 60% of world GDP!

Another fact: trade between countries has been growing steadily since 1960, from 20% to 60% today. See the graph below.


Source: World Bank, “Trade as a Percentage of World GDP, 1960-2015”

However, at the global level, adding exports to imports is double counting. In reality, exports (or imports) represent 30% of the world economy.

In any case, trade is YUGE, to quote President-elect Donald Trump.

In fact, according to the latest statistics, nearly half of all sales of the products of U.S. firms listed in the S&P 500 come from abroad! See the chart below.


Most of U.S. corporate sales abroad go to Europe, Asia and Canada, and only a small amount to Mexico.

Lesson: Trade is a major source of economic growth and higher standards of living around the world. If President Trump’s policies interrupt this free flow of goods and services by imposing high tariffs and quotas on foreign goods coming into the United States, it could spell disaster and trade wars.

Benjamin Franklin said it best in 1774: “It would be better if government meddled no further with trade and let it take its course. Most of the statutes, acts, edicts… and placards of parliaments, princes and states for regulating, directing and restraining of trade have been either political blunders or jobs obtained by artful men for private advantage under the pretense of public good.”

Franklin added, “It is said by a very solid writer of the same nation, well advanced in the science of politics, who knows the full force of that maxim, ‘Pas trop gouvener,’ Not to govern too strictly, which perhaps would be of most use when applied to trade than in any other public concern. It is therefore wished that all commerce were as free between all nations of the world as it is between the counties of England: so would all, by mutual communication, obtain more enjoyments. No nation was ever ruined by trade; even, seemingly, the most disadvantageous.” (See pp. 300-301 of “The Compleated Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin,” compiled and edited by Mark and Jo Ann Skousen:

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You Blew It! How the Average Investor Can Profit with the Super-Rich

“Deals like Hostess [Twinkies] helped make the men running the six largest private equity firms the highest-earning executives of any major American industry.” — New York Times cover story, “How the Twinkie Made the Superrich Even Richer,” December 11, 2016

Last Sunday, the New York Times reported how Apollo Global Management, a well-heeled private equity firm, made $2.3 billion by bringing back the Twinkie from bankruptcy in 2012. Apollo management forced the company to lay off workers, downsize and take on leveraged debt. CEO Leon Black and other executives were paid millions of dollars. Black earned $211 million between 2013 and today. They were paid largely through dividends from Apollo, rather than a salary of only $100,000 a year.

The newspaper also recounted in painful detail how union workers and other employees lost jobs as part of the downsizing required to bring Hostess back to profitability.

But the newspaper hardly mentions the fact that Apollo Global Management is a publicly traded company (symbol APO) that allows investors of all sizes, including those owning a few shares, to participate in this turnaround success story. Since refinancing Hostess, Apollo Global Management has paid out huge dividends every quarter. Since 2012, they’ve paid out over $9 in dividends, including more than $3 in 2013. This year, the stock is up 30%.

This is what we call democratic capitalism.

In case you missed it, I encourage you to read my e-letter column from last week about how the golden age of stock investing still lives on.

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