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Will Climate Alarmists Hurt Your Investments?


2015 Far Eclipsed 2014 as World’s Hottest Year, Climate Scientists Say. Global Warming Blamed for System That is ‘Warming Up, Relentlessly.’ — New York Times, January 21, 2016 2015 Was Not Even Close to Hottest Year on Record. — James Taylor, Forbes.com, 2016 Yesterday I had my students at Chapman University read these two articles (quoted above) and […]

Latest GO Data Says Recession May be Around the Corner


Every quarter the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) releases gross domestic product (GDP) statistics. Its latest release indicates that GDP grew at 2.0%, suggesting a slowdown in the economy but no recession. But the BEA also now produces a broader measure of the economy called Gross Output (GO), a measure that […]

Are We Heading for Recession or Worse?


The financial terrorists are coming out of the woodwork. I recently received a warning from Jim Davidson that the U.S. economy is heading for “imminent collapse.” But it’s not just gold bugs who are predicting disaster. A Merrill Lynch analyst expects a drop in the S&P 500 Index to 1,600, down from around 1,900 now. A Zacks analyst […]

What is America’s Financial Outlook in 2016?


The New Year is here, and it’s the year which everyone has been waiting for to discover if America will rise up to become great again following the November elections. The markets already are worried. Wall Street is in turmoil in response to events occurring in China and the Middle East. This week, famed investor George […]

Bears Make Headlines, Bulls Make Money


The subtitle of my collection of “Maxims of Wall Street” (over 2,000 of the new 4th edition sold during the holiday season) is “Bears make headlines, bulls make money.” That adage was never as true as this year. The doom-and-gloom reports came out of the woodwork in 2015: the dollar was going to collapse and […]

Why the U.S. Mint has Sold Out of Silver Coins


The above headline came from an article in Casey Research about the fact that the U.S. Mint sold out of American Eagle Silver Dollars in December 2015 and is minted more than 47 million silver dollars this year. Your editor and Doug Casey compare American Eagle silver and gold coins at the New Orleans Conference […]

Fed Raises Rates: Good or Bad for the Economy?


“Finally, the Fed made the right decision. It’s like removing price controls from the credit markets!” — Steve Forbes Yesterday, my wife and I spent more than an hour in a private meeting with Steve Forbes at his company’s new world headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey. (Forbes moved last year from its beloved offices on iconic […]

If Warren Buffett Can’t Beat the Market, How Can You?


In May, my son Todd and I attended the 50th anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A), the investment company run by Warren Buffett from his offices in Omaha, Nebraska. We celebrated the fact that Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. In 1973, Berkshire stock traded for $78 a share. Today, it’s worth $200,000. That’s a […]

Should You Invest in Solar and Alternative Energy?


“The difference between a rich investor and a poor investor is the quality — and timeliness — of his information.” — Bernard Baruch (from “The Maxims of Wall Street”) With the U.N. Climate Change Conference going on in Paris, suddenly renewable alternative energy stocks like First Solar and Solar City are rallying. Will the rally […]

‘How Much of the Economy is Consumer Spending? Actually Only 30%!’


Last week Alex Green, the chief investment strategist of the Oxford Club, wrote an article on the importance of Christmas in the economy and googled the question, “How much of the economy is consumer spending?” The responses came up as 70%. This is a common response based on a fallacy in the media — that the economy […]

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