TNT Dark Lithium - Mark Skousen

“I’ve never been $50 million lighter and felt better.”
—Warren Buffett

Why Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk Are Investing Billions Into “Dark Lithium”

Yet through it all, our private group of savvy traders has banked profits of 110.3%… 145%… 153.6%… 225.8%… 255.6%… and 367%… even as the stock market as a whole was plummeting.

And how you could make gains of up to 842% on the $6 micro-cap that has a stranglehold on it…

Dear Investor,

See this piece of land?

Somewhere in Kemmerer, Wyoming

It’s located in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

About 130 miles northeast of Salt Lake City.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like much.

But as you’re about to see in this exposé…

It’s where you can find the purest vein of “Dark Lithium” in America.

Right now, I’d wager that 9 out of 10 Americans have no idea it exists.

Yet Warren Buffett is pouring into “Dark Lithium” at a frantic pace.

Billions by some estimates.

Pundits in the mainstream media haven’t caught on.

They’ve simply shrugged it off as another billion-dollar bid.

Yet it’s anything but that.

Because not only has Buffett poured up to $4 billion into “Dark Lithium”…

It might be one of the biggest moves in his 60-year career.

In fact, thanks to Uncle Warren’s move, and hours of research…

One savvy investor has discovered a $6 micro-cap at the forefront of it all.

It has a stranglehold on “Dark Lithium,” which is critical to the EV revolution.

And if you get in BEFORE midnight on December 14…

There’s a chance you could collect gains as high as 842%.

I know that might sound far-fetched to some folks.

But had you followed Buffett’s lead in the past…

Then held on to the companies he picked…

You could have collected incredible gains as high as:

545% on Bank of America Corp. (BAC)…

Bank of America

2,560% on (KO)…

Coca-Cola Company

And 5,153% on Wells Fargo and Company (WFC)…

Wells Fargo and Company

Today, there’s an even bigger opportunity in front of you.

Because there’s never been such a clear-cut opportunity to stand on the shoulders of Buffett.

With that said:

Some folks might think “Dark Lithium” has to do with real estate, mining, or even lithium itself.

But it’s something much, much different with far more money-making potential.

So much so that it’s got the Oracle of Omaha in an unprecedented buying frenzy.

He’s not satisfied with just making a $4 billion move into this opportunity in Wyoming.

He’s also invested up to $100 million and $50 million into two separate projects behind “Dark Lithium.”

In fact, he even went as far as telling the New York Times:

“I’ve never been $50 million lighter and felt better.”

That’s one of the most successful investors in history.

Whose #1 rule has always been don’t lose money investing:

“The first rule of investing is: don’t lose money; the second rule is don’t forget Rule No. 1.”
—Warren Buffett

Yet he’s practically saying it’s the best move he’s ever made!

But that doesn’t surprise me.

Because “Dark Lithium” could change everything about your day-to-day life.

From how your house is powered, to how you get to work, and even where you go on vacation.

Which brings me to an important point:

When basically nobody knows about “Dark Lithium…”

And none other than the Oracle of Omaha is piling money into it…

You know this isn’t just a sky-in-the-pie opportunity.

Something much, much bigger is unfolding.

And Buffett isn’t the only one who thinks so.

Not only did Wired report Bill Gates invested “undisclosed millions”…

Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk are all heavily investing, too.

For good reason

“Dark Lithium” can provide nearly four times more reliable power than wind and solar plants.

Dark Lithium Pellets

Not to mention that one “Dark Lithium” pellet (the size of your fingertip)…

Has as much power as 1 ton of coal, 149 gallons of oil, or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

Considering wind and solar can’t keep up with the energy demand…

Plus, oil, coal, and gas are facing unprecedented shortages…

“Up 700%, China’s Consumption Of US Coal Drives Shortages, Not Railroads.”

“Inflation is Going to Get Worse. Blame a Lack of Diesel.”

“US natural gas storage report likely to post widest deficit yet for 2022.”
—S&P Global

“Dark Lithium” could emerge as the holy grail.

Elon Musk even went as far as calling it “critical.”

And it makes sense.

Because not only can “Dark Lithium” do what lithium does in EVs…

It does it better – making range anxiety and two hour charging times a thing of the past.

In fact, the days of scrambling for battery metals like cobalt and lithium could be gone.

Because “Dark Lithium” is lithium on steroids with much, much more power.

It’s a quantum leap in EV battery technology with far longer life and energy.

Not to mention it could also reduce your monthly electric bill…

Because while it costs up to $60 per month to charge an EV…

I believe “Dark Lithium” could radically slash those costs.

In short, it’s a whole new opportunity for investors and automakers alike.

The only thing is that no company in America can produce “Dark Lithium.”

Or, that was the case until now.

Because I’ve just been tipped off by a legendary investor acquainted with Buffett…

And he knows one tiny company in the leading position to start producing it.

It has a revolutionary method to make “Dark Lithium” faster, better, and cheaper.

This company has figured out a way to produce it at virtually ZERO cost.

There’s no doubt about it:

This micro-cap is your chance to follow Buffett, Musk, and Bezos into the energy of the future.

Right now, its stock is trading for $6 a pop.

But my research shows it could soar as high as 842%…

Because not only is “Dark Lithium” set to transform today’s EV market…

The market is projected to be worth $46 trillion, and I suspect it’s about to explode.

Make your move while it’s still in its infancy, and you could be richly rewarded.

Delay any longer, however, and you’ll be left with the table scraps.

You’ll be too late.

In fact, the best window of opportunity to act is within the next 48 hours!

Because Ford has started production of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 2023…

And if history is a guide, we could be looking at 200,000 orders in the space of a few months.

Every Single One of Those Ford Mustang Mach-E 2023’s Will Need “Dark Lithium” for Consistent and Reliable Power

Of course, Ford has already released EVs like the F-150 Lightning.

But as you’ve probably noticed, they all have a major problem:

They can only travel 100 miles when towing a 6,000-pound trailer.

That’s not even enough to get you from Houston to Austin in Texas!

Which brings me to an important point:

If Ford does NOT get a hold of “Dark Lithium”…

It could, ultimately, fail to accomplish it they started…

Because while Henry Ford began working on a low-cost EV in 1914 and said:

“The problem so far has been to build [an EV] which would operate for long distances”…

Thousands of Ford Mustang Mach-E 2023s will run out of charge.

The engine simply won’t have enough reliable power to reach its full potential.

Nor will it be able to outdistance today’s batteries.

But the solution won’t be more EV charging infrastructure or higher battery capacity.

Heck, not even getting cobalt, nickel, or lithium at a much cheaper price will cut it.

As you’ll see with your very own eyes…

The only component in the world that could make it possible is “Dark Lithium.”

It’s much cheaper, it enables a far more powerful battery, and goes farther.

In fact, although this new tech isn’t here yet, the opportunity to get into it early is – and extends for the next 48 hours!

I suggest you take advantage of it, because Ford was just the start of the new EV tidal wave…

Soon, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler Will ALL Need “Dark Lithium”…

That’s because they are scheduled to start production soon — or have already done so — for EV versions of these cars:

EV Versions of Cars

And “Dark Lithium” will be the ONLY WAY to reliably power these EVs!

Look at the Jeep Wrangler, for example.

It can only provide 200 miles of range.

Not even enough to drive from Miami to Orlando!

Frankly, it’s a huge (and embarrassing) problem.

And it also impacts the bottom line of these firms.

Because according to a Deloitte 2022 Global Automotive Study:

Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans outright refuse to buy an EV…

All largely because it won’t have power for long enough.

Considering the average EV sells for around $66,000…

That means these automakers will be leaving $14.8 TRILLION of profit on the table!

I want to say the situation for these companies (and investors) is urgent.

But I think “imminent” is far more appropriate.

After all:

Over 1.4 Billion EVs Are Set to Hit Our Roads

How do I know?

Because there are 1.4 billion cars on the road today…

And UBS predicts almost all cars will soon be EVs.

That means all combustion engine cars will be replaced with EVs.

In fact, there are no ifs or buts about it. It’s mandatory – by law.

Governments have mandated all new car sales must soon be EVs.

Norway demands this must happen in the next 36 months.

Germany made it law that it must occur in the next eight years.

America has just over 10 years for all car sales to be EVs.

And over 130 countries have agreed to make it law.

Including the most populous like China, India, and Indonesia.

All the EVs will need a reliable, clean source of power that has no emissions.

And the thing is:

We Can’t Use Renewable Energy Like Wind or Solar

Because as prominent Breakaway Research analyst Mike Harrowell said:

“Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will not be reliable enough.”

No energy can be produced if the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.

Look what happened in Germany, the world’s wind and solar capital, as an example.

Its millions of solar panels and 30,000 wind turbines were covered in snow.

So no energy could be generated from these so-called “reliable” energy sources.

But it’s not just about renewables like wind or solar.

We won’t be able to use coal or oil, either.

Because not only have all these countries agreed to go all-electric by 2040…

Cape Verde
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
New Zealand
United Kingdom

Even the oil and gas companies themselves are transitioning toward all-electric.

Shell opened its first EV charging hub, replacing petrol pumps in Fulham, London…

EV Charge Point

Plus, the company is aiming to get to half a million EV charging points in the next 36 months.

British Petroleum (BP) has also joined the EV race.

The company has probably acquired hundreds — if not more — EV charging companies.

And now, it’s targeting 30,000 EV charging points in the next eight years.

Coal companies are no different.

Consider one of America’s largest coal mining firms, Alliance Resource Partners.

It produces 27 million tons of coal per year.

Yet it’s just inked a deal with Francis Energy, an EV charging company.

In short:

Other energy sources won’t be produced on a scale large enough to satisfy the huge demand.

Which means the only source of power that will be reliable enough is “Dark Lithium.”

That’s why I suspect it will be the backbone powering almost every EV on our roads…

Enabling nearly every important function like accelerating, braking, and even reversing.

In fact, the EV revolution is set to be worth $46 trillion, and “Dark Lithium” is at the forefront of it.

However, the most exciting part isn’t that it’s set to revolutionize the EV market…

“Dark Lithium” is also set to power homes, hospitals, and even the almighty blockchain.

And that’s not only me saying that…

This is Coming From One of America’s Foremost Experts in Investing

Roger Michalski

You see, my name is Roger Michalski…

And while I’m the publisher of Eagle Publishing…

For 20 years now, I’ve worked with a man I consider the best investor in the world: Dr. Mark Skousen.

He’s not only authored 25 books and been investing for over 40 years…

He’s known as one of the top 20 economists in the entire world.

Larry Kudlow, who was President Trump’s director of the National Economic Council, says:

“Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know.”

Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Media and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, says:

“Mark Skousen… should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

Milton Friedman-Nobel Prize winning economist says:

“Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative, and energetic economist.”

But here’s the thing:

He’s also a world-class investment analyst.

And his track record proves it.

Since 2018, he’s made 43 triple-digit gain recommendations, including:

As well as other incredible picks like:

No wonder he’s been compared to all-time greats…

Like Peter Lynch, John Templeton, and George Soros.

John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, says:

“Mark is a skilled investor, creative entrepreneur, and a first-rate thinker, writer, and practitioner of sound economics.”

Stephen Halprin, who runs an investing contest for all leading investment newsletter editors, said:

“For over 25 years, year after year, Mark has consistently been among the top performers in this contest. Indeed, out of some 100 financial advisors, Mark has ranked in the top spots more than any other.”

Not to mention Warren Buffett, who is also well-acquainted with Dr. Skousen’s investing prowess.

Here you can see them standing shoulder to shoulder having a laugh together:

Mark Skousen and Warren Buffett

Frankly, I suspect this is how Dr. Skousen was able to follow Buffett to “Dark Lithium.”

And more importantly, identify the $6 micro-cap company with a stranglehold on it.

It might even be the biggest “find” of Dr. Skousen’s four-decade-long investing career…

Because not only has he discovered this firm is the ONLY conventional producer of “Dark Lithium”…

He’s Also Discovered That “Dark Lithium” Could Transform Industries Worth Over $229 Trillion!

One of them being the $1.7 trillion blockchain industry.

Most folks think of blockchain as an amorphous technology.

Something that enables transactions between online currencies.

But nearly everyone overlooks the sheer amount of energy it uses.

Take the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as an example.

It consumes an estimated 150 terawatt-hours of electricity annually.

That’s more than the entire country of Argentina, which has a population of 45 million!

This is a huge problem for blockchain, our environment, and our investment portfolios.

After all, where’s all that energy going to come from tomorrow?

Because the switch from coal to renewable sources like wind, solar, or geothermal can’t fix it.

The solution lies in what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the B-Word conference:

“To operate a bunch of hashing rigs effectively, you have to run them 24-7, which means you need [Dark Lithium].”

In other words:

All the countries that had previously banned Bitcoin mining due to environmental concerns…

Like China, Bolivia, and Turkey, to name a few, could repeal all their laws against Bitcoin mining…

Because “Dark Lithium” could make it possible to mine Bitcoin with net zero carbon emissions!

In short, the entire $1.7 trillion blockchain industry could rely on “Dark Lithium” for power.

And, most importantly, not ruin the environment in the process.

But it’s not just impacting the trillion-dollar blockchain industry…

“Dark Lithium” Could Transform The $217 Trillion Real Estate Industry

In fact, it’s nearly a done deal.

Because buildings are moving to all-electric…

Plus, all new and existing buildings MUST operate at net zero carbon by 2050.

That’s why states all around the country are mandating that all new buildings to be net-zero carbon.

New York passed the Climate Mobilization Act requiring nearly all buildings to be zero emissions.

Plus, California passed the Green New Deal mandating that all new buildings be net-zero by 2030.

Again, “Dark Lithium” is the only real source of carbon-free energy.

And you know what?

It all makes sense.

Because thanks to appliances like air conditioning, gas boilers, and generators…

Real estate consumes about 40% of the world’s energy!

In fact, the average U.S. household spends nearly $400 a month on utilities.

But since “Dark Lithium” could radically slash that cost…

There’s a chance it could save you thousands each year!

One tiny $6 micro-cap is at the forefront of making it happen.

And what’s even crazier is that “Dark Lithium” isn’t just going to power real estate…

Like our homes, schools, shopping malls, and businesses. It’s also going to power hospitals.

Which is why:

“Dark Lithium” Is Set to Disrupt the $11 Trillion Health Care Industry

The average 500-bed American hospital has 7,500 medical devices.

Including ventilators, incubators, and dialysis machines.

Almost all of them rely on fossil fuels like electricity to function.

Not to mention patients rely on them day in and day out to survive.

The only problem is that these devices are at the mercy of mother nature.

Because if a severe weather event like a hurricane strikes (as we’ve just seen in Florida)…

All of those lifesaving devices will go offline in the blink of an eye.

Heck, we can’t even rely on backup power from generators.

Because they’ve failed many, many times in the past.

Take Hurricane Katrina as an example.

The hospital staff in New Orleans were on their own when the electricity cut out, and people died.

Or look at San Diego in 2011.

Backup generators at two hospitals failed during a blackout, and patients were in serious jeopardy.

Or consider what happened in 2011 in Connecticut.

A hospital had to evacuate more than 40 patients when its generator failed during Hurricane Irene.

Long story short, hospitals all around the world cannot rely on backup generators for reliable power.

Especially since the mortality rate soars by a whopping 43% when power outages last over two hours!

Hospitals need a consistent and reliable source of energy that will work regardless of what happens.

And the only energy source that could make that happen is “Dark Lithium.”

Which begs the question:

What Exactly Is “Dark Lithium”?

It’s this:

Dark Lithium

But to be clear:

It’s not going to be in an EV battery.

Or anywhere inside an EV.

It’s simply going to be the energy source that underpins the electricity grid to power all the EVs.

Electricity Grid Connected to EV and Uranium

With that out of the way:

“Dark Lithium” is the name Dr. Skousen uses for the chemical element called uranium.

Most folks might think that it’s a distant future for uranium to provide power for EVs.

Others might think we could have over 1.4 billion nuclear meltdowns on our roads.

And while that couldn’t be further from the truth, I totally understand.

Because the mainstream media has created a false perception of uranium.

They’ve led folks to believe it’s all about nuclear weapons and radiation.

And witht he media by dramatizing uranium for so long, people have associated it with danger.

Yet, the truth is that since 1952 when nuclear power was first employed…

Only 33 incidents have been recorded, and most of the deaths were from just two events:

The Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine and Fukushima in Japan.

Even Elon Musk went as far as saying:

“For those who (mistakenly) think [uranium] is a radiation risk, pick what you think is the worst location. I will travel there & eat locally grown food on TV.”

“I did this in Japan many years ago, shortly after Fukushima. Radiation risk is much, much lower than most people believe.”

And he’s right.

Uranium (which powers nuclear energy) is the cleanest and most powerful form of energy on earth:

Energy Source

Natural Gas
CO2 Equivalent Emissions Per GWh (tonnes)


Fossil fuel
Fossil fuel
Fossil fuel

Of course, the media wouldn’t like you to believe that.

Their agenda is predicated on fear to get more clicks.

Not to mention they run (and even CREATE) ads for big oil.

That includes the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

However, as much as they try to avoid how safe, powerful, and clean uranium is…

It’s becoming near impossible to deny.

Because right now, as we speak:

Uranium Demand Is Skyrocketing!

But don’t take my word for it. said:

“The uranium market is at a tipping point.”

Billionaire Eric Sprott’s asset management firm agreed:

“Uranium is at a tipping point.”

And prominent commodity news outlet Kitco confessed:

“Uranium [was] one of the hottest commodities in 2021.”

What does this mean in terms of numbers?

The average nuclear reactor burns 551,156 pounds of uranium every single year…

And since there are 96 reactors in the U.S. (and these meet just 25% of the country’s energy demand)…

That means we need AT LEAST 52 million pounds of uranium to power them!

There’s only one problem:

As Reuters said:

“There Is NO Uranium Production or Processing in the United States”

That’s right!

Literally, no other company in our nation is producing uranium.

And considering uranium is going for over $49 per pound…

That means there’s $2.5 billion on the table to meet today’s demand.

And here’s the thing:

The supply crunch will only get bigger in the coming months and years.

Because not only does it take 15 years to start a uranium mining operation…

The supply of uranium is set to fall by a whopping 50% in just the next eight years!

The worst part?

The United States Can’t Even Import Uranium From Other Countries Around the World

Because no matter how large of a uranium deposit Kazakhstan, Namibia, or Australia has…

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine-Russia war, and Fed monetary tightening…

The price of uranium has dropped to around $49 per pound:

Uranium chart

That makes it impossible for uranium companies to mine profitably!

As Peter Dasler, a 63-year-old prominent uranium expert said:

“It is very difficult for a uranium mine to be profitable unless the price is over $65 a pound.”

This means any active uranium mine would be operating at around a 30% loss!

And do you know what?

That has MASSIVE implications for you and your investments.

Because it’s not just America that has ZERO uranium production…

The entire world cannot produce enough uranium profitably to meet demand!

As Bloomberg said: “Current supply of [uranium] cannot meet demand.”

Which, again, begs the question:

How High Could The Share Price of This $6-Micro-Cap Soar When It Meets This Demand?

Dr. Skousen’s research shows we could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of percent.

Because we’re facing an unprecedented supply crunch just like we did 15 years ago.

Back then, in 2007,uranium miners like Canada’s Cameco and Kazakhstan’s Kazatomprom closed their mines.

As a result, it triggered a ripple effect in the uranium supply chain.

In fact, the world consumed 180 million pounds of uranium.

Yet it was only producing a fraction of that — around 100 pounds.

It would take about 15 years to develop a uranium mine…

So there was no quick way of fixing this uranium supply crunch.

But look what happened to the select few companies that could supply uranium:

Greenland Ltd. rallied 842%…

Greenland Ltd.

Deep Yellow Ltd. soared 7,940%…

Deep Yellow Ltd.

And Paladin Ltd. skyrocketed 91,300%…

Paladin Ltd.

That turns every $2,000 into over $18.2 million!

And even if you just made a fraction of that…

You could have still turned $100 into nearly $100,000!

Now, are all the wins as big as these? Of course not.

But, when you get in at the right time, they can be.

For you — that’s within the next 48 hours!

And gains as high as 842% are on the table.

Now, what would a return like that mean to you?

Put your children or grandchildren through college?

Help them buy their first car so you know they’re safe?

Do those overdue home renovations — without taking a loan?

Treat your loved ones to gifts you couldn’t afford before?

Travel to an exotic island on your bucket list?

I mean, there are endless possibilities.

And they can all be within reach.

Because while NO other company in the U.S. produces uranium…

Dr. Skousen Just Uncovered the $6 Micro-Cap That Is the Leading (and ONLY) Producer of Uranium in America!

You won’t hear about it from the pundits on TV…

Or major news outlets like the Wall Street Journal or Barron’s

But thanks to Dr. Skousen’s unmatched level of experience…

Like investing for over 40 years and helping folks make money…

Being named as one of the top 20 living economists in the world…

Meeting with four presidents, including Donald Trump:

Mark Skousen & President Trump

And rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest investors, like Warren Buffett…

He was able to uncover this off-the-radar firm tucked away in Colorado.

Almost no one in the public seems to know this…

But a lot of its uranium comes from clean up material that’s essentially FREE for the company.

THAT’S how this company can produce uranium even if it’s unprofitable for other miners around the world!

And here’s the most astonishing part:

The company has 1,081,000 pounds of total uranium inventory.

So, if uranium is selling for over $49 per pound…

It means this company has more than $52 million worth of uranium to produce.

What do you think that will do to the company’s shares?

In the past, other uranium miners like Deep Yellow soared 7,940%, and Paladin rallied 91,300%.

Now, although outrageous gains like that are possible and not completely out of the question…

I think it’s far more likely this $6 micro-cap could soar at least 842% like Greenland Ltd.

That’s why I’d like to send you a special report called:

Special Report Dark Lithium: Collect Gains Up to 842% on the $6 Micro-Cap With a Stranglehold on the Power Source of Tomorrow

Inside, you’ll find the name and ticker symbol of this $6 stock.

As well as a buy-up-to price so you never overpay.

But don’t wait to claim your stake.

The best window of opportunity is within the next 48 hours.

Because not only is this firm positioned to be the go-to source for automakers like:

Chevrolet… Dodge… Ram… Jeep… Chrysler… and, of course… Ford.

ALL of them are set to start massive EV production in the immediate future.

But this isn’t all I’m giving you today.

I’d like to give you another special report detailing:

A Second, Safer Way to Play the Uranium Boom

Why am I doing this?

Because although Dr. Skousen’s $6 stock has the potential to be a moon shot…

He’s uncovered what he believes could be the safest stock to play this situation.

I know that sounds like an overstatement — but just listen to the facts of this stock.

The company has over $2.6 billion in revenue…

The sheer size of this company alone makes it a less risky way to play the “Dark Lithium” boom.

Not only that, it’s one of the longest-lived companies in this sector…

Having been in business for over 54 years…

Plus, its profit margin is higher than the biggest company on the planet: Apple.

However, even though Mark’s research shows this to be a less risky way to play uranium, it’s still got the potential to skyrocket.

As a matter of fact: Since the 2007 uranium crunch, this “safer” company’s stock has rallied as high as 807%.

Right now, it’s perfectly positioned to provide large and conservative gains like that again.

Special Report

That’s why I’m going to give you all the details on it in a Special Report called:

Dr. Skousen’s Second, Safer Way to Play the Dark Lithium Boom.

But I’m not going to stop here.

I’d like to give you another special investment report detailing:

What Could Be One of the Top Electric Vehicle Stocks in 2023

But I’m not talking about Tesla, BYD, Li Auto, SQM or any other popular stock.

This EV company is entirely different and has far more profit potential.

Because it’s the first that has come to market with an EV pickup truck.

On the surface, that might not sound like a big deal.

However, trucks remain the most popular vehicles sold in the United States.

In fact, the top three highest-selling vehicles in America are all trucks!

Can you imagine what that means for the firm that could be the #1 EV truck maker?

Or what do you think will happen to its share price if it supplies Amazon with thousands of EV vans?

Well, this is exactly what’s happening right now.

Recently, Amazon began using this company’s EV vans…

To start delivering packages in cities like Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago, and Phoenix.

In fact, they’ve delivered over 430,000 packages, accumulating over 144,000 kilometers.

Plus, Amazon has already inked a deal to buy 100,000 EV vans from this company.

This isn’t just big.


Because the average price for one EV van starts at $67,500…

So that’s practically $6.7 BILLION in GUARANTEED revenue!

Heck, this company has already made a deal with Ford where it received half a billion dollars!

And I suspect it will ink many, many more deals in the very near future…

That’s why I’ve put all the details of this company in a third, brand-new Special Report called:

Special Report

Amazon’s #1 EV Provider: Take Delivery of One of The Top Stocks For 2023.

It’s yours completely free of charge with no strings attached.

All I ask is that you give Dr. Skousen’s elite trading service which specializes in finding opportunities like “Dark Lithium” and EV stocks a risk-free try.

It’s called:

TNT Trader Alert

TNT Trader

Dr. Skousen designed TNT Trader to help investors make explosive gains.

Specifically, from companies and mega-trends that are changing how we live our lives.

These include businesses that supply things like Apple’s smart phones, Google’s search platform, NVIDIA’s AI chips…

Or as we’ve been talking about, a $6 micro-cap with the key to unlock the $46 trillion EV revolution.

Look, Dr. Skousen created TNT Trader with one goal in mind:

To help you profit from long- and short-term moves in stocks and options.

But don’t worry if you’re an investor who doesn’t like options and prefers to buy and hold.

Mark gives you a choice to buy his recommended stock, its low-priced call option, or both.

Then, all you have to do is sit back and follow his step-by-step recommendations.

He doesn’t follow a “magic” system or approach touted by most financial newsletters, though.

Instead, he relies on his 40 plus years of investing experience, CIA training, a Ph.D. in economics…

Working for billion-dollar tech companies, and an unmatched network of financial friends and associates.

Frankly, that’s how the TNT Trader service has not only pumped out incredible gains like:

351% on Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)…

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

541% on Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC)…

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC)

And 950% on Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP)…

Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP)

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Roger Michalski
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