Upcoming Appearances

I Make the Wall Street Journal!


If you read the Wall Street Journal today (4/5/2024), you may have run into my article on gross output (GO). It is a huge honor to be given this privilege, and I hope you enjoy reading it! […]

Menlo Forum, Menlo Park, California, Saturday, April 20


 I will be speaking on “Why Inflation is Permanent and Growing:  What Are the Best Inflation Hedges?” where I will talk about the outlook for stocks, technology, gold and bitcoin.  My wife Jo Ann will be joining me to talk about our latest book, “There Were Giants in the Land: Episodes in the Life of W. Cleon Skousen,” and […]

FreedomFest 2024


For many subscribers and concerned citizens, FreedomFest is the highlight of the year — it is for me.  Next year’s big show will be back in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel, which is being converted into the brand new Hard Rock Café Resort. The dates are July 10-13, 2024 Our theme is appropriate for […]

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