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Is a Monetary Crisis Coming Soon? Report from the AEA Meetings in San Diego


“The United States is engaged in a massive, ever-expanding and reckless Ponzi scheme that is dangerous and immoral.” — Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston University  “I should have followed your advice!” — Bunker Hunt, ex-billionaire, to Mark Skousen I attended the American Economic Association (AEA) meetings in San Diego over the weekend. Top economists, including former Fed Chairs Janet […]

Will the 20s Roar Again?


Hindsight may be 20/20, but foresight is still 50-50.” — Norman Sharief, in “The Maxims of Wall Street” “If we have enough data, I know we can made accurate predictions.” — Jim Simons, the world’s most successful trader Happy New Year! The New Twenties are here. The big question in the minds of investors is: Will we enjoy another Roaring […]

Watch Out for a Major Liquidity Crisis in 2020 and Beyond!


“The light on Wall Street can at any time go from green to red without pausing at yellow.” — Warren Buffett I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Now, I have an important message as we approach the new year. In 1989, Libertarian investment writer Harry Browne wrote a book called “The Economic Time […]

Jobs and the Economy Trump Impeachment


“Government is sick — and just at a time when we need a strong, healthy, and vigorous government.” — Peter F. Drucker Yesterday, I was in Washington, D.C., for meetings with my publisher and to witness the Democrats’ highly partisan impeachment of President Trump on the flimsiest of grounds. Abuse of power? What president hasn’t abused […]

America: An ‘Accidental’ Promised Land?


“Geography makes the United States the most powerful country of all.” — Peter Zeihan, “The Accidental Super Power” (2014) “I, in my own mind, have always thought of America as a place in the divine scheme of things that was set aside as a promised land.” — Ronald Reagan (1952) Geopolitical analysts have recently focused on the importance […]

My Investors Get a Giant Christmas Bonus – You Can Too!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week with friends and family. My wife and I drove across America on our way to our new home in California, where we will be teaching at Chapman University. We headed south through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to avoid a series of snowstorms, and enjoyed […]

How Capitalism Ruined Thanksgiving


I always look forward to spending time with friends and family on Thanksgiving, the most unique of holidays. It’s not celebrated on a Monday, and now that the commercials all focus on Black Friday, we can enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling guilty about excessive commercialization. I used to criticize the fact that “Black Friday” takes the […]

What Do the Wealth Tax, the Estate Tax and RMD Have in Common?


The immense accumulations of fixed capital [has been] to the great benefit of mankind.” — John Maynard Keynes (1920) “Free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity.” — Larry Kudlow motto on CNBC Karl Marx got one thing right. He clearly identified the source of prosperity under free enterprise, or what Adam Smith called “the system of natural liberty.” He called it “capitalism” because it is […]

Never Invest Here for the Long Run


“Nobody cares about Latin America.” — Henry Kissinger This week my wife and I are leading a small group of FreedomFest investors on a cruise to Mexico and Central America. This was supposed to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Communist Cuba, but President Trump canceled such trips by his executive order. While we had 86 people signed up […]

The World’s Most Dangerous Tax — Is It Coming to America?


There are a lot of bad tax ideas out there, and most of them have been tried and backfired.  They include: — Confiscatory progressive income taxation (over 90% in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1960s). — Luxury taxes on yachts, furs and expensive cars (adopted in the early 1990s but abolished […]

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