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Do You Have Money to Burn?


“The hardest thing in the world is for young people to save and old people to spend.” — “The Maxims of Wall Street” (p. 21) The first section of my book, “The Maxims of Wall Street,” focuses on the vital necessity of saving, investing and spending your money wisely. I find that people have four […]

Winning the Loser’s Game


“What’s shocking is that simply by investing, most people actually make themselves poorer.  They’re just shooting themselves in the foot, over and over.” — Richard Bernstein On Sunday, the New York Times discussed a new study which showed that the average investor loses money in stocks and mutual funds over the long run. Investment strategist Richard Bernstein did a […]

Are We Heading for a Recession?


Does the following dire warning, issued last week, sound familiar? “I see a precarious economy that is built on debt — both household debt and corporate debt. I see a number of serious shocks on the horizon that could cause our economy’s shaky foundation to crumble.” It could have been said by super bear and FreedomFest […]

What I Learned from Steve Forbes


“Everyone is a disciplined, long-term investor… until the market goes down.” — Steve Forbes Steve Forbes, executive editor of Forbes magazine, has been a long-time friend. Last year, he presented me with the Triple Crown in Economics for my work in theory, history and education. (See photo below). You can read his comments here. Steve […]

Ride ’em Cowboy: Why Stocks, Gold and Real Estate Are Headed Higher!


Are you missing out on the greatest investment boom of our lifetimes? Our “Wild West” theme at next week’s FreedomFest is perfectly timed. The stock market is on a wild wide, and we’re on board the Wells Fargo stagecoach riding to Vegas. As a follower of the Austrian school of economics, I know the source of […]

The Yellow Metal Shines — Will it Last?


“When I read in all the papers of the extravagant rejoices every 4th of July, the day on which we signed the Declaration of Independence, thereby hazarding our lives and fortunes, I am convinced of the universal satisfaction of the people with the revolution and its grand principles.” — Benjamin Franklin Happy July 4th! One of […]

The Big Debate: Conscious Capitalism vs Pure Greed


“There’s only one purpose of business — to make as much MONEY as possible. If you want a friend, buy a dog.” — Kevin O’Leary, “Shark Tank” “Business has a higher purpose than just making money. It seeks to achieve the good, the beautiful, the true, and the heroic.” — John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods Market […]

Free Enterprise Giant Proves that Capitalism is the Best Model for Prosperity


While at the Seattle MoneyShow, I paid a visit to the vast Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. The Microsoft complex was impressive with regards to how the buildings were interspersed with nature and the employee sports facilities such as the ones for basketball, volleyball, soccer and track. Dr. Skousen posed in front of the Microsoft […]

Should Companies Pay Dividends? The Big Debate!


“Ideally, the proper dividend policy should be to pay out nothing to shareholders. In fact, dividends do not matter in the long run.” — Joel M. Stern, professor of finance “Dividends are the critical factor giving the edge to most winning stocks in the long run.” — Jeremy Siegel, “The Wizard of Wharton” My long-time friend […]

Is Anyone Telling the Truth About the Stock Market?


You Blew It! Trump Cancels our Cruise to Cuba Once again, President Trump has abused his executive authority. This time, he has barred U.S. cruises and sailboats from going to Cuba in a vain effort to pressure Cuba into stopping its support for the embattled President Maduro in Venezuela. For months, we at FreedomFest have […]

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