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Bitcoin — Digital Fools Gold?


“All that glitters isn’t gold, but the really good stuff is.” — Chip Wood More and more institutional investors and money managers are jumping on board the Bitcoin bandwagon. Tech companies, flush with cash, are investing in the cryptocurrency: Starting with Elon Musk to the tune of $1.5 billion and Larry Ellison at Oracle may be next. […]

New Green Deal? Not So Fast… Plus, My Contest with Rush Limbaugh


“Life is about to change radically.” — Cathie Wood, CEO, Ark Innovation Fund   The energy crisis is back!   I well remember the energy crisis in the inflationary 1970s, when the intergovernmental Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cut production and gasoline prices skyrocketed. In response, President Nixon imposed price controls, which led to shortages and […]

Why Bitcoin is the New Digital Gold — and Headed Much Higher


“I believe there is no better hedge against inflation than Bitcoin.”  — Cathie Wood, CEO, Ark Innovation Fund  Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $45,000 after CEO Elon Musk announced in an SEC filing last week that Tesla, the electric car company, has “invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin” and will soon start accepting it as payment for […]

How Do You Get Rid of a Bad Idea ($15 Minimum Wage Law)? With a Better Idea!


                  Fun Event for Subscribers in Southern California I’m pleased to announce that author Tom Woods, host of the popular daily podcast The Tom Woods Show and senior fellow at the Mises Institute, will be speaking on “Covid and the Two Americas” on Tuesday evening, March 2, at the Paddy’s […]

An Epic Short Squeeze: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Is Back; But Their Victory May Be Short Lived.


“Never short a trend.” — Michael Sheimo (# 10 in my “List of 15 Nevers”, p. 218, “Maxims of Wall Street”) Many analysts, including yours truly, believe the Fed’s low-interest rate policy has created a bubble on Wall Street. Government spending is out of control (the national debt is approaching $28 trillion and rising fast). Meanwhile, […]

What Is the Best Way to Make Money FAST?


“Better to get a fast nickel than a slow dime.” — Robert Allen There have been plenty of opportunities in the past year to make money — a lot of money ––and to make it fast. My newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, is geared to the long-term investor, but every once in a while, stocks and funds […]

The Greatest Economist Ever — and the Winner Is…


“It was the reading of his book that made an ‘economist’ out of me.” — Ludwig von Mises “I found it such a fascinating book, so satisfying.” — Friedrich Hayek “No book since David Ricardo’s Principles has had such a great influence on the development of economics as…” — Knut Wicksell The revolutionary book that these three writers are talking […]

Why the Stock Market Soared After the Democrats Won


“Don’t ever bet against America.” — Warren Buffett We were told that Wall Street reacted favorably to the November elections because investors like gridlock, or divided government. But now, it is clear that the Democrats will take over not just the executive but the legislative branch in Washington — the White House, the House of Representatives […]

A Healthy Profit: New Year’s Resolution for 2021


“If you’re not healthy, you’re not wealth.” — R. E. McMaster (“Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 143) The key to beating the market is to adjust to the signs of the times.  We did just that during the challenging 2020.  We changed the emphasis from high-income stocks to disruptive technology and hard assets, including Bitcoin, and it […]

A Christmas Gift to the World: Business is Booming as We Enter 2021


“Though not one in a thousand recognizes it, it is business, not consumers, that is the heart of the economy. When business produces profitably, they create income-paying jobs and thus consumers spend.” — Larry Kudlow, Director, National Economic Council On this Christmas Eve, I’m happy to report some great economics news from the US Commerce […]

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