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Inequality? This Product is the Great Equalizer


“Without one in your pocket you would have to lug around the equivalent of 50 separate items.” — The Daily Mail Whenever the subject of growing inequality comes up, I readily agree with the statement that the rich are doing better than the average income earner when it comes to wealth and income. But in […]

Adam Smith Reveals His Invisible Hand!


Adam Smith Reveals His Invisible Hand! “Adam Smith was a radical and revolutionary in his time — just as those of us who preach laissez faire in our time.” — Milton Friedman In honor of Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, and his 300th birthday (born in 1723), I have attended and spoken at […]

The Magnificent Seven at FreedomFest


“The entire FreedomFest is an unbelievable achievement. What you and your family have accomplished with this annual conference is phenomenal. I don’t see how you all put together so many speakers and so many sessions and make it work so well.” — Bumper Hornberger This year’s FreedomFest in Memphis, Tennessee, was another triumph, with over […]

Two Shocking Surprises from the ‘Twin Towers of Finance’


As part of a pre-conference event for FreedomFest, Alex Green (the chief investment strategist at the Oxford Club) and I interviewed Jeremy Siegel, the Wizard of Wharton, and Burt Malkiel, the Profound Professor of Princeton, on their “50 Years on Wall Street” and the lessons they learned. It was quite an eye-opener. The interview is […]

The ‘Austrian’ Crystal Ball: Is the 2024 Recession Inevitable?


“For the last six recessions, a recession on average began six to 36 months after the yield curve inverted.” — Anu Gaggar, Commonwealth Financial Network Note: I have a special announcement at the end of this Skousen CAFÉ. In the face of rising interest rates and a tight money policy, the economy and the stock market have […]

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Mike Rowe Enters the Dirty World of Investing


Special Announcement: We have some exciting new speakers at this year’s FreedomFest, including RFK, Jr.! See below.  “In choosing a portfolio, investors should seek broad diversification.”– Harry Markowitz, father of Modern Portfolio Theory Mike Rowe, famous for his “Dirty Jobs” series on TV, is our keynote speaker at FreedomFest, which is less than 2 weeks […]

Has This Become a Four Letter Word in America?


**************************************************************** Hi, Grant Linhares here, the Trading Services Director for Mark Skousen. I want to let you know that “Winner’s Circle,” a lifetime bundle of all of Mark’s services, is now open. This is a great opportunity to use all of Mark’s services to navigate and profit in these markets. The markets have been up […]

A + B = Introducing the Two Doctors of Wealth Creation and Free-Market Capitalism


“Little else is required to carry a nation to the highest level of opulence than peace, easy taxes and a tolerable administration of justice.” — Dr. Adam Smith (1755) “The way to wealth is as plain as the way to market. It depends chiefly on two words, industry and frugality.” — Dr. Benjamin Franklin (1757) […]

The Greatest Threat to Your Wealth (No, It’s Not the Government)


“Investigate before you invest.” — Charles Merrill (Merrill Lynch) “I have always found it profitable to study my mistakes.” — Jesse Livermore This past week I’ve been in Edinburgh, Scotland, the birthplace of Adam Smith (1723-1790), the father of free-market economics. On June 5, I gave the Adam Smith Lecture at the Panmure House on his 300th […]

Candy Keynes Is Making Us Sick! Here’s My Remedy


“Keynes wrote an apology for the prevailing policies of governments. Keynesians blithely assume that the state has unlimited means at its disposal.” — Ludwig von Mises William F. Buckley had a shortcut way to know what a long book was all about Just read the first and last words of the book, and that would summarize […]

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