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Get Ready for Stagflation!


“This is the least responsible macroeconomic policy we’ve had in the last 40 years. The primary risk to the United States economy is overheating — and inflation… Policymakers need to accept economic reality. The moment has come to move past emergency policies.” — Larry Summers, Director, National Economic Council Larry Summers knows what he is talking […]

‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Bill is an Elixir of Evil and Stupidity


In “Death Star,” a city also known as Washington, D.C., we are witnessing an elixir of Democratic evil and Republican stupidity. After all, is it not true that the Democratic Party is the evil party, and the Republican Party is the stupid party? Stopping the Biden administration’s $4.5-trillion, mega-spending bills with a $2 trillion tax hike […]

Arrogant Democrats Shut Down Vegas Again… We Celebrate FreedomFest in the Land of the Free


“FreedomFest doesn’t just ride the wave, it invents it.” — John Fund, National Review My wife and I are on a much-needed family vacation in South Dakota and Wyoming following our most successful FreedomFest ever.  Jo Ann and Mark Skousen at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming We pulled out all the stops and FreedomFest was a triumph.   […]

Why Governor Kristi Noem Could be the Next President


“South Dakota has the highest growth rate and lowest unemployment in the country.”  — Governor Kristi Noem Mark Skousen (aka Ben Franklin) in between two beauties, Governor Kristi Noem and Jo Ann Skousen. FreedomFest had the biggest turnout in its 14-year history, with over 2,700 attendees registered. The buzz was palpable, as Kristi Noem, the popular […]

The Man Who Took on China and Won


“Government cannot be looked to for solving social and economic problems. It is business that solves problems and creates wealth.” — Peter F. Drucker The late Peter Drucker, the world’s #1 management guru, often said that government is the problem, not the solution. He wrote, “Indeed, government is sick — and just at a time […]

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Is the Stock Market Ready To Crash?


FreedomFest Update: Keynote Speaker Larry Elder to Run for Governor Larry Elder (left) will speak at FreedomFest this year. Good news! Larry Elder, the long-time popular host of the “Larry Elder Show,” is expected to announce his decision to run for governor in the recall election for Governor Newsom in California. He will take time […]

What’s the Best Inflation Hedge? Surprise, Surprise — It’s Not Gold or Bitcoin!


Last week, the federal government released a new report on inflation — it’s coming back with a vengeance.  Currently, prices are rising at an alarmingly rate of over 8%.  It’s not going away any time soon with the government deficits and printing of money kicking into high gear.   How best to protect yourself from inflation? […]

Good News for Investors: My #1 Indicator Has Never Been So Bullish


The federal government (Bureau of Economic Analysis or BEA) confirmed today, June 24, that the economy is working on all four cylinders.   First-quarter 2021 adjusted real gross output (GO) — which measures spending at all stages of production — rose an astonishing 11.5%, hitting a record $48.6 trillion. That is almost double the 6.4% growth […]

Is There a Better Way To Beat the Market Than Market Timing? Yes!


“Don’t give me timing. Give me time.” — Jesse Livermore (“The Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 137, see www.skousenbooks.com) During our financial conference at FreedomFest next month (July 21-24), we are having several debates, such as Bitcoin vs. gold, and short-term trading vs. buy-and-hold. Technical trader Mike Turner will make the case for market timing in an effort […]

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