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Never Sell Stocks on Monday!


When the market plunged on Monday, the situation reminded me of the classic book, “Don’t Sell Stocks on Monday” by Yale Hirsch. Yale is now in his nineties. His son, Jeffrey Hirsch, who speaks regularly at the MoneyShow, says he is doing well and hopes to celebrate his 100th birthday. In his book, Yale points […]

My Most Successful Technique to Convert Students from Socialism to Free-Market Capitalism


“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways: the point, however, is to change it.” — Karl Marx on his tombstone (1883) My talk, “My Most Successful Technique to Change the Minds of Students about Socialism, Keynesianism, and the $15 Minimum Wage,” was voted the #1 popular session at this year’s FreedomFest. I’ve given this […]

To Achieve Financial Freedom, Should You Diversify or Concentrate?


“The really great fortunes were made by concentration, not diversification.” — Gerald Loeb, “The Battle for Investment Survival” “If you have a little, use a rifle. If you have a lot, use a shotgun.” — Anon. The above quote from Gerald Loeb, the legendary investor and founder of E. F. Hutton, is one of two pages of quotes […]

‘Tis The Season To Invest In Gold?


“We should treat market truisms with respect but not as gospel.” — Dick Davis Last week Marketplace released a seasonal chart showing that September is the best month to invest in gold. Nobody knows why September is a good time to buy gold. One gold expert told me that the Indian wedding season and the […]

Reaganomics at 40: Reagan’s Biggest Success – and Regret


The Heritage Foundation and the Reagan Ranch last week held celebrations of the 40th anniversary of “Reaganomics.” Living economists who participated included Art Laffer, Larry Kudlow, Steve Forbes, Ed Meese, Steve Moore and Judy Sheldon, all long-time friends. In August 1981, President Ronald Reagan signed his signature tax cut legislation, ushering in his four-point program of “supply-side” economics: Cut taxes […]

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What Every Investor Needs to Know About Afghanistan and China


“Those who are most loudly criticizing Biden’s troop withdrawal are those most responsible for creating this mess, to begin with.” — Warren Coats, Middle East monetary expert “China’s dictator Xi Jinping is the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world today.” — George Soros, Wall Street Journal What do Islamic extremism, Chinese Communism and the COVID-19 pandemic have […]

Get Ready for Stagflation!


“This is the least responsible macroeconomic policy we’ve had in the last 40 years. The primary risk to the United States economy is overheating — and inflation… Policymakers need to accept economic reality. The moment has come to move past emergency policies.” — Larry Summers, Director, National Economic Council Larry Summers knows what he is talking […]

‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Bill is an Elixir of Evil and Stupidity


In “Death Star,” a city also known as Washington, D.C., we are witnessing an elixir of Democratic evil and Republican stupidity. After all, is it not true that the Democratic Party is the evil party, and the Republican Party is the stupid party? Stopping the Biden administration’s $4.5-trillion, mega-spending bills with a $2 trillion tax hike […]

Arrogant Democrats Shut Down Vegas Again… We Celebrate FreedomFest in the Land of the Free


“FreedomFest doesn’t just ride the wave, it invents it.” — John Fund, National Review My wife and I are on a much-needed family vacation in South Dakota and Wyoming following our most successful FreedomFest ever.  Jo Ann and Mark Skousen at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming We pulled out all the stops and FreedomFest was a triumph.   […]

Why Governor Kristi Noem Could be the Next President


“South Dakota has the highest growth rate and lowest unemployment in the country.”  — Governor Kristi Noem Mark Skousen (aka Ben Franklin) in between two beauties, Governor Kristi Noem and Jo Ann Skousen. FreedomFest had the biggest turnout in its 14-year history, with over 2,700 attendees registered. The buzz was palpable, as Kristi Noem, the popular […]

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