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Five Star Trader

Five Star Trader focuses on smart beta stocks. “Beta” measures volatility, and “smart beta” investing analyzes that volatility for massive gains and less risk. And by “massive” I mean wins returning 15.2x your money.

How do we achieve gains this high – while also reducing risk?

Well, in addition to the inherent advantages of smart beta investing, each of my recommended plays must adhere to five core principles that serve as the service’s foundation. These principles ensure you only get the best recommendations: plays with huge upside potential and lowered risk.

As a Five Star Trader, you get immediate access here on my members-only website, my full recommended portfolio and an archive of every recommendation and email Alert.  Each Alert features easy-to-understand instructions (or recommendations) for trading the stocks and options in our portfolio. They also contain my insights and analysis of market conditions – everything you need to make money.

You can become a Charter Member of my Five Star Trader advisory service by calling my dedicated Member Services team at 1-866-482-7689. Or if you’d like to learn more about Five Star Trader, click here now.

Mark Skousen, Ph.D.
Editor, Five Star Trader

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