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Steve Forbes Awards Mark Skousen Triple Crown in Economics


Publisher’s Note: This week’s Skousen CAFE is a little different than usual. I am Roger Michalski, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications, and I am giving Mark the week off from writing his column to make a very special announcement. You already know of Mark’s terrific work in economic theory, history and education. And you are certainly […]

Wall Street Journal Quotes My ‘Maxims’ Book 45 Times!


Last weekend, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig wrote an “Ode to the Wall Street Platitude,” quoting 80 of his favorite financial proverbs and sayings. Guess what? Among those 80 sayings, 45 of them (60%) can be found directly in the new 5th edition of my book, “The Maxims of Wall Street,” including such gems as: “In the land of the blind, […]

Sharing a Tale of Two Stocks — and Two Investment Conferences


“Bears make headlines, bulls make money.” — “Maxims of Wall Street” Last week, Zacks highlighted its Bull of the Day and Bear of the Day. The Bull of the Day is a technology stock with a bright future: Graphics chipmaker NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq:NVDA), based in Silicon Valley. The stock has gone from $15 to $236 […]

Do You Own These Great ‘Stocks for the Long Run’?


Let’s suppose that a generation ago, in the 1970s and 1980s, you asked a Swiss banker the following question: “What single stock certificate should I place in a safety deposit box in a Swiss bank so that when my heirs open the box, they will smile and thank me?” Their answer back then would probably have […]

Individual Stocks vs. the Indexes: Cherry-Picking Wins!


“I’d rather win one big tournament in my entire life than make the cut every week.” — Arnold Palmer “Buy two of everything in sight and you end up with a zoo instead of a portfolio.”  — Warren Buffett Should you buy individual stocks or index funds? The academics will tell you that you have a […]

Why Great Companies May Not Be Great Stocks


“Obvious prospects for growth in a business do not translate into obvious profits for investors.” — Ben Graham Wall Street is full of potholes and danger signs. There are puzzles, paradoxes and anomalies in the stock market that often defy explanation. For example, there’s the “growth trap” that Jeremy Siegel, the “Wizard of Wharton,” warns […]

The ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Debate: The Poor Dad is Winning!


“The poor and middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them.” — Robert Kiyosaki, author, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Which is the Better Road to Financial Success: Working for Others or Working for Yourself? FreedomFest attendees this July 11-14 (only a month away!) will have an opportunity to meet in person Robert Kiyosaki, author of […]

Will Robots Destroy Our Jobs and Our Income?


“Will Machines Devour Man?” — New York Times “The Automation Jobless” — Time magazine “Automation Might End Most Unskilled Jobs in 10 Years” — US News & World Report All of the above stories raise the growing concern that robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and technology will destroy jobs and our ability to earn enough income to […]

Tesla Debate in Vegas Gets Testy!


Are the electric cars of Elon Musk and Tesla the wave of the future, or on the road to bankruptcy? This was the big debate that I started at last week’s Las Vegas MoneyShow. I was invited to speak at the always-popular “Top Stocks to Buy” luncheon, where I was bullish on tech stocks with […]

Beating the Market: Surprise, Surprise, the Monkeys Win!


“A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.” –Burt Malkiel, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” On the first day of my “Financial Economics” class at Chapman University, I ask the students to pick one single stock […]

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