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‘The Incident’ Transformed This Hollywood Producer: A Thanksgiving Story


“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” — Hebrews 13:2 Frank Capra (1897-1991) was the Oscar-winning Italian-American film maker of “It Happened One Night,” “You Can’t Take It with You,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and the most famous of all, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He worked with some […]

The Fed is Missing a Key Ingredient for a ‘Soft Landing’


“Don’t fight the Fed — fear the Fed!” — Michael Sincere, MarketWatch (“Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 148) Last week, I gave the opening lecture at Hillsdale College on “The Genius of Adam Smith” as part of a “Great Economists” conference. But it was the final speaker who created the most controversy: Nicholas Wapshott, author […]

Why Did this Happen? This Chart Says It All


“Inflation is everywhere and anywhere a monetary phenomenon.” — Milton Friedman At last week’s Mont Pelerin Society meetings in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, I organized an “ad hoc” session and invited several dozen guests, including government leaders, to respond to one of the most incredible charts I’ve ever seen. Your editor showing the “permanent inflation” […]

Is Income Inequality a Myth?


“Income inequality is the challenge of our times.” — Barack Obama (2013) “When you include all transfer payments and taxes and look at changes in income inequality over time, you find that income inequality is not rising.” — Senator Paul Gramm, Robert Ekelund, and John Early, “The Myth of American Inequality,” p. 4. One of the biggest […]

The GOAT in Economics – The Answer May Surprise You


“It was the reading of his book that made an ‘economist’ out of me.” — Ludwig von Mises “I found it such a fascinating book, so satisfying.” — Friedrich Hayek “No book since David Ricardo’s Principles has had such a great influence on the development of economics as…” — Knut Wicksell Yesterday, I made the #1 economics website, “Marginal Revolution”.  […]

Coincidence or Fate?


“God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. He plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm.” –William Cowper (1731-1800) I’ve always been fascinated with numbers and dates since I was a young man. For instance, there is the Fibonacci series, which forms the basis of the “golden ratio” in plants, […]

Oil, Gold and the Middle East: What’s Next?


“They cry peace, peace, when there is no peace.” – Jeremiah 6:14 World war is spreading even as America faces serious problems at home. Is it in America’s interest to defend Israel, Ukraine and other countries still viable, even as we suffer from massive deficit government spending and mismanagement inside our own country? I’ve visited […]

This ONE Chart Shows Why Wall Street and Washington are Worried


“And renouncing illusions, find peace and content, In that simplest, sublimest of truths — six percent!” –Nicholas Biddle (“Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 186) The first half of 2023 showed a strong recovery in the stock market, especially in technology. But since July, it’s been a different story. Wall Street has struggled, and may even […]

There is Only ONE Guaranteed Way to Financial Success


“Any earner who earns more than he can spend is automatically an investor.” — Gerald Loeb (“Maxims of Wall Street” p. 21) Last week, I gave a series of lectures at Wabash College, the all-male school in Indiana, and The Citadel, the mostly male military academy in South Carolina. My topic was “What Drives the Economy: Consumer Spending, Business Investment or […]

What is the Greatest Threat to Your Investments Today?


What is your greatest fear when it comes to investing? Is it taxes, inflation, recession, world war, another pandemic or maybe even global warming? Last Sunday was Constitution Day (Sept. 17), the day 39 brave founders created a new nation that would change the world (see more about the importance of Constitution Day below). But […]

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