The Winner’s Circle is Closing Soon!

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The Winner’s Circle is Open!
I’ll Hand You 20 Triple-Digit Winners
Over the Next 20 Months… Guaranteed!
Please read on to get the full details…
Dear Fellow Investor,I confess, it came as a surprise even to me.

Not the fact that I’ve had a winning track record. Without one, I’d be out of business. Just like the legions of “emperors-with-no-clothes” investment advisors who were blindsided by the 2008 market meltdown, taking their trusting subscribers down with them.

Let’s face it: when you’re not only surviving through bad markets like 2008 and having profits that are shooting through the roof during this strong markets like 2013, you know it’s for one reason alone: you’ve been right a lot more often than you’ve been wrong.

So, no, it wasn’t just the fact of my recent success that took me by surprise. It was the sheer, mind-boggling scope of it: 497 double, triple, and quadruple-digit winners since January 2007!

That’s right. For nearly 7 years, through some the most turbulent conditions in market history, my three trading services have steered investors to 348 investments returning profits of 10% or more, and an astonishing 149 investments returning profits of 100% or more.

It is because of this great success in each of my services that I created something called the “Winner’s Circle” — an exclusive investment club meant to attract ONLY the créme de la créme” of today’s smartest, most highly motivated investors.

To attract such an elite class of investors, I made one of the biggest, boldest promises I’ve ever made…

I promised to deliver new members a minimum of 20 triple-digit winners within 20 months of joining — or their entire one-time membership fee would be refunded in full.

And it turns out, that promise paid off…

Believe it or not, if you had taken me up on my guarantee in March 2012, you’d have been sitting on 45 triple-digit winners in just 20 months (not to mention 64 double-digit winners over the same period!).

That’s 25 more triple-digit winners than I promised!

But there is a catch…

You must confirm your membership by 11:59pm, June 30th, to take advantage of this special guaranteed offer.

Where else will you receive an ironclad guarantee to give you the opportunity at 20 triple-digit winners in 20 months?

But before I explain how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity, I want you to pause for a moment, take a hard look at yourself, and answer this one question.

Are you ready to enter the elite ranks of America’s smartest, most successful investors?

For full details, click here now.

Mark Skousen, Ph.D.
Editor, Winner’s Circle


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