Will Climate Alarmists Hurt Your Investments?

2015 Far Eclipsed 2014 as World’s Hottest Year, Climate Scientists Say. Global Warming Blamed for System That is ‘Warming Up, Relentlessly.’ — New York Times, January 21, 2016

2015 Was Not Even Close to Hottest Year on Record. — James Taylor, Forbes.com, 2016

Yesterday I had my students at Chapman University read these two articles (quoted above) and determine whether the authors belonged in one of three groups: climate alarmists, skeptics or climate deniers. After reading the articles and debating, students ended up in all three categories.

Part of the problem is the data. The New York Times’ scientists use one set of temperature readings (a global network of mercury thermometers, which show a steady increase in temperatures) while Forbes.com uses another (satellite temperature measures that show virtually no change since 1979).

Another major issue is whether manmade pollution significantly upsets the environment and, if so, how best to reduce pollution in the industrial world without destroying economic growth and our liberties. (Environmental extremists want to stop economic growth entirely to “save the planet.”)

Pollution has already been reduced dramatically here in the industrial West. For example, air pollution in Los Angeles has declined by 90% in the past 50 years. The problem isn’t the West — it’s the East, specifically China.

The climate alarmists have an agenda that has had a major impact on your investments. Supply-side technological breakthroughs have been the major factor in lower oil & gas prices, but I’m convinced one reason oil prices and energy stocks have collapsed even further is because of lower demand and mandated fuel efficiency standards — and valuations may not recover much because of the focus on alternative energy.

You Blew It! If Megyn Kelly and Fox News Want to Be Taken Seriously…

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s announced refusal to show up at the next in a never-ending series of televised debates raises a fundamental issue with Fox News. Is Fox News, which is airing the Jan. 28 debate and providing the moderators, serious about reporting the news and addressing the key issues of the day, or is the network just in the entertainment and celebrity business?

Can you really take Megyn Kelly seriously when she gets all gussied up every evening like its prom night? When I appear as a commentator on TV, which I do occasionally as a free-market economist and an investment newsletter editor, I might spend five minutes in the dressing room. But Kelly seems to spend hours in the make-up room before she goes on, applying slick lipstick and styling her ever-changing blond hair. She even appeared in a risqué layout in GQ magazine!

I do not intend to single out just Megyn Kelly, since Fox News is famous for the bimbo image of several of its anchorwomen, who typically wear short shirts, fake hairdos and tight outfits. Fox & Friends in the morning is a perfect example of such an over-the-top emphasis on glamour. I don’t doubt that Kelly and other anchorwomen on Fox News are educated, knowledgeable and intelligent, but their emphasis on image seems so excessive that it’s understandable if many viewers see them as babes rather than brains.

And the anchormen like Bill O’Reilly could be considered just as shameless, not for dressing up in tuxedos or custom-made suits, but for bringing “knock-out” women on their shows under the pretense of having them comment on a news item. Are those the best commentators available or just the ones who are so attractive that they can bring heightened ratings to shows anchored by Bill O’Reilly and others?

With the women on Fox News dressed like they are going out to a cocktail party, no wonder they are not taken seriously by certain people.


There’s at least one high-profile exception on Fox News to the bimbo image: anchorwoman Greta Van Susteren. She’s no bombshell and she does not have an especially attractive voice. But she’s a class act, dresses conservatively and asks tough questions. Fox News would do well to invite her to host the next Fox News debate.

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From the analyst who beat the market over 15 years...
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Good investing, AEIOU,

Mark Skousen

Mark Skousen

From the analyst who beat the market over 15 years...
Dr. Mark Skousen's Top 3 Income Investments for the Next 12 Months

Your email is 100% protected. Read our Privacy Policy.
You'll also receive Dr. Mark Skousen's weekly e-letter, Investor CAFE, at no cost, along with other associated financial content and special offers.

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