Forecasts & Strategies uses a high-gain, low-risk strategy, with a 30-plus-year track record of success.

In fact, independent newsletter watchdog Hulbert’s Digest recently reported that my Forecasts & Strategies portfolio has beaten the Market over the last 15 years.

And I’ve been doing it with techniques most investors haven’t even heard of…

Like the Super 7 Annuity.

Now, did you know that the average annuity has a measly payout of 3% interest? And if your payout is that small to begin with, imagine how much of that can be eaten up by taxes, fees, and inflation?

Suddenly, that “guaranteed” income stream doesn’t look so great.

But what if you could earn 3 TIMES more than the average annuity payout… and do it without jumping through all the hoops the insurance industry demands?

This little-known play I discovered pays an annual income of 8% to 10%… but without all of the fees, commissions, or hidden costs you often see in regular annuities.

Plus, you’ll never pay any penalties for cashing in early. You can take your money out whenever you like, and as much as you’d like. It even offers favorable tax treatment.

One last thing: the Super 7 Annuity does not expire on your death. You can pass it on to anyone you wish – without losing one cent of its value.

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