Turnaround Trader is now Hot Commodities Alert

By iscadmin2

Thank you for your interest in

 Mark Skousen’s Turnaround Trader

Now, here’s some big news. We’ve decided to change the direction of the Turnaround Trader and rename it the Hot Commodities Alert. The service will focus on commodities and I define “commodities” in the broadest sense — precious metals, energy, agriculture, even real estate — and the publicly traded companies that produce them.

Commodities include hard assets such as gold and silver; base metals like copper and aluminum; energy investments that include oil & gas and uranium; rare earths such as yttrium and cerium; agricultural products like crops, meats and fertilizers; and real estate investments such as homebuilders.
I believe this broad-based “hot commodity” trading service will provide numerous opportunities to achieve high profits in 2012.
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