Has Warren Buffett Lost His Magic Touch?

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffett

I’ve been a long-time shareholder in Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire-Hathaway and a devoted student to his techniques of making money. I attended the 50th anniversary shareholder meeting in 2015 and have personally interviewed the Oracle of Omaha.

Warren Buffett and Mark Skousen share ideas in New York in 2010.

Buffett has become the third wealthiest person in the world as a result of the unbelievable success of his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, since its inception in 1965. He has clearly beaten the market for most of the time.

Over the past 54 years, he has outdistanced the S&P 500 (including dividends) 37 times or 68% of the time. BKR-A’s total return, from 1965 to 2018, is 2,472,627% compared to the SPY’s 15,019%.

Despite his 89 years of age, Buffett’s skill has not diminished. In the past 14 years, Buffett’s investment company has beaten the S&P 500 (including dividends) 10 times, versus only three times by the index. That’s a 71% winning rate. See page 4 here.

The compounded rate of return is more than double the stock index: 20.5% a year for Berkshire vs. 9.7% for the S&P 500.

Bear in mind that Buffett has accomplished this remarkable feat by investing in hundreds of public and private companies.

For more than 54 years running, Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger have finetuned their competitive advantage of investing. At an early stage, Buffett adopted Munger’s #1 lesson of investing: “A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price.” (Quoted in “The Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 36.)

Has Buffett Lost His Magic Touch?

But this year may well be an exception — the S&P 500 is ahead 18%, while Berkshire Hathaway has struggled to make a profit.

What happened? While Buffett has had some big winners, such as Apple, Coca Cola and American Express, his investment company has gone nowhere with bank stocks. Plus, it suffered a big loss investing in the Kraft Heinz Company (down almost 50% since February).

Berkshire also took a hit when a major institutional pension sold most of its position in it a few months ago.

BH also is sitting on a record $112 billion in cash, which has weighed down the stock price.

Finally, Buffett has never been a fan of gold, so he has missed out on a major new bull market in mining stocks.

Buffett Recommends Indexing!

Since 2014, Buffett has been recommending that investors and even his own family members invest in a stock index fund and not count on his investment company to outperform in the future.

The reason? Berkshire is just too big. In his 2014 annual letter to shareholders, Buffett admits that “Berkshire’s long-term gains… cannot be dramatic and will not come close to those of the past 50 years. It is harder to double the market value of a $100 billion company than a $1 billion company.”

Is this the end of a remarkable success story?

Maybe, but let us not count Warren Buffett out quite yet. There have been other times in the past when his investment company has done poorly compared to the stock market indexes. Such instances occurred in 1975, 1984, 1999 and 2009.

I’m still a shareholder.

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It is the one and only compendium of financial adages, ancient proverbs and worldly wisdom — it has sold over 25,000 copies. Alex Green calls it a “classic.”

From the analyst who beat the market over 15 years...
Dr. Mark Skousen's Top 3 Income Investments for the Next 12 Months

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Good investing, AEIOU,

Mark Skousen

You Blew It!

Bombarded by Seven Hours of Propaganda about Global Warming on CNN!

By Mark Skousen

Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

The media is determined to make global warming a hot campaign issue.

Last night, I watched part of the seven-hour program on CNN — yes, SEVEN hours — on the Democrats’ response to the global warming hysteria.

It was long enough to see socialist Senator Bernie Sanders advocate spending $16 trillion (trillion!) of taxpayers’ money on solving climate change.

Senator Kamala Harris wants to ban all fossil fuel use in 11 years, which will destroy millions of jobs and raise the cost of living dramatically (alternative energy is still very expensive compared to oil & gas).

One Democratic Party candidate claimed that hurricanes now are more frequent and intense, both of which are factually incorrect.

Fortunately, Fox News tried to give a more balanced and fair approach. Heartland Institute geologist Gregory Wrightstone, author of  “Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know” (click here to his book on Amazon), was a guest who gave a less hysterical viewpoint that climate change isn’t the end of the world, not now, or in 11 years as activist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, and other alarmist Democrats expect.

We plan a hot debate on “Global Warming: How Bad Is It?” at FreedomFest 2020. Can’t wait to find out the facts, the truth and the best policies to deal with this issue.

From the analyst who beat the market over 15 years...
Dr. Mark Skousen's Top 3 Income Investments for the Next 12 Months

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