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FreedomFest 2023


Next year’s FreedomFest will be at….

Memphis, Tennessee!

Here is our three-minute video on FreedomFest Memphis:

Memphis is the headquarters of FedEx (founded and led by libertarian CEO Frederick Smith), and it is famous for Elvis’s home Graceland, the Civil Rights Museum and the rhythm and blues. Our theme is “The Soul of Liberty.”

We’ve already confirmed our first keynote speaker, Douglas Brinkley, an historian at Rice University who has written biographies of Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and the Roosevelts, among others. He is known as America’s presidential biographer.

Super Early Bird Discount — only $397 per Person!

We are currently offering our lowest discount price on next year’s FreedomFest. It is only $397 per person. That’s $100 off the “early bird” price. But you must register before Aug. 31. To do so, go here.

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