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  • Your monthly issue of Forecasts & Strategies, emailed to you, with the identity of the newest additions to the Forecasts & Strategies portfolio.
  • You’ll also enjoy updates on the state of the economy, from one of the top 20 most influential economists in the world — with in-depth discussions on the impact of the Fed’s latest actions, the true opportunities of Trump’s tax plan, and the costs of his trade war… how short-term and long-term interest rates can affect your wealth, important moves to watch in the real estate market, and much more.
  • Exact instructions on market diversification, revealing where you should be invested for any given market — including how much you should have in cash, precious metals, bonds, and stocks.
  • A close look at the best companies with increasing dividends every year, to help you quickly compound your returns and accumulate more money at ever increasing rates.
  • Specific strategies on stocks, including the ones offering the quickest returns, the fastest profit growth, and the biggest and most sustainable yields
  • In-depth guidance to Dr. Skousen’s “easy investing strategy,” created specifically for folks who value simplicity and performance over hunting for home-run stocks.
  • Forecasts on gold and natural resources, including where prices are going, and how they could affect your portfolio — as well as breaking developments in the oil and natural gas fields, gold mines, copper and minerals, and more. 
  • The best available income-producing investments in the market. Like the American Dream Checks, these income-builders can hand you double-digit annual returns, while guaranteeing your principal is safe.
  • How to minimize risk while maximizing gains.
  • Members-only website access, where you can set your own password, so you can log on to our members-only website any time – day or night. Here you’ll find our model portfolios, all of our recommendations, and…
  • Quarterly, live one-hour calls with Dr. Skousen, as he updates current investments, shares his analysis of the markets, and reveals what he thinks lies ahead.

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  1. American Dream Checks: 3 Ways to Grow Rich Keeping America Great
  2. Lucrative Loopholes: 4 Ways to Keep More of Your Money out of the Taxman’s Reach
  3. American Dream Checks: Golden Cash Flows
  4. Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide
  5. My Five Favorite High-Income Growth Stocks
  6. The SS-4 Income Stream: How It Could Make You America’s Next Millionaire

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