Dear Reader,

Uncle Sam loves a good secret.

The myth of weapons of mass destruction…

Secret surveillance programs on U.S. citizens…

President Lyndon B. Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin, which sent American soldiers off to fight in Vietnam.

The list of lies, secrets and “fixes” on U.S. citizens goes on and on throughout our nation’s history…

But the Bombshell I’m going to share with you today is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

I can almost guarantee that — while it was exposed to a select few just recently — you’re not going to hear about it in the news anytime soon.

After all, it’s a secret that has been masterfully obscured from the general public for more than 30 years.

Mark my words, though:  This Bombshell event will change everything, starting as early as this year.

That’s when trillions of American dollars will begin changing hands…

In what can only be described as a “forced transfer of wealth.”

Listen, I’m not making this up to try to scare you.

But you should be very concerned, because facts are facts. And if you’re one of the millions of Americans certain to be affected…

You could soon see up to ONE HALF of everything you’ve saved… completely wiped out.

At the very least, this event will severely cut into your savings, your investments, and your standard of living.

How can I be so certain?

I’ll tell you exactly how. My name’s Dr. Mark Skousen.


I was recently named among the “Top 20 Living Economists” alongside luminaries such as Alan Greenspan and Art Laffer.

I’m honored by this distinction, and others, but I’m not here to toot my own horn.

You see, I decided to go on record today — something I almost never do — for one urgent, critical reason.

You deserve to hear the truth.

You deserve to be made aware of the sweeping government overhaul that’s going to blindside millions of Americans.

And you deserve to know a way to not only get ahead of this Bombshell — and save yourself a fortune…

But also keep more of your nest egg for those who matter to you most.

I’ll show you how — with one simple step — in a moment.

First, though… Once you see for yourself just how big and twisted this government plot really is…

You’ll quickly understand why they don’t want you to know anything about it.

This Bombshell was born in 1982. That’s when a cabal of U.S. senators — known as the “Gang of 17” — pulled a stealthy stunt.

At the midnight hour, the Gang snuck a provision into a bill.

It was a maneuver that no one — at least in the public eye — was EVER supposed to figure out.

Soon after, they got what they wanted.

President Reagan signed the bill into law.

He’d later call it the “biggest regret of his presidency.”

And, just like that, with the Gang’s scheming secured by law, the federal government created a Secret Weapon…

One that wouldn’t have to be used for nearly 35 years.

And that time is now upon us… because, frankly…

Our country has no other choice.

The national debt, as you know, is now approaching $19.47 trillion.

Put another way, that’s $59,681 for every citizen living in the U.S. today.

You don’t have to be an economist to know that if something isn’t done soon…

The national debt will spiral so far out of control that the government may have no other option but to default.

And the chances of that happening are even greater if the Fed raises interest rates.

How catastrophic would defaulting be?

According to Matthew Yglesias of the political watchdog site, defaulting would mean…

“… a bankruptcy of the United States government that would incinerate the world economy.”

Kim Gittleson of the BBC goes a step further:

“In the US, Goldman Sachs estimates that $175 billion dollars would immediately be withdrawn from the US economy and it could lead to a very deep recession.”

Kimberly Amadeo of adds this:

The dollar would drop, as foreign investors fled the “safe-haven status” of Treasuries. The dollar would lose its status as a global world currency. This would have the most disastrous long-term effects.

Certainly no one in Congress wants to default on the debt.

They will do everything in their power to keep it from happening.

Any way you look at it, America’s still in an astronomical hole, nearly $20 trillion deep.

That’s where Uncle Sam’s Secret Weapon — laying in hibernation for the last 34 years — enters the American debt battlefield.

And the government’s going to use it with a vengeance against YOU.

Now, if this all sounds like just another conspiracy theory, I assure you, it is not.

In the next few minutes, I’ll lay out the evidence.

Specifically, I’ll show you how the veil of secrecy of this “Weapon” was finally lifted…

In public, no less — straight from the mouth of an ex-government insider.

Former Treasury Official Leaks “Economic Bombshell of the Century”

Recently, one of my top estate planning experts attended an exclusive Arizona meeting.

It was put together by some of the world’s most highly regarded economic experts.

Among the headline speakers was a retired high-ranking Treasury official.

As a former Treasury “insider,” he was asked to give his views on the economy, the budget, Social Security and Medicare.

Of course his speech was supposed to be “off the record.”

But what he revealed effectively blew the lid on one of the federal government’s most nefarious secrets of all time.

And my estate planning “private investigator”?

He managed to take down every word of it!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

It all went down in the Q&A session. That’s when this former Treasury official (who will remain anonymous) was asked the $20 trillion question:

“What about the deficit? What is Washington doing to pay it off? Shouldn’t the national debt be of the greatest concern to our lawmakers?”

His answer stunned every person in the audience (and I expect it’ll stun you, too)…

“This may shock you,” he stated bluntly, “but we Treasury officials aren’t concerned about the deficit or the national debt! You see, we have trillions of dollars in ‘off-balance sheet assets’ that will eventually pay off the debt. I call it the ‘Treasury’s Secret Weapon’.”

‘Off-balance sheet assets’? ‘Secret Weapon’?

Most government officials talk in generalities, but this former Treasury insider pulled no punches.

You could say he came clean.

It didn’t stop there. Our former Treasury “insider” went on to say this…

“You’ve all been told time and again about the massive amount of unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare that will bankrupt our great nation. But what you don’t hear about — nobody is talking about this Secret Weapon — is the trillions of dollars in new ‘off-balance sheet assets’ that will come pouring into the US Treasury that will more than offset the outflow of these government programs and the annual deficit.”

He added,

“Right now, they don’t amount to much, maybe a few billion dollars in revenue, but within the next 30 years, these off-balance sheet revenues will multiply so fast that they will almost automatically reduce and perhaps even eliminate the national debt if we so desire.”

Clearly, this sounded like good news to the audience.

What a relief to not have to worry anymore about the national debt!

Then the other shoe dropped:

The Ex-Government Official’s Second Bombshell:  The Secret Our Politicians Have Been Hiding for 34 Years!

Here’s what he told the now-stunned audience:

“Now for the bad news! Who is going to fund this Secret Weapon of the Treasury to pay off the national debt? YOU will! The off-balance sheet assets will be created by you retirees — by force, through the power of another agency of the Treasury. The IRS and the state revenue agents have been empowered to impose a special tax that will confiscate your hard-earned wealth at the rate of 35% to 50%, depending on what state you live in.”

Just imagine waking up one morning to discover 35% to 50% of your savings is gone.

Up to one half of everything you’ve worked so hard to save… evaporated.

As this realization began to set in, our “private investigator” watched the Arizona audience grow restless, even angry.

Many stood up to leave, while those who stuck around demanded answers:

“What was this ‘Secret Weapon’ of the Treasury?”

“When is it going to kick in?”

“What can I do about it to protect myself and my family?”

That’s when this ex-Treasury official dropped even more details on the Feds’ Secret Weapon:

No, it was something much worse.

What he exposed was a brand-new source of massive tax revenues…

A money source that’s already on the books, and ready to be put into action.

In fact, it’s already affecting a few million Americans… but they’re just a drop in the bucket.

Soon, it’ll hit more than 11,000 of us each and every day…

That’s 4 million more people each year…

And by 2030, more than 70 million Americans will be affected.

None of them know it now.

But they will be funding the Treasury’s Secret Weapon…

Bringing in many trillions of dollars — enough to pay down, or eliminate, the national debt.

By now, you have to be wondering…

Could this really happen?

Where will those trillions of dollars in off-balance sheet assets come from… and how will I be on the hook for it?

Here are the answers… but stay with me, please… because after sharing them with you…

I insist on giving you the best solution to this problem.

A solution I’m using myself, with my own money, to protect my family and their future generations.

A Ticking Time Bomb
On the Books Since 1982!

Remember earlier when I mentioned the “Gang of 17”?

The group consisted of powerful members from both sides of Congress. They controlled Congress in the early 1980s.

One of the Gang’s chief concerns was the 1981 tax cut law President Reagan signed.

Their fear was that it would cause deficits to balloon.

It was necessary, they concluded, to close loopholes and come up with clever ways to raise taxes in the future.

The bill they created was called the “Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act,” known in Washington circles as TEFRA.

But surely Ronald Reagan, who was famous for cutting taxes (not increasing them), would never sign a bill like this.

Yet, he did!

The “Gang of 17” slipped their provision in at the eleventh hour… then arm-twisted Reagan into signing the bill.

They effectively convinced Reagan the Democratic-controlled Congress would cut spending if taxes were raised.

But that’s hardly what happened…

Congress reneged on its pledge — and never cut spending.

Later, Reagan bitterly complained about being hoodwinked.

His close friend and attorney general, Ed Meese, later wrote that TEFRA was “the greatest domestic error of the Reagan administration.

Reagan’s son, Michael, said his father considered it “one of the greatest regrets of my presidency.

And TEFRA would never be repealed.

It’s still there on the books, in fact, waiting to explode as countless baby boomers start retiring.

So now you understand the Treasury’s Secret Weapon to pay off the national debt:

It will go down as the “swipe of the century” — up to 50% of your retirement savings will be taken away from you.

The “Gang of 17,” for their part, is long gone, and no longer accountable for their actions.

But their Secret Weapon lives on.

And it will work its devastation by unleashing this enormous tax on millions of unsuspecting Americans.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be among its many victims.

Not if you act now, before the dreaded day comes to pass and it’s too late.

This one simple step will stop the Treasury in its tracks…
And keep them from stealing
35%-50% of YOUR wealth.

I’m anxious to get it in the hands of as many readers as possible, right away.

Because, when I learned of the government’s “Secret Weapon” plan to snatch up to 50% of your retirement funds…

I knew I needed to speak out… and FAST.

After all, as a Ph.D. economist and former CIA analyst, I’m well acquainted with government sleight of hand.

In fact, I’ve spent the bulk of my career helping individual investors grow their portfolios, while keeping more of their money out of Uncle Sam’s mitts.

I’ve done this for more than 36 years through my award-winning newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, which has been singled out for “beating the Market over 15 years.”

During this time, I’ve also written countless bestselling books… taught economics and finance at prestigious universities like Columbia…

And I created the world’s largest gathering of free market thinkers — my annual FreedomFest conference (which attracts some of the biggest names in finance and economics).

More importantly, though, I help out my subscribers.

For instance, in 1995, in the face of pundits and talking heads everywhere calling for a market correction, I predicted the NASDAQ would double.

Then I predicted it would double AGAIN. Within 5 years, it went from 750 to 1,500… and then up to 3,000 by the decade’s close.

I also saw the writing on the wall before the market topped out in 2007.  My readers protected their portfolios significantly by heeding my warnings and using disciplined stops on their investments.

Then, in March 2009, when most investors were at full distress, I issued strong BUY recommendations (allowing readers to capitalize on a 6-year bull market).

I’m proud to have helped so many of my readers. But I’ve also done something equally valuable:

I’ve developed a financial intelligence network second to none.

One of those in my network is my friend, and the most trusted financial tax specialist I know.

His name is David T. Phillips.

David is a Phoenix-based tax planning expert with more than 44 years of experience helping families maximize their nest eggs.

He was also (as you might have guessed by now) the “private investigator” who attended the exclusive Arizona meeting and witnessed the ex-Treasury official spilling the beans.

Honestly, this whole encounter seems to be a blessing in disguise.

You see, David and I have crafted the perfect way to shield yourself from the Treasury’s Secret Weapon…

A 100% legal way to make certain you don’t have to fork over half of what’s yours to Uncle Sam.

To understand why this step works so well, you’ll need to understand the charade lying at the heart of the Fed’s “Secret Weapon” strategy.

For years, the government has granted us what was designed to be a great “perk”:

The ability to deduct a specified amount of income, and set it aside in a tax-deferred retirement plan.

They’re better known as “qualified accounts” — like an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit Plan, and the like.

It all looks great at face value, but when we’re talking about government… nothing is as it seems.

This “perk” is really nothing more than an illusion… because it’s the key to their Secret Weapon.

The illusion is the idea we’ve all come to embrace: If you defer taxes, you’re saving money for when you think it will count the most.

Imagine the shock to your system when you discover that the “tax-deferred” money you’ve been putting away for years…

Money you’ve counted on for your future…

Is worth 35% to 50% less when you need it!

All thanks to the Fed’s Secret Weapon.

Look, I hate to put it this way.

It’s the ultimate bait and switch. Your money’s been a “bail out” savings account for the government for more than 30 years running.

You can picture the “Gang of 17” backslapping themselves when they came up with this scheme.

It’s as if they were saying…

“Let them deduct the deposits. Let them believe that it’s good for them to invest wisely. Let them earn a TON of money tax-deferred.

Then, when their qualified accounts are big and fat, when they need to provide living expenses for their lengthy golden years…


Who would believe that — after all these years of saving — your retirement accounts are nothing more than an IOU to the IRS!

You’d better believe it, my friend.

If you recall, it was just five years ago that the national debt was pushed to $10 trillion.

Today, it’s almost double that.

And our cunning government has put you and me on the hook for paying it off…

Literally funneling trillions of dollars in “qualified accounts” that will suddenly be exposed upon retirement.

What’s worse: The government doesn’t even need to spin this story to get it to work.

Remember, this law is already on the books.

But as they say, the best defense is a good offense.

Instead of simply surrendering to the IRS, you can safely avoid paying the Secret Weapon tax with your money.

You can preserve every last dollar that’s rightfully yours, and there’s nothing the government can do to stop you…

Because the strategy I’m going to show you effectively puts someone else on the hook for your portion of these Secret Weapon taxes.

It’s an entity with much deeper pockets…

A group that has helped Americans avoid paying income taxes on their savings for over half a century:

Big Insurance!

That’s right. If you put this one strategy to work for you today, the titans of the insurance industry will have to foot your tax bill.

It may sound too good to be true, I know.

Be assured, though:  This process is completely legal, easy to execute, and takes very little time.

And the quicker you act, the faster you’ll begin saving your wealth from Uncle Sam’s grubby fingers.

That’s why David and I have laid out this strategy for you in our FREE, easy-to-read, how-to guide.

It’s called: The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS’ Secret Weapon.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Secret Weapon Defense #1:
“The IRA Reboot”

The IRA Reboot is — hands-down — the best strategy to keep away the IRS vultures and counter the Treasury’s tax grab.

It’s a strategy very few people know about.

But, as you’ll see, it’s 100% effective at getting the IRS off your back when it comes to taxing your retirement accounts.

Probably the best way to show you how it works is with this example:

Let’s say John is 60 years old, and has a $500,000 taxable IRA. He wants to convert that money to a tax-deferred Roth IRA.

Under the current law, if he takes that half-million bucks from his taxable IRA this year and converts it to a Roth IRA, he’ll be on the hook for taxes the following April 18th.

So, if he’s taxed at the 30% tax rate, his $500,000 account will be whittled down to $350,000. That’s a heavy penalty for just moving money.

Here’s how he can avoid that huge tax hit:

With the IRA Reboot, instead of putting the $500k into a Roth IRA, John would transfer it into a special “qualified” account. It currently pays from 6% – 8%, depending on its terms of years. From that account, he could then fund a specially designed life insurance policy.

Now, if you don’t like the idea of insurance… think about this for a second.

This policy would provide an immediate life benefit of $1,909,565, and would become the foundation of his way around the Secret Weapon tax…

A brilliant counter move, as you’re about to learn.

You see, next year — when the taxes from converting his IRA funds into this special qualified account are due — John only has to take this one, simple step:

He’ll simply borrow the $39,000 to pay the tax liability from the insurance company… and use his cash value as collateral for the loan.

Since the net cost to borrow this way is zero, John will pay his tax liability with no personal out-of-pocket expense. And guess what…

Getting Big Insurance to pay the $39,000 conversion tax isn’t the only benefit of the IRA Reboot.

Because once the IRA Reboot is established, John can choose to invest the balance of the cash into a tax-free account.

That tax-free account will grow — based on either a fixed rate (currently 3.5%) or a rate that is tied to the “upside only” performance of an outside index, like the S&P 500.

It’s an extraordinary stroke of genius. John will be able to withdraw those funds for whatever he likes: his kids’ or grandkids’ education, emergencies, medical situations, lifetime income, almost anything.

The best part is, because these withdrawals will also be “loans,” they will be free from income taxes and don’t have to be paid back until after John passes away.

Voila! The IRA Reboot makes sure the IRS gets paid, of course… but it’s from the deep pockets of Big Insurance.

What’s more, John’s beneficiaries will eventually inherit the supercharged life insurance benefit, tax-free.

A serious Win-Win for you and your family.

So what would’ve happened had John NOT taken advantage of the IRA Reboot?

For starters, he would have seen his $500k account whittled down to $350,000 for transferring it to a Roth IRA.

Next, he’d have paid a hefty $39,000 in conversion taxes.

And when he eventually passes away, his family would’ve inherited the remainder of his qualified accounts — with both income and estate taxes due.

Think about that…

By simply using the Reboot strategy, all net proceeds from the policy will be received 100% income tax-free and creditor-proof (in most states).

Now, with all the benefits you get from the IRA Reboot, you might think it’s a complicated strategy… or that it might take a long time to set up.

Fortunately, it’s not complicated or time consuming at all.

In fact, it’s completely laid out in simple steps for you in this FREE how-to guide David and I put together:

The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS’ Secret Weapon.

And that’s only the first of the money-saving strategies you’ll learn about in this free report.

As a special bonus, we’ve included two more ways you can keep the IRS at bay.

The second is called…

Secret Weapon Defense #2:
“The Leverage Loophole”

If you’re a retiree, you may be familiar with Required Minimum Distributions, or RMDs.

For many retirees, taking RMDs from qualified retirement accounts isn’t wanted or needed.

But you really have no choice.

Once you reach age 70½, you must begin taking them, by law.

And that’s when the IRS Secret Weapon can clamp down on you — taking 35%-50% of those funds.

That is, unless you go on the offensive with The Leverage Loophole. Here’s how it works…

First off, the IRS has a formula that determines the size of your distribution.

At age 70½, the formula requires you to take 3.7% from your qualified accounts. (That percentage increases each year.)

On a $1 million IRA, your distributions would come to $37,000 — which you’d be obligated to pay taxes on. Plus, if you receive any earnings on that $37,000, you’d pay taxes on those, too.

Talk about a 1-2 punch to the gut.

However, just like the IRA Reboot, you can legally mitigate these taxes using The Leverage Loophole. Here’s a good example:

George and Sara, both age 71, are in relatively good health. George has an IRA valued at $1,000,000. His first-year Required Minimum Distributions total would be $36,496. Because George and Sara are in the 25% tax bracket, they’d net $27,372.

It turns out they don’t need that $27,372. So they decide to put it into a specialized life-insurance policy (similar to that used in the IRA Reboot). By doing so, they’ve created an immediate and perpetual life insurance benefit for their children of $1,440,771.

They’ve also created a Family Bank because that policy will accumulate a significant cash value through the years. And those funds will be available tax-free for opportunities, emergencies, education, income, and more.

The result? George and Sara created significantly more wealth for their family to use, tax-free… And they established a death benefit many times greater than the funds used to create it.

Not a bad way to use distributions they didn’t want or need.

In fact, all the benefits of The Leverage Loophole — many of which you can start using right away — are included in your FREE report: The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS’ Secret Weapon.

I’ll tell you how to get your own copy of this report in just a second…

Right after I tell you about the third way to get around the Fed’s sinister plans for your money…

Secret Weapon Defense #3:
“The Charitable Donation”

The final strategy we’re recommending to get around the IRS’ plan to take up to 50% of your retirement funds is to simply “be charitable.”

Contributing to your church, charities, foundations and other tax-exempt organizations has been a time-honored way to keep more of your wealth out of the hands of the IRS.

What most people don’t understand is that when a qualified account is transferred to a charity at death… Not only does the account’s principal transfer tax-free, but so does all of the interest. Zero taxes!

The problem with this move is that you will totally disinherit your children and grandchildren. David refers to the solution for this dilemma as the “IRA with a Twist.”

With this strategy, not only will you avoid paying taxes to the IRS, you’ll also be giving a big lift to charity — just as you’d planned…

AND you’ll be able to leave a chunk of tax-free wealth to your heirs.

These three strategies are explained in complete detail in our new report:

The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS’ Secret Weapon.

And — as I said earlier — David and I want to hand you a FREE copy of this report…

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