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Who are your recommended coin dealers?

By tcane
My favorite coin dealers are:
  1. For bullion coins (American eagles, etc.), and common-dated U.S. collectible coins (Morgan silver dollars, St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins, etc.): Camino Coins, 1301 Broadway Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010, 1-800/348-8001 www.caminocompany.com.
  2. For bullion coins, bullion bars, and Perth Mint Certificate Program: Michael or Richard Checkan, Asset Strategies International, Inc. (ASI), 1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20852, 1-800/831-0007 www.assetstrategies.com.
  3. For rare coins (PCGS graded coins) and bullion coins: Van Simmons, President, David Hall Rare Coins, P.O. Box 6220, Newport Beach, CA 92658, 1-800/759-7575 www.davidhall.com.
  4. For rare and bullion coins: Pat Heller, Director, Liberty Coin Service, 300 Frandor Ave., Lansing, MI 48912, 1-800/933-4720 www.libertycoinservice.com and EverBank, Metals Select Accounts ($5,000 minimum), 1-800/926-4922 www.everbank.com/metalsselect.
  5. Asset Strategies International, Inc.: 1700 Rockville Pike #400, Rockville, MD 20852, T: 800/831.0007 or 301/881.8600, F: 301/881.1936, email: rcheckan@assetstrategies.com, Contact: Rich Checkan — Handles Perth Mint Certificate Programs

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