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Upcoming Celebrations of Adam Smith’s Tercentenary


This year, free-market economists and freedom organizations are celebrating Adam Smith’s 300th birthday. We plan to have a big celebration at www.freedomfest.com this July 12-15 in Memphis. In addition, I will be speaking at the following locations:

Athenaeum, Claremont McKenna College, April 4: https://www.cmc.edu/athenaeum/events/20230404 Topic: “The Father of Free-Market Capitalism Turns 300: How Much of Adam Smith’s Hand is Still Visible?”

Panmure House, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 5: I will be speaking on “The Genius of Adam Smith” on Adam Smith’s birthday: https://www.panmurehouse.org/get-involved/what-s-on/ I will also be commenting on my copy of the first edition of “The Wealth of Nations,” on loan at the Panmure House.

Adam Smith Institute, London, June 6 (D Day): I will be speaking at 7:00 PM on “Who’s Winning the Battle of Ideas: Adam Smith, Marx or Keynes?”. See www.adamsmith.org for details.

Institute for Economic Affairs, London, June 7: I will be speaking on Adam Smith at a lunch at IEA headquarters. https://iea.org.uk/events-forthcoming/

Glasgow University, Scotland, June 8: I will be joining a panel to discuss Adam Smith and his critics. See https://www.gla.ac.uk/explore/adamsmith300/events/tercentenaryweek/

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