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Wall Street Legend Charles Schwab Reveals Why He’s Still Bullish Stocks in 2020 [FULL INTERVIEW]

I’m Dr. Mark Skousen.

I’ve just had the good fortune to be able to sit down with a true legend, and one of the great innovators on Wall Street…

Charles Schwab, founder of the famous brokerage firm.

Few investors realize that Schwab’s stock price — since inception — has gone up 21,000%!

So it’s no wonder investors listen to anything Mr. Schwab has to say.

Here in my latest investor briefing, he shares a number of big “reveals,” including:

* Little-known secrets Wall St. doesn’t want you to know…

* Schwab’s forecast for stocks over the next 12 months…

* And what he thinks will cause the next financial crisis

To read my full interview with Charles Schwab, simply tell me where to send it in the box below.

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