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Top 20 Living Economist & Former Presidential Advisor Shares the Secret Investment that Made Him a Millionaire

Dr. Mark Skousen is widely considered one of the great investing minds of the day.

In January 1995, he startled readers again when he predicted “The NASDAQ will double… and then double again.”

It did exactly that — going from 750 to over 3,000, and making his readers a fortune in the process.

Dr. Skousen told his readers to “get out of stocks now” — just 6 weeks before the largest single-day drop in market history (the Great Crash of 1987).

And, in the summer of 2015, no one wanted to believe him when he wrote, “A Chinese stock market crash could set off a chain reaction around the world.”

Yet, sure enough, in August, China’s market cratered… and it took global and U.S. markets with it, wiping out $1.3 trillion in value.

Today Dr. Skousen’s top recommendation is a secret so powerful, it’s allowing his readers to collect monthly payouts, through a program mandated by the U.S. government.

(The next payout comes in less than 4 weeks, as he explains here.)

Watch just the first 7 minutes of his new prediction, and you’ll see if you qualify for this little-known monthly income stream.

And if you tune in a bit longer, you’ll learn the easiest way to get access to Dr. Skousen’s #1 investment… including the name, ticker symbol, and complete strategy.

Bottom line: If you’re an American putting money away for retirement, take notice of what Dr. Skousen has to say.

Your wealth could very well depend on it.

Click now to hear Dr. Skousen’s #1 prediction for 2022.

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“Mark Skousen should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

—Steve Forbes

“Mark Skousen is one of the best economists I know.”

—Larry Kudlow, Former Director,
National Economic Council

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