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America’s Top 20 Living Economist:

“The #1 Best Way to Profit from Surging Gold Prices in 2024”

The Wall Street Journal says: “Investors prize gold in times of turmoil because it has held value for thousands of years"

Steve Forbes says: “Mark Skousen should get the Nobel Prize in Economics”

Larry Kudlow host of Kudlow & Company says: “Mark Skousen is one of the best economists I know”

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One of America's Top 20 Living Economists, Dr. Mark Skousen warns investors not to miss out on the next big run-up in gold and silver in 2024! Precious metals are rebounding to historic levels. And Mark has prepared a brand-new special report that reveals the #1 best way to profit.

During America’s last major financial crisis, in 2008-2011, the price of gold skyrocketed from $1,018 to $2,430 an ounce in just three years – a gain of 138.7%.


Investors and retirees made small fortunes – but NOT just with gold stocks or ETFs.

Instead, many invested in a little-known gold investment officially released by the U.S. government.

And in his new free special report, Mark reveals that some of these amazing gold investments are now worth up to 12 to 26 times more than an ounce of gold bullion itself.

Plus, with inflation still hovering near 40-year highs and a possible recession looming, he says gold investments like this are crucial in 2024.

Forbes Magazine says “we could see gold prices continue to break their own records in 2024 and beyond.”

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