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Top 20 Living Economist Reveals…

The Fastest (And Most Reliable) Way to Make Money in Lockdown America

Getting in on private equity investments can make you a good deal of money.

In fact, it’s the single fastest (and most reliable) way to get rich in America today.

As The Financial Post points out, “of the wealthiest people on the planet, virtually every one of them made their fortune in private equity.”

No doubt, you’ve seen some of the stories…

Like Chris Sacca, who invested $26,000 in Twitter back in 2006… 7 years before it went public.

Those shares made him a billionaire.

Or look at Max Levchin. He made 174 times his money on Yelp. Every $10,000 he put in turned into $1.7 million.

Or Jeremy Stoppelman, who got in early on Uber… where every $100 turned into more than $1 million.

The fact is… a single big win in Private Equity can change your life.

Imagine for a minute what it would be like if, just for once, you could get a couple shares of a company like Twitter, Yelp, or Uber right from the start.

However, there is one major problem.

Generally, these sort of opportunities are off limits to regular investors.

You have to either be rich or well connected to get in.

But Dr. Mark Skousen, one of the world’s Top 20 Living Economists, is working to change that.

Dr. Skousen is a former Ivy League professor, consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and one of the top private equity investors in the world.

He says there is one “LAZY” way to get in on Private Equity that makes it easy for regular people looking for a new way to profit in these markets.

Step 1) You DON’T have to be rich: This is one of the only Private Equity investments that doesn’t have any income requirements.

Step 2) You DON’T have to have connections: Anyone who knows how to access this investment can participate.

Step 3) You DO need an investment with a proven track record: This Private Equity investment Has CRUSHED the S&P 500 for years.


Dr. Skousen has made over 1,300 times his money on a single Private Equity investment.

Now he’s showing you how you can do it, too.

Click here to see his presentation on the Lazy Man’s Path to IPO Riches.

Click Here to See Dr. Skousen’s Personal Story >

“Mark Skousen should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

—Steve Forbes

“Mark Skousen is one of the best economists I know.”

—Larry Kudlow, Director,
National Economic Council

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