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How to Protect Yourself During America’s “Great Financial Cleansing”


Dr. Mark Skousen
Find out what this Top 20 Living Economist is doing with his own money right now

Let’s cut straight to the chase…

Your money is in danger.

Inflation is rampant…

Monster lay offs across the country…

And companies once considered “safe” are at risk of folding.

Thankfully, there are still steps you can take to preserve your wealth, and possibly come out of this financial cleansing unscathed.

But there is no time to waste.

As the Fed hikes rates on a seemingly daily basis…

More and more companies become vulnerable.

In fact, the last time the Fed hiked rates this aggressively…

Huge swaths of GIANT companies were cleansed from the market.

And average Americans were massacred as conglomerates like Sears collapsed virtually overnight.

Today is no different.

Right now, the number of companies facing the same fate as Sears is multiplying.

Even one of the most accurate indicators in the history of finance is screaming about this inevitable outcome.

Take a look for yourself…

This famous energy indicator has accurately predicted several of America’s most devastating financial events, including…

  • The great recession of the 1970’s
  • The dotcom bubble burst in the 2000’s
  • And even the massive 2008 housing crisis.

In fact, every time we cross that center line, America is thrust into a devastating situation.

And, as you can see… We just crossed that line.

Which means the American economy is now uncertain and scary territory.

That’s why JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon is on record saying…

“You’d Better Brace Yourself.”

The last time we drifted into such a risky zone, investors suffered for 5 long years.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen happen in times like these before, most folks won’t move their money in time.

And they’ll be forced to suffer the consequences of rising inflation… skyrocketing rent… ever climbing energy bills… and the increased tax burden of handing 24 billion dollars to student debt.

That’s why one Ph.D. Economist – the same one who warned investors of the 2020 collapse months before the markets dropped – is sounding the alarm…

And revealing exactly why this is happening…

Along with the exact moves he’s making with his money right now to protect himself, and potentially even grow his wealth.

So if you want to stay ahead of what will be called the most historic cleansing America has ever seen…

And potentially walk away from this mess wealthier than you ever thought possible.

“Mark Skousen should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

—Steve Forbes

“Mark Skousen is one of the best economists I know.”

—Larry Kudlow, Past Director, National Economic Council

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