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Fellow Investor,

If you don’t make this easy $6 option trade RIGHT NOW, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

TNT Trader editor Mark Skousen has just identified a cutting-edge cybersecurity company that could jump 30% or more when earnings come out again on February 13th… sending this easy $6 option trade soaring as much as 300%.

That’s a big claim, I know. But, we’ve already had huge success with the option play we did in the first and second quarter and we don’t want you to miss this opportunity.

Especially when you see how this $4 billion cybersecurity company has already:

  1. Seen its stock price jump 60% over the past year
  2. Registered 60% earnings growth and 28% sales growth year over year
  3. Registered four double-digit earnings surprises in a row
  4. Seen its income soar $100 million more than Wall Street had expected

This is why five top Wall Street analysts rate the company a STRONG BUY.

Not only that, the analyst community feels so strongly about the strength of this company that, in the past 30 days, 10 top analysts have revised their earnings expectations up for both 2019 and 2020.

This has not been lost on Wall Street’s 20 biggest insiders, mutual funds, and institutional holders. They see what’s going on here and have piled on to capture the big jump they see headed their way.

For example…

All combined, these 20 top insiders and institutional holders own millions of shares worth over $1 billion.

It’s no wonder.

That’s because they see, as Mark does, not only a huge jump in earnings (both in 3rd and 4th quarter) but also this company ultimately becoming the No. 1 cybersecurity company in the world.

That’s why this company’s sales climbed 28%, why this company’s earnings jumped another 60%, and why its customer list looks like a who’s who of the world’s largest companies, including…

The company has over 4,400 customers in over 90 companies and nearly $400 million in revenue.

All because the company provides these organizations with the strongest possible protection against cyberattacks… far stronger than anything offered by any other company on the planet.

When you consider that Business Insider Intelligence estimates that $655 billion will be spent on cybersecurity to protect PCs, mobile devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2020 — and how this company could capture the lion’s share of this spending — you can understand why Mark has issued this buy alert.

If you DON’T take advantage of this easy $6 options play TODAY, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself when earnings come out again on February 13th, the stock jumps, and the options shoot through the roof.

Welcome to TNT Trader

I’m Roger Michalski, publisher of TNT Trader.

Mark Skousen has been bringing his readers explosive profit opportunities like these for close to 40 years.

I speak, for example, of companies like…

Mark’s newest TNT trade offers similar potential.

But time is running out on this opportunity.

With state-sponsored cyberattacks increasing daily, investors are suddenly becoming interested in companies that offer protection against these attacks.

It’s no wonder…

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Navy and its industry partners were “under cyber siege” from Chinese hackers.

All while Army General Paul Nakasone, head of U.S. Cyber Command, made the case for even more sophisticated attacks coming from Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

This is nothing new. The U.S. has been under a barrage of cyberattacks for years.

A secret NSA map obtained in 2015 shows China’s cyberattacks on US. targets over the previous five years.

As NBC reported back then:

“Each dot represents a successful Chinese attempt to steal corporate and military secrets and data about America’s critical infrastructure, particularly the electrical power and telecommunications and internet backbone.

And the prizes that China pilfered during its ‘intrusions’ included everything from specifications for hybrid cars to formulas for pharmaceutical products to details about U.S. military and civilian air traffic control systems, according to intelligence sources.”

That’s why thousands of companies are enlisting this company in the battle against state-sponsored cyber and malware attacks, and more are signing up daily.

And it’s all because this company’s advanced software can neutralize these kinds of malicious cyberattacks almost like a preemptive strike.

While I can’t disclose how its preemptive strike technology works, I can tell you this: Its operation is critical to the world’s economic infrastructure and security.  

That’s why the world’s top banks, energy companies, and manufacturing companies have partnered with this company to protect their assets.

Have I caught your attention?

I hope so, because it’s an opportunity that is so obvious, it’s simply begging to make you richer.  

But You’ll Need to Act Quickly

Once this company declares its sixth double-digit earnings surprise in a row, the financial media will stop writing about cyberattacks and start writing about the huge jackpot that’s coming to the security sector — and, in particular, directly to Mark’s top cybersecurity option play.

As a result, you could see a threefold pop on your $6 option, as individual investors see the opportunity forming here and jump in.

We see that rise only continuing as the company becomes the leading cybersecurity provider in the U.S.

That’s why 10 analysts rate the company a STRONG BUY, and why you should make this option trade before word gets out and new orders pour in from every corner of the world.

Your Timing Is Perfect

As you can see from the chart below, this stock is solid — up 60% YTD. Since July, we’ve seen some profit taking, but Mark sees the company’s stock price continuing to rise, jumping even more once 3rd quarter earning numbers are rolled out on February 13th.

As he told me on our weekly call, the momentum of this stock is going to snowball and is about to take off again:

“This is why Wall Street’s top 20 institutions and mutual fund investors own over $1 billion worth of shares in this company… and why 10 top analysts rate the company a strong buy.

They see the same thing we do — a company whose proprietary solutions can preemptively stop a state-sponsored or criminal hacker attack from anywhere in the world… and whose stock price is on the move.”

For these reasons, if you get in now, before the company declares quarter earnings again on February 13th, you could most likely get at least a threefold pop on your $6 option.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Name This Trade Here

Doing so would make it virtually impossible for you to grab it at Mark’s strike price.

That’s why, here at Eagle Financial Publications, we ONLY release our BUY ALERTS directly to our readers via our private encrypted email system and website.  

That’s the best way for me to ensure our readers don’t get bid out of Mark’s trades. This approach has left Mark’s readers smiling all the way to the bank, thanks to some quick run-ups like these: 

That’s the whole reason I’ve sent you this Buy Alert — to give you the opportunity to profit from his newest trade, and to introduce you to Mark Skousen’s TNT Trader service.

If you’ve never seen TNT Trader before, let me explain what it is: It’s a one-of-a-kind trading service that’s designed to profit from short-term moves in disruptive stocks…

Undiscovered gems and radical innovators that are turning whole industries upside down. Companies that have the potential to be the next Amazon, Apple, or Netflix.  

But, instead of waiting years for them to pay off, Mark profits from short-term moves, and leverages these moves into big gains.

Example: Take the 506% Mark made in 70 days with As he saw momentum building, he got in before the stock jumped 49%, turning his $2.60 option play into $15.77.

Example: Valero Energy Corporation is another great example of his TNT Trader strategy at play.

As he saw the momentum building in the stock, he grabbed a $2.04 option and cashed out 63 days later with a 460% gain.

Example: Keurig/Dr. Pepper is another great example of profiting from a short-term move in disruptive stocks— turning a $0.50 option into a 425% gain in 56 days.

The secret to Mark’s success has been identifying catalysts that can cause stock prices to move dramatically.

Not only catalysts like earnings releases and analysts’ upgrades, but also new product launches and technical breakouts.

His newest trade is the perfect example of another catalyst-driven opportunity that can send a stock soaring. In this case, there isn’t one catalyst set to drive this one higher, but multiple ones, including:

  1. The rise in cyberattacks.
  2. The company’s increase in earnings
  3. The number of analysts upgrading their estimates for the next two years

In fact, I’m so confident about this trade that I’m telling readers to expect…

A 300% Gain in the Next 90 Days

Don’t think that I’m sticking my neck out here. I’ve been Mark’s publisher for nearly two decades.

I’ve never seen stronger technical and fundamental indicators backing a trade than what I see here today.

When you consider the stock is up 60% over the past 12 months…  

You can understand why I am 100% confident in this incredible opportunity.

In fact, I’m so confident this option trade will deliver that, I’ve made it possible for you to download this BUY ALERT to your computer, tablet, or smartphone TODAY, so that you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity before the company releases its next earnings statement on February 13th. 

That way, you’ll not only get a panoramic overview of the opportunity that’s unfolding, but also an inside look at our catalyst-driven trading strategy that’s delivered 51 winners since February 2018 — 40 of which were double- and triple-digit winners.

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Roger Michalski
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