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  • Disruptive Technology #1 – The “hidden technology” behind the Connectivity Revolution, and the one stock that could be Dr. Skousen’s next pick. Shares are already up 165%, which means it’s just hitting prime EXPLOSION phase where the profits could be coming fast – and often!
  • Disruptive Technology #2 – Cryptocurrencies, and the small tech company that’s fast becoming a breakout player in the world of Blockchain and crypto calculations around the world. Already up 120%, shares are just hitting their EXPLOSION phase!
  • Disruptive Technology #3 – Biotech and Gene Therapy. CRISPR gene editing technology will change medicine and health forever by curing disease at the genetic level… and Dr. Skousen has identified one of the fastest moving stocks in this niche. It’s the only company that holds a patent for the use of CRISPR gene technology on humans. With shares up 192% in the past 6 months, the EXPLOSION profits could be coming fast and furious, beginning in just days!
  • Disruptive Technology #4 – The smart-chip company driving many of the biggest innovations in artificial intelligence. Shares are up 297%, so it’s firmly in that all-important EXPLOSION phase, meaning the potential for multiple profits over the coming months!
  • Disruptive Technology #5 – Autonomous Driving, and the software company that will let car-makers simply drop their software package right into their cars. Up just 30% in the past 12 months, this one could be hitting EXPLOSION phase soon!

In addition to that, Dr. Skousen’s prepared a special report to help you understand and effectively make the option trades he recommends in this service.

It’s called, Dr. Skousen’s Little Black Book of Options Secrets.

In this report, Dr. Skousen strips away the mystery, and breaks the entire process down to a few select trading secrets he’s come to rely on over the years.

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  • Special Action Alerts — There’s no set schedule for these Alerts, but when Mark feels you need to take action right away – to collect or protect big profits – your inbox will light up with complete details for fast action.
  • Conference Calls — Periodically, Mark will host an hour-long conference call for subscribers only. These will bring you up close and personal with the fast-moving world of technology, including details of the latest changes in the portfolio, options, and what Mark sees coming over the horizon in the coming months. These private conference calls alone would be worth many times the membership costs… but they’re yours free as a charter member of TNT Trader.
  • Special Reports — These periodic reports will bring you Mark’s deep-dive analysis into an important market development. It could be about almost anything… but if Mark feels it will help you become richer, faster… he’ll share it with you.
  • Active Model Portfolio — This frequently updated online resource is where you’ll be able to track every position, and current recommendations, in the TNT Trader portfolio. Track your profits, decide when to enter and exit positions, and more.
  • 24/7 Website Access — Once you sign up, you’ll receive a personalized password that will allow you to access the archive of ALL these service materials, plus an FAQ section, Dr. Skousen’s detailed bio, links to his other services, and much more.

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