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Greatest Threat to Your Wealth Now

Your Stocks… Your Savings… Your Retirement Are All At Risk.

Here’s What You Must Do Now to Protect Yourself and to Profit.

Hello, this is Roger Michalski with a shocking forecast from Dr. Mark Skousen, the economist who called the 1987 stock market crash, the 2008 great recession, the 10-year bull market…

And who made the call to “Get Out of Stocks” back in January 2020 and again on February 24th, 2020 — saving his readers a 26% loss.

It is so disturbing that most people who read this forecast will refuse to believe it.

But I must warn you: Ignoring Mark’s forecast will have serious consequences — consequences that will be catastrophic for millions of Americans.

You see…

The $14 trillion (and counting) the government pumped into the economy to combat the virus is already causing an unprecedented wave of inflation. One that could trigger one of the biggest financial meltdowns the world has ever seen — bigger than the Great Recession, perhaps even bigger than the Great Depression.

Unless you take action NOW, you will find your wealth destroyed as the coming inflation tsunami triggers a stock market catastrophe the likes of which we have never seen before.

That’s exactly what economist Mark is now forecasting — an inflation calamity that will destroy the value of every dollar you earn, save and invest.

I was skeptical of his claims at first, but then I saw the chilling evidence.

The thought of it scares me in ways I’ve never been rattled before. That’s because Mark’s economic forecasts have been right on the money for more than 40 years.

In fact…

If you had heeded his on-the-money forecasts, you may have already burned your mortgage and retired times richer than you’d ever imagined.

If you missed his forecasts (and the wealth he’s created), it’s not too late to protect yourself and profit from this new danger that could destroy the value of every U.S. dollar you earn, spend, save and invest.

That’s because Mark is now forecasting a new wave of carnage that will rip through the markets. More will lose their jobs, others their homes, and some will lose everything.

When the dust settles, my friend, the American dream will have died for millions. 

But it’s not too late for you to take action to protect yourself.

Every crisis creates great opportunities — and this one is no exception.

That’s why I rushed you this urgent message.

To show you an easy way to protect your savings, your investments and your retirement from the inflation tsunami that is headed your way.

It all begins with adding Mark’s newest trade to your holdings — RIGHT NOW — so you can grab money-doubling gains as a tidal wave of inflation inundates Wall Street and downs the futures of millions of Americans.

Why You Must Act Now

A quick look at Mark’s forecast and you’ll begin to understand what is taking place.

When you add everything up, all that money the government has pumped into the economy is chasing fewer and fewer goods.

The chain reaction is already lifting consumer prices. You need only go to the grocery store or fill up your car with gas to know that inflation’s rising at the fastest rate in the last 40 years… it’s out of control.

And that’s on top of massive shortages of household goods and food everywhere…

When was the last time you saw empty shelves on a regular basis in an American grocery store?

It’s no wonder prices are spiraling up…

  1. Many Chinese companies are still closed, and those that are open are operating at a fraction of their normal capacity.
  2. Cargo shipments at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach —  America’s No. 1 ports for China — have dropped sharply because of the outbreak and the tariffs.
  3. As a result, supply bottlenecks are expected to lead to shortages of some goods, including prescription medication, which could boost prices, as reported by Reuters.

And it’s going to get worse!

That’s not just Mark’s forecast.

That comes directly from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), whose economic survey found that nearly 75% of the companies it contacted have reported supply-chain disruptions due to the coronavirus.

Making matters worse, 44% didn’t have a plan to deal with this kind of disruption.

According to ISM’s CEO, Tom Derry, in an interview with the Atlantic, “There’s almost no industry sector — and when I say that, I mean manufacturing and non-manufacturing — that isn’t reliant on China in the United States.”

As a result, everything from computer chips to car parts to medical supplies and drug components are particularly vulnerable to disruptions in Asian markets.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Reuters is reporting that…

“Companies involved in the transport of goods say the impact is being felt hardest in air freight as more airlines shut down services, adding to difficulties with the transport of key goods such as medicines and perishable foods.

What you could normally move in two or three days is going to take twice as long — you have to still get it through the airport, you have [to] put it on a truck and get it through borders.

One European supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients used by the industry, who declined to be named, said the business was struggling to get supplies transported by plane.”

The chain reaction has created a price spike that could trigger rampant inflation for years to come, as trillions of dollars chase too few goods. 

Let Me Sum Up the Dangers

The global pandemic, the coronavirus, created is a supply-chain crisis that will blindside millions of Americans financially.

As China continues to shut down entire cities and all the factories forcing people to shelter-in-place and keeping people from going to work… the supply chain is continuing to be devastated.

Manufacturing shuts down and limited production will make the supply-demand squeeze even worse, pushing up prices for everything across the board.

Which is why you’re seeing shortages on everything, from essential medical materials to energy, from groceries to electronics. And why prices will continue to rise.

The chain reaction will keep pushing prices higher as the supply chain continues to contract. 

Right now, we are at the point in the cycle where we’re seeing sharp rises in prices across the board as the logjam in the supply chain continues to grow.

This is going to be worse than anything we’ve ever seen.

In the past, there was a domino effect in play, as rising wages forced business prices up, which in turn drove wages higher.

But what we are seeing now is much more dangerous. It started with covid shutting down manufacturing, disrupting the supply chain, and shuttering businesses, while Americans hoarded everything — toilet paper, water and canned food all while the government threw $14 trillion into the mix to “stimulate” the economy.

And now, as many of the world’s economies are ramping back up, the supply chain backlog is undermining it all. But the supply chain backlog is unprecedented.

Not to mention the Russian-Ukrainian war is also constricting supply lines… at the same time, this conflict is dramatically affecting the price of oil.

The result will have devastating effects for our country, our economy and your future wealth.

But by acting now, you will be in an enviable position to multiply your wealth before the big spike in inflation takes hold and prices shoot through the roof even more.

Why Mark’s Lightyears Ahead of Mainstream Financial Media


Because of Mark’s keen understanding of global economics, he is making a number of shrewd trades that will profit from the debacle he sees ahead

As inflation continues to rise, stocks take a beating and millions of Americans find themselves in the poorhouse.

Because, as he warns,

“When the inflation wave hits — hold on to your hat.
The prices you pay for everything will explode
like fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

And while Mark can’t tell you how fast prices, inflation and interest rates will rise, he will tell you this:

The Fallout Will Be Devastating

The result will crush the bond market and send interest rates surging even more than they already have.

Stocks will fall further and deeper than anything we’ve witnessed recently. You need only connect the dots to understand why.

And that’s just half of it.

All of this will result in a collapse of corporate earnings — along with stock prices — as investors jettison stocks. All as the government continues to throw money at the problem and add trillions to the national debt.

The Insiders Know What is About to
Take Place

Inflation is about to cut through the economy like a hot knife through butter.

That is why some of Wall Street’s fattest cats have, collectively, backed up the truck to add Mark’s top inflation play to their holdings.

They see the handwriting on the wall that inflation is about to explode.

That’s why together they have invested close to $7 billion in it. With — get this — over a billion stake taken by Blackstone. 

It’s no wonder. The advisors at that company see the same thing Mark does: a huge inflation spike headed our way. They have positioned themselves to grab some great gains before the tsunami hits.

Here’s the best part.

The company that’s Mark’s #1 inflation-busting pick sports a rock-solid 7.18% dividend. That’s why these insiders have gone all in — thanks to the company’s explosive growth and inflation-beating income.

Better still, this company has increased or maintained their dividend amount every quarter since July of 2014.

And it’s the one company in the energy industry that’s still able to provide consistent transport and shipping of its’ products.

It’s virtually supply-chain proof.

For these reasons, if you DON’T take advantage of Mark’s inflation options play TODAY, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself as inflation spikes, markets fall, and this option soars.

In fact, Mark has already made a 6% gain on this play in one day last week while the rest of the market was going south.

And, as I said before, it’s $0.20 option is currently poised to rocket as high as $0.80 in the next 90 days.  

That’s a 300% gain in a single quarter.

Have I caught your attention?

I hope so… because it’s an opportunity that is so obvious, it’s simply begging to make you richer as the bottom falls out of the market.

But You’ll Need to Act Quickly

The rush to inflation-proof securities may have already started.

As you can see from the chart below, this company’s stock jumped nearly 20% YTD. Even with all the highs and lows of the market recently.

Mark sees the company’s stock price continuing to rise, jumping even more once second-quarter earnings numbers are rolled out.

As he told me on our weekly call, the momentum of this stock is going to snowball and is about to take off again.

“Once more and more Americans wake up to the fact that all the hot money the government has poured into the economy has triggered inflation, you’re going to see this stock take off — as it is one of the few opportunities in the world that offers inflation protection and income.”

For these reasons, if you hop aboard Mark’s new trade now, you could get a 300% pop on your money in the next 90 days.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Name This Trade Here

Doing so would make it virtually impossible for you to grab it at Mark’s strike price.

That’s why, here at Eagle Financial Publications, we ONLY release our BUY ALERTS directly to our readers via our private encrypted email system and website. 

That’s the best way for me to ensure our readers don’t get bid out of Mark’s trades.

This approach has left Mark’s readers smiling all the way to the bank, thanks to some quick run-ups like these:  

That’s the whole reason I’ve sent you this Buy Alert — to give you the opportunity to profit from this crisis, and to introduce you to Mark Skousen’s TNT Trader advisory.

If you’ve never seen TNT Trader before, let me explain what it is: It’s a one-of-a-kind trading service that’s designed to profit from market catalysts that can cause stock prices to move dramatically.

Not only catalysts like earnings releases, analysts’ upgrades and new product launches, but also global economic catalysts like the coronavirus that we are seeing now.  

And instead of waiting years for them to pay off, Mark profits from short-term moves and leverages these moves into big gains.

Example: Take the 506% Mark made in 70 days with As he saw momentum building, he got in before the stock jumped 49%, turning his $2.60 option play into $15.77.

Example: Valero Energy Corporation is another great example of his TNT Trader strategy at play.

As he saw the momentum building in the stock, he grabbed a $2.04 option and cashed out 63 days later with a 460% gain.

Example: Keurig/Dr. Pepper is another great example of profiting from a short-term move in disruptive stocks— turning a $0.50 option into a 425% gain in 56 days.

His newest trade is the perfect example of a catalyst-driven opportunity that can send a stock soaring.

In this case, there isn’t just one inflation catalyst set to drive this company higher, but multiple ones, as I mentioned earlier:

  1. Oil prices are high as a result of war…
  2. Factories are closing…
  3. Spare parts suppliers are running short…
  4. Retailers are canceling orders…
  5. Car makers are closing plants…
  6. U.S. companies are cutting their spending…

In fact, I’m so confident about this trade that I’m telling readers to expect… 

A 300% Gain in the Next 90 Days

Don’t think that I’m sticking my neck out here. I’ve been Mark’s publisher for nearly two decades.

I’ve never seen stronger technical and fundamental indicators backing a trade than what I see here today.

When you consider the stock has jumped over 20% in YTD alone, even with all of the highs and lows we’ve witnessed in the market recently… you can understand why I am 100% confident in this incredible opportunity.

In fact, I’m so confident this option trade will deliver that, I’ve made it possible for you to download it to your phone or computer or tablet TODAY.

That way you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity before the company releases its next quarter earnings.   

In addition, you’ll not only get a panoramic overview of the opportunity that’s unfolding, but also an inside look at Mark’s catalyst-driven trading strategy that’s delivered 139 winners since February 2018 — 131 of which were double- and triple-digit winners and one quadruple winner.

Here’s What You’ll Like Best About
TNT Trader

It comes directly to you from one of the most celebrated economists on Wall Street: Mark Skousen. A man with a rock-solid reputation for making people money for more than 40 years.

That’s not just me saying this…

Larry Kudlow, the former host of CNBC’s Kudlow & Company and the current director of the National Economic Council under President Donald Trump, says, “Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know.”

Steve Forbes even said, “Mark Skousen… should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”


He even received accolades from Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist, who said, “Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative, and energetic economist.”

If his name sounds familiar, you may be one of the millions who have seen his market commentaries on ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, or C-SPAN, or read one of his 10 best-selling investment books, including The Making of Modern Economics, Investing in One Lesson, and Mark Skousen’s 30-Day Plan to Financial Independence.

This is why more than 100,000 Americans turn to him every week for powerful investment returns through his Forecasts & Strategies, Home Run Trader, Fast Money Alert, and Five Star Trader advisories.

Mark created TNT Trader for both regular investors and seasoned traders to capture the explosive moves in disruptive technology stocks.

As such, you’ll get two opportunities to profit – in both stocks and options.

So, along with this $0.20 option trade, you’ll also get Mark’s buy price on the underlying stock.

If you are a conservative investor, you can make today’s trade by buying the stock at Mark’s buy-below price, and be looking for a 20% gain in the next 90 days.

If you want to swing for the fences and you’re looking for a 300%+ gain, then I wholeheartedly recommend the $0.20 option trade.

No matter opportunity which you choose, Mark will give you simple buy and sell instructions. He’ll tell you what to buy, what price to pay, and which new trades to roll your profits into.

So, there’s absolutely no guesswork on your part.

All you need to get started is an email address, an Internet connection, and the desire to grab at least one double-digit winner each month.

As a TNT Trader member, you’ll be joining an elite group of investors.

The bottom line is this:

When it comes to grabbing short-term profits, you simply can’t go wrong with direct access to one of the most trusted names in Wall Street: Mark Skousen.

Here’s What You’ll Get The Moment
You Join Us

Here’s the best part:

My $1,000 Savings Offer and
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Make You a Winner No Matter What


A year’s subscription to TNT Trader regularly costs $1,995.

Because the profit potential on this $0.20 option trade is so great, I’m going to open the door for a limited number of new memberships for just $995 (that’s $1,000 off the regular $1,995 rate).

PLUS: With our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, you won’t risk a dime.

You get…

And then decide.

There’s no way you can lose!

Once you see how Mark’s trades continue to pay off, you will understand how his time-proven trading advice in TNT Trader has handed readers 181 winners since February 2018 – 131 which were double- and triple-digit winners and one quadruple winner.

And you will see why I have no problem in offering you this incredible money-back guarantee.

There’s Just One Catch

You’ll need to join in the next 24 hours to take advantage of this offer. After that, the annual $1,995 rate may apply.

The reasons are simple:

Once word gets out that Mark’s making this $0.20 option trade, the hedge funds and institutional investors will pile into this trade, as they often do, and you will miss this one-time opportunity.

If you can’t take me up on my $1,000 discount and 30-day money-back guarantee TODAY, chances are you wouldn’t make any of Mark’s trades, and I would be remiss in accepting you as a new member.

Mark Skousen’s TNT Trader is for investors who want to grab short, big profits in trending technology stocks, who are willing to act quickly on his recommendations.

That’s why you only have 24 hours to take action… to grab your $1,000 discount and join Mark here at TNT Trader.

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What have you got to lose? Trust your instincts and give it a shot.

See for yourself how Mark Skousen’s TNT Trader can help you protect yourself and profit during these dangerous times. 

And then decide.

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Welcome aboard.


Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications