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One $6 stock has a stranglehold on “Dark Lithium” And it could hand you gains of up to 842%…

But you must take action in the next 48 hours.

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Thank you for reading the urgent briefing.

Its message was really quite simple:

One $6 stock has a stranglehold on uranium.

Or as Dr. Skousen likes to call it: “Dark Lithium.”

More specifically, the company is the leading and only producer of uranium in America.

And, according to Dr. Mark Skousen’s research, if you act within the next 48 hours to get into this play, you could capture gains as high as 842%…

That’s because — as you read this message — production on a tsunami of EVs has already begun. Here’s a list of what’s next…

EV Versions of Cars

And every single one of those vehicles will ultimately look to uranium for consistent and reliable battery power.

This is an opportunity you can’t pass up. And it’s part of the reason Mark and I decided to slash the price of Mark’s TNT Trader with a $1,000 discount.

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 Special Report 1:  Special Report 1

“Dark Lithium”: Collect Gains Up to 842% on the $6 Micro-Cap With a Stranglehold on the Power Source of Tomorrow

You’ll get the name and ticker symbol of the $6 stock that could soar as high as 842%. It is the leading and ONLY producer of uranium in America. And that’s a big deal. Because not only are we facing an unprecedented uranium supply crunch…

But during the last supply crunch stocks like Greenland Ltd. rallied 842%… Deep Yellow Ltd. soared 7,940%… and Paladin Ltd. skyrocketed 91,300%. Who knows how high this $6 stock could go?

 Special Report 2:  Special Report 2

Dr. Skousen’s Second, Safer Way to Play the Dark Lithium Boom

Dr. Skousen has uncovered another play in the “Dark Lithium” boom. Specifically, a unique stock that he believes could be the safest way to capture consistent returns in uranium. It’s a rock-solid business that’s been around for 54 years. And, right now, it sports a higher profit margin than the biggest company in the world: Apple!

 Special Report 3:  Special Report 3

Amazon’s #1 EV Provider: Take Delivery of One of the Top Stocks for 2023

Everyone talks about EV stocks like Tesla and BYD. But what about if there was a stock that was the first to come to market with the most popular type of vehicle sold in America? And what if this stock has already inked a deal with to supply them with over 100,000 EVs? Well, Dr. Skousen has uncovered this exact stock.

In fact, due to its deal with, it practically has $6.7 billion in guaranteed revenue. Not to mention all the other deals it’s probably on the verge of making. Get the name and ticker of this stock in this report.

 Special Report 4:  Special Report 4

The Little Black Book of Options Secrets.

Most folks know Dr. Skousen has been compared to all-time greats like Peter Lynch, John Templeton, and George Soros. But what most people forget is why he’s earned this reputation. And I’m here to tell you: A lot of it can be attributed to his skill in trading options.

He put all of his knowledge into this little book. And it doesn’t matter if you’re new or a grizzled veteran, I’m 100% convinced you’ll be able to learn something from this.

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