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You can now use Dr. Skousen’s Three Income Engines to go for a 72.43% average annualized gain.

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  • 18 TIMES MORE than the average annualized annuity payout of 3-4%
  • 32 TIMES MORE than the average annualized 10-year Treasury Yield of 2.26%
  • 38 TIMES MORE than the average annualized S&P 500 stock’s dividend yield of 1.98%

And, as I’ve shown you, that 72.43% average annualized gain is no flash-in-the-pan.

It’s an average of what Dr. Skousen’s High Income Alert has delivered for 13 years.

That means that, even during all the market’s booms and busts since 2005… the story has been the same: another year, another 72.43% average annualized gain.

That includes:

  • 5 quadruple-digit gains
  • 190 triple-digit gains
  • 115 double-digit gains

No wonder these Three Income Engines have shot past the major U.S. stock indexes by a whopping 7X.

You’ve also learned how Dr. Skousen gives you three different ways to play each recommendation:

  1. High dividends, yielding from 3.07% to 10.7%
  2. Share price growth, returning up to 67%
  3. Easy-to-follow option plays, delivering outrageous gains, such as:
  • 2,500% in under 6 weeks
  • 2,300% in 7 weeks
  • 2,058% in under 1 month
  • 1,287% in 12 weeks
  • 864% in 3 weeks
  • 800% in 34 days
  • 528% in 10 weeks
  • 500% in 14 days

What’s more, you’ve seen you get a slew of valuable benefits with High Income Alert:

Guidance from One of America’s Most Successful Trading Services
With its dividend income and multiple double- and triple-digit gains, your recommended picks are carefully selected to preserve capital, and provide rapid high income and growth.

All you have to do is follow Dr. Skousen’s specific directions (buy and sell recommendations) and prepare for the wealth-building that has the power to give you an early retirement in style.

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