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The “Pulley Effect” – Your Unfair Advantage In the Quest for Wealth!

Put yourself in the running for potentially hundreds of short-term wins of 300%, 500%, 800% — even up to 2,500% or more — from actively trading high-dividend stocks.

Over the last 14 years, Dr. Mark Skousen has refined the art of playing growth-and-income stocks for enormous gains down to a system… he calls it High-performance Integrated Trading — or the “HIT” System.

Over the last 14 years, the average gain of the HIT System’s options plays alone is over 32%.

Again, that’s the average performance — all winners and losers included — of the 323 options recommendations the system has issued so far.

Now, combine that in your mind with simultaneous, share appreciation gains that frequently top 20% to 30% or more

PLUS yearly dividend income as high as 13% per pick

And you’re looking at stunning combined returns from this integrated approach.

It’s especially stunning when you consider that the average “hold time” of the HIT System’s recommended trades has been a little more than 69 days!

Think about that for a moment. There are almost exactly five 69-day periods in a calendar year.

This is the kind of moneymaking performance most investors and analysts would call impossible.

But now you can cash in on this HIT System and take advantage of this stunning, new phenomenon with HUGE upside potential…

I’m talking about a newly emerging tendency for sudden, extreme dividend increases – combined with aggressive market speculation – to hoist share prices considerably higher – a “pulley effect” – if you will…

A recent example: This “pulley effect” lifted an incredible 12.5% in 32 days in a company’s share price.

But, Dr. Skousen, with his HIT System, recommended this stock to a small group of investors a full week before the company announced that its dividend would be increasing by 152%…

Which, in turn, triggered the “pulley effect” on its shares.

Imagine how much cash you might’ve been able to rake in…

If you’d known to load up on call options on that stock a week before it went ballistic.

It could easily have been hundreds — maybe even thousands — of percent gains.

And with that thought fresh in your mind…

Imagine getting a string of triple- and quadruple-digit “pulley effect” wins like that handed to you on a silver platter for the next ten years.

Because, once again, that’s the unfair advantage I’m offering you when you sign up for High-Income Alert. You’ll receive:

  • A source of early information and analysis on aggressive dividend-paying stocks that’s better than anything else out there
  • A time-tested source that specifically targets high-yield dividend stocks, the very same market niche where this “pulley effect” is happening
  • A source with a proven track record of playing options on those stocks for fast wins of 500%, 800%, 1,200% — even up to 2,500% in a month

There’s absolutely no risk or obligation to signing up — but there is a catch: I can only allow 100 people to join the service at this time.

I have to be very cautious about how many people we’re giving these recommendations to.

It simply would not be fair if the service had too many members…

Because it would mean that, for most of them, Mark’s recommended trades would prove almost impossible to execute at target prices.

That’s why we’re limiting this offer to the first 100 people who respond… and no one else.

As I said, there’s absolutely no risk to signing up. It’s almost unbelievable what we’re willing to guarantee you’ll get out of your subscription to High-Income Alert.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with High-Income Alert — for any reason whatsoever — at any time within the first 30 days of your subscription, simply let us know and you’ll promptly receive ALL of your money back.

Take a full 30 days to:

  • Thoroughly review the archive of Mark’s past and current alerts, updates, commentary, special reports, and more
  • Put money in play on all of Mark’s current open recommendations, or paper trade the picks for the first 30 days, until you get comfortable with the service
  • Download, save, print — even get a “second opinion” on — any components of the service you want: picks, alerts, updates, special reports, etc.

A full year’s worth of High-Income Alert is just $995 – 50% off the regular price of $1,995.

But, I’m prepared to be even more generous on a 2-year subscription: Only $1,695 gets you 24 full months of High-Income Alert.

Let’s get you signed up NOW, so you’ll start receiving everything your subscription entitles you to.

This includes:

  • Urgent “HIT System” Alerts — These alerts will hit your inbox whenever Mark determines that urgent action is warranted. You’ll get at least one of these a week, and perhaps more as the market dictates. In these alerts, you’ll learn what to buy, what to pay, and how to limit your risk with stops.
  • Special Text Message Alert System — To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your portfolio, I will send you a text message so you can take action immediately.
  • 24/7 Access to High-Income Alert Web Resource — Once you get your secure log-in code and password, you can use this resource to access all past and current recommendations, the complete archive of Mark’s picks and market commentary, the real-time updated model portfolio, all past and current special reports, and much more.

And since options are a major component of Dr. Skousen’s “HIT System” — which is the driving force behind the Skousen High-Income Alert service — sign up now and I’ll include a FREE copy of Marks’s comprehensive special report, The Little Black Book of Options Secrets. In it, you’ll discover things about options trading that takes ordinary investors years to figure out.