As a valued reader, I want to give you an inside look at our exclusive underground trading society.

It’s a select group that has been virtually “printing money” for the past 16 years.

They’re made up of only about 1,217 people.

Most started out as average investors just like you and me.

With no extraordinary skills or stock market expertise.

The BIG difference today?

Exclusive access to a secret, underground trading strategy that has generated 351 trades that either doubled, tripled, or quadrupled in value, and…

Produced average annualized returns of 71.2% a year…

For the past 16 years!

Including 5 winning trades of 1,000% to 2,500%

This tiny group of traders is shunned by Wall Street.

Viewed as outcasts by the big brokerage firms.

All because they follow a fearless contrarian strategy.

A strategy used by less than 1% of investors.

That bucks conventional wisdom.

In other words, they do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Wall Street tells you to do.

If they were larger, they’d be considered a dangerous threat to the elites on Wall Street based on the remarkable record of success.

But by keeping their numbers low, they peacefully co-exist with all the other sharks for now.

So they’ve gone virtually unnoticed for 16 years.

And that’s just fine with them.

When you’re raking in average annualized returns of 71.2% per year for the past 16 years, you don’t want to attract any more attention than absolutely necessary.

In a moment, I’m going to extend a one-time personal invitation for you to join this underground group of 1,217 ultra-wealthy traders.

It may be the only invitation you get this year.

I urge you to seriously consider it.

Before we go any further, I must warn you.

The strategy used by this group of shadow traders is NOT appropriate for everybody.

It requires…

If you are confident you can do that, then you could soon be enjoying gains like these…

Start With $1,000 and Retire Rich

Let’s take a look at some of the triple-digit winners this society has witnessed in just the last year (2018).

Investing $1,000 in each of these 14 trades (a $14,000 total investment) could have handed you $59,880.

That’s a 427% return!  

If you had put $10,000 into each of these investments, you’d now be sitting on more than $598,000 dollars.

And most of these cash payouts were redeemed in just weeks.

While these triple-digit winners give you an idea of how well we did last year…

We’re no one-year wonder.

In the last 16 years you could’ve also raked in enormous gains like these quadruple-digit winners…

Here’s what each could have turned a $1,000 investment into…

Of course, these are examples of remarkable returns. We’ve had our share of losers too.

While past performance is no guarantee of future returns, it’s tough to argue with a 16-year track record that has produced total gains of 1,059%.

All it takes to participate in potential gains like these is about five or ten minutes a week to follow the simple instructions we send to you via email.

Then you just make the trades in your online brokerage account.

And do whatever you want for the rest of the week! 

It’s that simple.

The handful of investors who’ve been lucky enough to secure a spot in this exclusive underground trading society LOVE bragging about their successes.

Here’s what a few of them say…

“Thank you for your excellent financial advice. Your suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year. I have no losers! Life is good.” —Raymond M, Bloomfield, MI
“My conservative portfolio has risen 30% and the other 60%. I don’t do anything high risk or speculative. I attribute the success to following your advice.” —Leonard K, Thousand Oaks, CA
“Currently my total profit is over $104,000. I’m very impressed and wanted to express my gratitude to you and your excellent research.” —Charles B.

In just a few minutes, I will reveal the simple misconception and the powerful force behind this wealth building strategy.

Get Paid a Full-Time Salary…
Without Having to Go to Work!

Hi, my name is Roger Michalski, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

For the past 16 years, I have been overseeing a small select group of investors who’ve been quietly raking in the type of returns you just saw.

As is often the case, their amazing success can be attributed to…

Following a fearless, contrarian strategy.

An approach to investing that bucks conventional wisdom.

In other words, it does the exact opposite of what Wall Street tells you to do!

In this case, it’s taking one of the market’s most conservative — and safest — investments…

And playing it with a new, unique twist.

It’s very simple to do.

In fact, if you already buy blue chip stocks in your online brokerage account, you’re probably already on your way…

On your way to potentially capturing dozens of double- and triple-digit winners like you’ve just seen.

Let me show you a very revealing chart.

The chart is based on playing this conservative investment with a twist, compared to the S&P 500, since October 2004.

While the S&P tripled in value during this time, turning every $100,000 into $305,593, the strategy used by this underground trading society could have transformed that same $100,000 into a cool $1.059 million.

That’s more than TRIPLE the market return!

And it could have handed you an additional $53,835 a year!

It’s like getting paid a full-time salary in retirement — without having to go to work!

That’s MORE than the average annual paychecks of folks in these jobs…

And these people have to bust their butts to earn a decent living.

Often putting in 40-80 hour work weeks just to make what you could collect from this strategy in about 5-10 minutes of work a week.

Sitting down at your computer!

Even better, you don’t ever have to leave the house in the morning, unless you want to:

Ok, I’m sure you’re wondering what this big misconception is.

The big Wall Street lie that has opened the doors to the types of gains I’ve just showed you.

I’ll get to that in just a moment.

But, before I do, let me pull back the curtain and introduce you to the leader of this secret underground trading society.

The man behind the incredible returns you’ve just seen.

The World-Renowned Economist and
Former CIA Analyst Behind
This Underground Trading Society

The leader and brain-trust behind this extraordinary society is Dr. Mark Skousen.

Mark is a nationally known investment expert, economist, and author of more than 25 books, including the bestsellers: The Complete Guide to Financial Privacy, Economics on Trial, and The Maxims of Wall Street.

In 2018, he was awarded the Triple Crown in Economics, and is one of the Top 20 Most Influential Living Economists.

He’s a former analyst for the CIA, and past president of the Foundation for Economic Education. 

He has written articles for the Wall Street Journal, Reason, Human Events, The Daily Caller, Christian Science Monitor, and The Journal of Economic Perspectives, just to name a few.

Mark has appeared on CNBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox News.

He’s also the producer of FreedomFest, the world’s largest gathering of free minds, which meets every July in Las Vegas.

For the past 39 years, Mark has been editor in chief of Forecasts & Strategies, a popular award-winning investment newsletter.

He is also editor of four trading services, including Five Star Trader, Fast Money Alert, TNT Trader, and, of course, the top performing High-Income Alert.

As impressive as his nearly four-decades of experience is, his crown jewel may just be the performance of his High-Income Alert service since 2004.

It’s the flagship service of his exclusive underground trading society.

And it’s no get rich quick scheme.

For the past 16 years, he has used a proven, time tested approach to trading to take advantage of a huge Wall Street lie and investor misconception.

And, as you have just seen, his track record speaks for itself.

So, let’s take a quick look at this Wall Street Lie and…

Peek under the hood to see the powerful engine behind the strategy that has been virtually printing money for its members since 2004.

The 200-Year Wall Street Lie
That Turns $50,000 into $529,645

Okay, so what is this big Wall Street lie that I’ve been telling you about?

And what exactly is the misconception that this exclusive society has been able to exploit for the past 16 years that’s helped them rack up total gains of 1,059%?

The big 200-year Wall Street lie and misconception is that…

Dividend stocks DON’T make great trading vehicles.

When, in fact, the way we trade them… DO.

But no one believes that.

That’s because, over the years, Wall Street has branded them as stodgy, boring, utility-like companies that should primarily be owned by seniors to generate income in retirement.

On average, dividend-paying stocks are about 70%-90% less volatile than small cap aggressive growth stocks.

So, most investors mistakenly think these stocks simply don’t move quickly enough to trade them for big profits.

I say balderdash!

That’s simply more Wall Street gibberish.

Check out the rapid gains on a few of the dividend dynamos that Mark has recommended in his High-Income Alert stock portfolio.

Most of the gains captured from these “boring” dividend-paying stocks happened in 90 days or LESS.

That sounds more like a rabbit than a tortoise to me!

And these are ONLY the gains captured from buying and holding the stocks… with NO trading involved

But Mark doesn’t stop there.

For more aggressive traders who are okay with taking on a little more risk to swing for the fences — and super-size their gains — Mark also recommends call options.

When you trade options on stocks like these the way Mark does… well I’ll let you see for yourself how the RIGHT dividend stocks can truly be GREAT trading vehicles:

Are you starting to see how trading the RIGHT dividend stocks has the potential to make you EXTREMELY rich in an amazingly short period of time?

Notice that I emphasize the word “RIGHT.”

That’s because no ordinary, average, dividend-paying stock can consistently deliver returns like this. 

You need to be in the RIGHT stock at the RIGHT time.  

In a moment I’ll show you how Mark identifies the RIGHT stocks:

The powerful-trending, money-printing dividend stocks that fuel the High-Income Alert monster trading gains.

We’ve Taken Advantage of a
Huge Wall Street Lie and
Investor Misconception

You’ve just seen examples of how the RIGHT dividend-paying stocks actually make fantastic trading vehicles.

But hardly anyone believes that!

(I’m hoping you do now.)

That’s how we’ve been able to exploit this huge Wall Street Lie and investor misconception to generate huge gains year after year.

Let’s be frank here for a moment.

Whether you get paid monthly interest from a savings account, or from trading short term options, they both put money into your pocket.

Money you’ve made and can spend on things that are important to you.

That’s all that counts when it comes to investing, right?

When we first launched High-Income Alert I challenged the early members of our society to give this new contrarian strategy a chance…

Despite their initial skepticism.

And, today, a little over 16 years — and 1,059% gains later — those who challenged Wall Street’s conventional wisdom would’ve hit the jackpot.

Since 2004, it would have turned $50,000 into $529,645, putting an extra $37,831 a year in their pockets while generating…

Average annual returns that almost double the market.

Not a bad return on investment.

But that’s just the blended return of all the ways you can make money with High-Income Alert

Mark Gives You 3 Ways to Get Paid NOW…
From the Very Same Stock

In horse racing, the Trifecta is when you place a bet on three horses that you think will finish the race first, second, and third…

In that specific order.

If they finish in the correct order you can win big!

For example, did you know the Trifecta payout for last year’s Kentucky Derby was $8,927 for every $1 you bet?

It’s similar with Mark’s trading strategy… though it is much less riskier than “betting on the horses.”

In High-Income Alert, he taps into one of the most safest asset classes today…

Dividend-paying stocks.

Just like the three horses in the Trifecta can pay off big time in the same race…

Mark’s High-Income Alert gives you three ways to profit from the same stock…

  1. The appreciation of the shares…
  2. The dividend it pays out, and…
  3. The oversized returns that trading options can give you

So, you can have it all!

The good news is that, unlike the horses, you don’t have to get all 3 right to win.

But usually, when one wins, all three tend to fall in line, handing you a potential big payday.

For example, if a stock is on the move and its price is rising quickly, a profitable call option trade on the stock is almost a slam dunk.

And you’ll still collect the dividend, as you own shares of the stock.

But it all starts with picking the RIGHT stocks.

That’s the solid foundation of Mark’s hugely successful track record.

Without the RIGHT stock, you’re almost guaranteed to lose money… despite collecting the generous dividend.

So, let’s take a look at how Mark identifies the RIGHT stocks.

Finding the Next 100%…
1,500%… and 2,500% Winners

While I can’t reveal all the elements that go into this super successful strategy…

I can reveal four criteria that Mark uses to identify the RIGHT dividend-paying stocks for his High-Income Alert trading service.

  1. First, he only selects above-average dividend-paying stocks: Stocks that are yielding 25% to 50% more than the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
  2. Second, he looks for heavy insider trading or buying by the company’s top executives. Those that are “in the know.”
  3. Third, he looks to add these types of stocks to the portfolio immediately after their dividends are paid out. Usually once a quarter.
  4. Fourth, and this is especially important for trading, the stock must show strong momentum and technical patterns.

    This helps weed out the impostors and assures only the strongest dividend-paying stocks…

    The kind that will appreciate the most and make the best trading vehicles… are added to the portfolio.

All in all, it’s a proven strategy that has triumphed in the trenches of trading for more than 16 years.

And, while not every trade is a winner, you don’t need to be perfect to capture potential monster gains of 154%, 643%, 957%, 1,287%, or even 2,500%, as you’ve already seen.

Just closing out any one of these five trades could turn $10,000 into $25,400… $74,300… $105,700… $138,700… or even $260,000.

Let’s face it, life goes by way too fast. 

Why wait another 5, 10, 25, or even 50, more years to start living better?

High-Income Alert makes it possible for you to get paid NOW.

While you can still enjoy the things that true financial freedom makes possible.

Like calling your own shots in life…

Spending more time with the grandkids…

Buying that classic ’57 Chevy you’ve always wanted…

Or buying season tickets to your favorite pro team and going to every game next season!

The possibilities are endless…

But it’s up to you to make it happen. 

I’m confident High-Income Alert can help you get there sooner.

So, you’ve just gotten a look under the hood of the powerful strategy behind these impressive gains we’ve generated for the past 16 years.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at some of the massive gains Mark’s Trifecta approach has handed his readers during this time.

Here’s one of my personal favorites.

A 953% Gain… In Only 61 Days!

On April 2, 2018, Mark recommended Valero Energy (VLO) to his subscribers…

In this Trade Alert, he told them…

Oil refiners are primed for profits due to strong demand and limited supply globally and in the United States.

One of my favorite refiners is Valero Energy Corp. (VLO).

Demand is on the rise. Revenues are up a sharp 28% to $88.4 billion, and net income has increased fourfold!

The stock is cheap, selling for only 10X earnings, with a price/earnings to growth (PEG) ratio of only 0.60. A PEG ratio of less than 1 is considered excellent.

It has a rising dividend of 3.4%, and the payout ratio is only 30% so there’s plenty of opportunity to increase its dividend.

Let’s buy Valero Energy (VLO) at market today. For those wildcatters out there, consider buying the VLO Sept. 21 $105 calls which expire on Sept. 21.

It didn’t take nearly that long to capture the incredible gains that followed.

On June 4, 2018, he told his readers to take profits on the last third of those call options… capturing a 953% gain in only 61 days!

Those who also held the stock during these two months, as Mark recommended, would have captured a handsome 33.7% profit, in addition to the option trade gains of 953%.

All by holding a boring dividend stock that was yielding 3.4% at the time.

Let’s take a look at another big winner…

A 308% Gain… In Just 84 Days!

On March 19, 2018, Mark recommended Signet Jewelers (SIG).

One of the largest specialty jeweler retailer in the United States, Canada, and Britain.

The stock just experienced a 20% fall the week before and the follow-the-herd Wall Street crowd was running for the exits. But Mark knew better.

Despite slower mall traffic, same store sales for the quarter down, and the announcement that the company was closing 200 stores as part of a restructuring, Mark believed there were good reasons that the slowdown was only temporary.

The company had recently been aggressively buying back shares, boosting its digital marketing efforts, and its President had just purchased over 90,000 shares of the stock.

Mark told his readers that the stock was dirt cheap at just 5x earnings and 38% of sales. He said the stock was unloved, undervalued and a terrific bargain at current levels.

He recommended his readers to buy the stock at market, and try the July $40 calls which expired on July 20.

Mark was right on the money with this one.

One June 11, 2018, he advised his readers to close out half of their position on the call options, bagging a 308% in a little less than three months (84 days).

And, for those who held the stock during this time, it handed them a 43% gain on top of the 308% they would have raked in on the call options.

These are the types of big, fast, gains Mark’s Trifecta approach to investing in dividend stocks has been handing this elite group for more than 16 years.

Over 351 double-, triple-, and quadruple-digit winners to date. 

Over 16 years, that comes out to about 22 big winners a year…

Or over one a month!

Can you imagine the bucket load of cash you could bring in from landing at least one big winner a month?

Let’s take a look at another huge trade…

A 633% Gain in 3 Months!

On Sept. 12, 2017, Mark alerted his subscribers to buy Lazard Ltd. (LAZ)

A company Mark felt was perfectly positioned to capture the lion’s share of the surging mergers and acquisitions activity at the time.

In his Alert, he said…

The economy is growing too slowly for most companies to count on a big boost in consumer and business spending. But a rising stock market gives potential acquirers plenty of firepower, as many deals are done all or partially in stock.

The numbers here are already superb with earnings per share jumping 50% in the last quarter on a 36% increase in sales, and boasting a massive 38% return on equity. All with an operating margin of 25%!

Despite these strong numbers Lazard is exceptionally cheap, selling for less than 12 times trailing earnings. Plus you collect a 4% dividend.

So, pick up Lazard (LAZ) at market price today. If you want to play this one more aggressively, try the LAZ Dec $45 calls which expire on Dec. 15.

Lazard turned out to be a huge windfall for those following Mark’s recommendation. On December 15, he closed out the call options for an eye-popping 633% profit… in a little less than 3 months!

And just holding the stock during this time would have handed you a 22.7% profit as it was throwing off a 4% annual dividend.

These are just three of the more than 351 double-, triple- and quadruple-digit winners Mark has handed subscribers over the past 16 years.

That’s an average of 25 of these monster winning trades per year!  

Or about one every two weeks.

Not bad when you consider the average buy-and-hold investor only makes about 7% to 9% per year in stocks.

Now, compare that to these big High-Income Alert wins…


Just One Big Winning Trade — At Any Time — Could Hand You Life-Changing Wealth in a Matter of Weeks

In the AT&T (T) example above, buying and holding the stock during those 39 days would have given you a 13.25% gain.

Or a $1,325 gain for every $10,000 invested.

Not a bad return for a little more than a month.

However, if you had followed Mark’s recommendation to trade the options, you could have raked in over 25X your money in just 39 days.

It would have turned every $10,000 into $260,000!

That’s a lot more than the puny $1,325 you would have made from only buying and holding the stock.

With a trade like that you could possibly…

Why Choose When You Can Have it All!

The beauty of Mark’s High-Income Alert strategy is… 

You don’t have to choose — you can have it all!

By the way, when I say “juicy dividends,” I’m not just throwing that term around lightly.

Check out these fat dividend yields of the conservative investments that Mark recently held in the High-Income Alert portfolio:

As you can clearly see, the yields on these stocks blow away the current average yield of an S&P 500 company, which currently sits at 1.90%.

In fact, the average yield (5.95%) of these eight stocks more than TRIPLES the average S&P 500 stock yield.

And, thanks to Mark’s rigorous and disciplined selection strategy, these are mostly all conservative dividend-paying investments that you’ll find on the New York Stock Exchange.

NOT the high-yield junk that hot shot Wall Street brokers so often peddle.

Those investments that lure you in with tantalizing high yields, just as the price of the stock is tanking (or just tanked) ten, twenty, thirty percent or more…

Wiping out a major chunk of your original investment, despite the sky-high yield.

As of this writing, six of the eight stocks listed are UP for the year.

Even using Mark’s High-Income Alert option trades for just a small part of your trading portfolio can make an enormous difference to your financial security.

It’s one of the most reliable — and insanely profitable — ways to squeeze the most out of promising, high-yield dividend stocks.

Wall Street continues to pigeonhole dividend-paying stocks as stodgy, buy-and-hold investment vehicles…

Primarily for those who need income in today’s low interest rate environment.

But that’s like saying the only thing a cow is good for is milk.

When the truth is there are some great sirloins, filet mignons, and fat, juicy cheeseburgers there for those who choose to look at it another way.

That’s exactly how Mark sees trading dividend-paying stocks. 

So let Wall Street keep their tunnel vision and conventional way of looking at dividend stocks to themselves.

While we continue taking it to another level…

Raking in an average of nearly 2 double-, triple- or quadruple-digit winning trades every month!

In addition to reaping all the capital gains and income the stock is throwing off.

Speaking of income… did you know High-Income Alert could generate…

An Astounding $638,584 More Income
Than the Revered Dividend Aristocrats

If you’ve been investing in quality dividend-paying stocks like the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, congratulations!

The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats are 57 of the top-performing, strongest dividend stocks in the world.

They’re the cream of the crop… the upper echelon of dividend stocks.

Just to be included in this index, each stock must be in the S&P 500 and have a consistent history of raising dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.

They include household name giants like 3M, Coke, Johnson & Johnson, Lowe’s, Target, PepsiCo, Walmart, McDonalds, AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Caterpillar and more. 

They’re widely owned and quite popular with investors seeking income.

And as you probably could have guessed, these stocks have done quite well over time.

If you had invested in these Aristocrats, you would have made about four times your money over the last 16 years.

However, just adding one little twist to owning these stocks could have handed you an extra $638,584.

Notice I said “adding” one little twist.

If you invest in dividend stocks, I am not recommending you dump any of them today.  Keep on doing what you’re doing.

(Though I would check that your stocks are the RIGHT ones that Mark is currently recommending.)

All I’m talking about is just adding Mark’s options’ twist to buying and holding these stocks.

It’s like this…

If you’re a Chevy lover, I’m not recommending that you switch to a Ford.

Simply adding Mark’s High-Income Alert to your investments is like showing you how to get an extra 20 miles per gallon out of your beloved classic ’69 Camaro!

To help you potentially multiply your income 10, 20, 50, or even 2,500 times more!

Okay, let’s get back to those Dividend Aristocrats.

As you can see in the chart above, from 2004 to 2018, a one-time $100,000 investment in these Dividend Aristocrats would have turned into $420,706.

That’s a pretty impressive return, especially considering it includes the year 2008, when the market as a whole dropped 39%.

However, when compared to the performance Mark has achieved from owning and trading call options on his top dividend stocks, it gets blown away.

Since the inception of High-Income Alert in 2004, Mark’s Trifecta strategy would have turned that same $100,000 into $1,059,290!

That puts an ADDITIONAL $638,584 in your pocket.

And, even if you only had $50,000 to invest, you still would’ve wound up with a whopping $529,645 compared to just $210,353 for the Dividend Aristocrats.

This incredible gain includes both the winning and the losing trades.

And we’ve had our share of losers too.

That’s why we recommend you never use money for options that you cannot afford to lose.

But remember, with Mark’s High-Income Alert, you don’t have to choose between owning the stock for the income and capital appreciation, or trading it for bigger profits. 

You can have it all… 

By taking full advantage of the three ways to take payouts on the same stock.

You can reap the return of owning the stock, receive the dividend yield, AND enjoy the over-sized profits from trading the options.

If you’re like some folks who just want to trade the options, you could potentially capture significant, over-sized gains very rapidly.

Spending only about five minutes per week on your investments.

Remember, for the past 16 years, we have averaged at least one double-, triple- or quadruple-digit winning trade every month.

Though past performance is no guarantee of future performance, Mark’s strategy has clearly proven itself over time.

You can’t say that about most investment services these days.

Many come and go in a blink of the eye as soon as they hit a rough patch.

You can see why so many of our subscribers hold on to their spots year after year…

Just like New England Patriots season ticket holders!

Here’s what a few more of Mark’s members have said…

“Thank you Mark, for your excellent financial advice. Your High Income suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year. Life is good!” —Robert M, Bloomfield, MI.
“I’ve made enough money on one of Mark’s picks to pay my subscription for about 50 years and still have enough left over to put siding on my house.” —Steve G, Charlottesville, VA.

Here are a few more triple-digit reasons for subscribers to sing Mark’s praises…

Notice how, on average, most of these trades are closed out in less than 90 days.

These shorter holding periods allow us to collect payouts quickly and reduce risk.

That’s because even great dividend stocks can get clobbered during meltdowns like we saw in 2000 and 2008, where markets fell more than 39%.

But trading options require you to put down only a fraction of what it would normally take to own a stock and, at the same time, allow you to maximize your gains.

For example, by using options, you can take a 1,000 share position in a $25 stock for about $500.

That’s far less than the $25,000 you would risk from buying the stock.

What’s more, just a small move in the stock price can hand you 100%, 200%, 500% or even 2,500% profits as you’ve just seen!

As impressive as those gains are, grabbing them yourself — week after week — couldn’t be easier.

Just a Couple of Emails a Week is
All It Takes to Participate…

As many of our current members would probably tell you, it’s simple and easy to follow Mark’s options trades.

Just a couple of emails a week is all it takes to participate in potentially capturing gains of…

132% in 19 days… 308% in 21 days… 411% in 35 days, and… 633% in 84 days.

Are you starting to see the incredible amount of money you could make with Mark’s High-Income Alert?

How just one or two winning trades a month could hand you the kind of wealth you may never have thought was possible?

I hope so, because this may be the one and only chance you get to join this underground trading society this year… or in the next five years.

In fact, this small window of opportunity may only be open for the next five minutes.

So if you even THINK High-Income Alert may be right for you, I urge you to take action now and…

Claim One of the Remaining 183 Spots to
This Exclusive Underground Society
Before They’re All Gone

When we first launched High-Income Alert in 2004, we had thousands of new subscribers who wanted in.

And you really couldn’t blame them, considering the incredible track record Mark had racked up at that time with his flagship Forecast & Strategies newsletter.

Everyone wanted to try this brand new service.

But to ensure his traders could lock into the prices recommended, we kept a lid on the number of High-Income Alert subscribers we’d accept.

We ultimately determined that the “sweet spot” for this service was around 1,400 subscribers. 

As is the nature of this business, subscribers come and go… Sometimes for reasons that have nothing to do with the performance.

And, based on Mark’s track record, you wonder why anyone would ever surrender their exclusive membership.

But often times, life simply gets in the way.

Some folks are just too busy, subscribe to too many other services, or simply feel the service was not a good fit for their investing style.

As a result, we now have room to accept additional memberships.

I’m sure once word gets out though, these few remaining slots will be gone in no time.

Especially considering this special invitation is going out to hundreds of thousands of folks after today.

The bottom line is, we have 183 open slots.

So the first 183 people who sign up from this offer today will get in.

And those who try to get in after we reach that number will not.

I want you to be one of those who do!

But you’ll need to act fast.

Click the button below to secure your spot now.


Here’s What You Get With
Your Risk-Free Trial Membership

When you sign up for a risk-free trial membership to High-Income Alert, you’ll get immediate access to all these benefits…

Plus, you’ll get this FREE special report exclusively for High-Income Alert members: The Little Black Book of Options

Options are one of the most misunderstood trading vehicles. They are often labeled by Wall Street as being complex and risky.

But neither of these are true.

The way we use options in High-Income Alert is neither risky nor complicated.

The truth is that using options can reduce your risk.

They require you to put down only a fraction of what it would normally take to own a stock and, at the same time, allow you to maximize your gains.

It’s really a win/win vehicle for investors when used the way Mark does.

And when you sign up for High-Income Alert, I’ll immediately email you a FREE copy of Mark’s Little Black Book of Options Secrets.

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