Greetings. I’m Roger Michalski of Eagle Financial Publications in Washington, D.C.

You already know all about us, I’m sure…

We’re the elite, financial “think tank” thousands of savvy American investors trust for cutting-edge profit intelligence.

However, there’s one thing I can pretty much guarantee you don’t know.

It’s an ancient, incredibly powerful income technique that has created some of the biggest fortunes in history.

For more than 600 years, this technique has been the closely guarded secret of one of the world’s most lucrative and mysterious professions.

But, not long ago, a clandestine fraternity of extreme income seekers…

A brotherhood that currently numbers only 1,304 members worldwide

Uncovered the secret profit strategy behind the astounding income and wealth of this profession’s master practitioners.

Make no mistake: Even though this technique is both ancient and obscure…

It can still be incredibly lucrative when it’s used in the way that this small, close-knit brotherhood has learned.

As you’re about to see, this secret has given them the chance for 30 – 50 income checks per year of as much as $25,000 apiece!

Starting right now, I’m going to show 196 people exactly how they do it.

I Call this Powerful Income Secret the
“Medici Fork”

I really can’t wait to tell you the story behind this moneymaking strategy, which I’ll do as we go along here…

Because it’s just so weird and surreal and cool.

It all starts with the rise of an Italian family in the 15th century…


A family that actually played a pivotal role in the history of the common table fork!

But, more importantly, this family’s four-pronged income secret (also like a fork)…

Made them a fortune the likes of which the world had never seen before.

This fortune was so vast — and this family so influential — that they changed the realms of business and personal finance forever.

As you’ve no doubt guessed from the name…

I’m talking about the infamous Medici (pronounced “meh-duh-chee”) family.

Again, in just a minute, I’m going to lay out this whole fascinating story for you.

I’m also going to walk you through their four-pronged “fork” strategy, and show you exactly how to apply it to your own finances…

To collect more income than you’d probably believe.

Don’t worry. It’s ridiculously simple to put this powerful “Medici Fork” technique to work for you…

You don’t need any specialized knowledge, expertise, or equipment at all.

In fact, the ONLY things you’ll need are:

  1. A computer with internet access
  2. A small stake of investment capital
  3. A few extra minutes of time each week

If you’ve got these three things…

And you move fast enough to become one of the 196 people I’m going to share this incredible secret with today…

You Could Potentially Score
30 – 50 Huge Income Checks
Over the Next 12 Months

You could do the same thing year after year for the rest of your life.

Now, if you’re already so rich that you can’t use 30 – 50 extra checks of as much as $25,000 each year…

Go ahead and close out of this now, with my thanks for your time so far and my sincere congratulations on being a billionaire — or very nearly one.

However, if you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans who could use an avalanche of extra money…

Every year from now until the last roundup…

Stay with me for a few more minutes, and I’ll show you how easily you could do it.

The first part in this process is to make a slight change in the way you think about income from investments.

Yes, I’m going to fully explain what I mean by this a bit later.

However, to save time and get right into the good stuff here…

I’m asking you to temporarily broaden your definition of “income” to include investment returns that come in a super-short time — like a few weeks.

If you can do this, I want to show you some of the actual income payouts the Medici Fork technique could have handed you in 2016…

Because last year’s diverse market action makes a perfect showcase for this secret’s incredible power to make you enormous income in all market conditions.

As a point of reference, let’s take a quick look at the standard benchmark most investors measure their success against: S&P 500.

As you can see, there were four basic trends in this index during 2016:

A six-week plunge of roughly 9% to start the year…

Followed by an eight-week rebound of around 15% off the bottom…

Then 30 weeks of up-down-flat action…

Finally, a nice eight-week rally of approximately 8% to cap total returns of 11.2% on the year.

With this chart firmly in your mind, try not to let your jaw hit the floor as I compare this to how much money you could’ve hauled in using the Medici Fork secret.

Also, keep in mind that what you’re about to see are only a few of the 32 income payouts this technique could have handed you on a silver platter last year.

I’ve chosen these exceptional examples not just for their extreme gains, but also because they span the entire year

And occurred during a variety of market conditions.

Now be advised: For comparison purposes, all of the examples I’m about to show you assume a theoretical investment of $1,000…

But you could’ve scored MUCH MORE simply by increasing your starting capital.

So let’s begin with this one, which you could’ve cashed in on March 1st:

This 127% gainer would’ve turned your $1,000 into $2,127 in just under a month.

That would’ve paid you all of your invested capital back, plus a nice $1,127 income check in your pocket.

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 saw one of its most volatile months of the year with only 3.7% returns.

Just a few weeks later, on April 12th, you could’ve scored this fat win:

This one would’ve turned that same $1,000 base investment into $4,080.

Again, that’s a full return of your investment in two months…

Plus a 308% profit or $3,080 in pure income — over 30 times more than the S&P.

Then on June 8th, you could’ve scored this nice 157% win:

This one would’ve turned your thousand bucks into $2,157 in just ten weeks…

For a tidy $1,157 worth of no-hassle income on top of your initial investment.

That’s over 47 times as much as the S&P 500 over the same time frame…

Just three weeks later, you could have cashed out of this one:

That’s a hefty 256% return in less than seven weeks.

In other words, it would’ve paid you back your $1,000 plus $2,560 in income.

All while the S&P 500 was busy losing nearly 3%!

Then, during the market’s “sell in May and go away” summer doldrums, you could’ve scored this impressive 108% win in just two weeks:

Put another way, your thousand bucks in this Medici Fork play would’ve more than doubled in just 14 days

And handed you $1,080 in cash income on top of your original stake.

Or you could’ve played the S&P and made a paltry $9.20 worth of pocket change!

After this, you’d have positively crushed the market in the fall of 2016, starting with this whopper right here:

Yep, that’s a 496% gain in 9.5 weeks…

Or a full return of your $1,000 seed capital plus another $4,960 in income.

That’s 112 times more than the $44 or so you’d have made in the S&P 500.

Now check out the “grand finale” the Medici Fork could’ve banked you in late 2016:

Yes, you’re seeing that right.

Between November 7th and December 9th of last year, the same $1,000 investment I’ve been using for comparison purposes all along here…

Would’ve handed you a return of 1,066% on your money in just 32 days!

That’s a stunning $10,660 worth of pure, unmitigated income.

Which works out to be 177 times as much as the 6% returns the S&P 500 posted in the same time period.

This is all pretty unreal, isn’t it?

Add it all together and you’ve got a cumulative return of $24,624.

That’s from just these seven income payouts alone, too!

Remember, the 1,304 known practitioners of the Medici Fork investment income technique could’ve collected checks on 32 of these winners last year.

That’s on top of 34 of them in 2015…

50 of them in 2014…

49 of them in 2013…

And every single calendar year since they first cracked this ancient income secret (I’ll tell you more about how this happened in a moment).

Some of these payouts have been HUGE, too…

I’m talking gains of up to $25,000 in six weeks on a $1,000 stake!

But I’ll get back to this brotherhood’s incredible track record in just a minute…

If I laid it all out for you now, I’m afraid you’d go into sensory overload after seeing the examples I just showed you from last year.

Besides, I’m chomping at the bit to show you what the Medici Fork income secret really is, and how it works.

Get ready, because this is the most fascinating part

A Gift of Extreme Income from the
House of Medici

Earlier, I mentioned that the Medici Fork was the profit secret of “one of the world’s most lucrative and mysterious professions.”

Well, in case you hadn’t guessed…

That profession is the pawn business.

The pawn trade is one of the most lucrative enterprises the world has ever known.

Because, in the days before modern banking, it was one of the only ways to secure a loan, even for the upper classes and royalty. 

Edward III pawned England’s crown jewels to finance the Hundred Years’ War…

And King Henry V did it again, eighty years later!

Extravagant Pope Leo X pawned countless items from the papal palace, including jewels, tableware, furniture, and statues.

Legend has it that Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her jewels to pay for Columbus’ voyage across the Atlantic…

But it’s not true, because she’d already pawned them to fund an ongoing war with the Moors!

Of course, banking and money-lending has changed radically since those days…

So the pawn trade is nowhere near as prevalent today as it was back then.

However, it’s just as lucrative as ever for those families who still practice it!

Believe it or not, the average American pawn shop rakes in over $1.3 million a year

That’s why Rick, Corey, and “Old Man” Harrison of the hit reality show Pawn Stars have a personal net worth of $18.5 million — and counting!

But, aside from being one of the world’s most lucrative businesses…

Pawning is also one of the oldest businesses in the world, with roots stretching all the way back to China in around 1,000 BC.

However, it wasn’t until the 1400s or so that the pawn business as we know it today really got going in the western world…

It began to take hold in Italy, and flourished during the heyday of the infamous Medici banking family.


The Medicis were the wealthiest family in 15th century Europe. They ruled Florence in one capacity or another, almost continuously, from 1434 to 1737.

And they got so rich and powerful, in large part, by being the first bona-fide “pawn stars” of the modern age.

In those days, pawnbrokers were closely aligned with the Catholic Church, and held in very high esteem in the community.

They even had their own patron saint, the most beloved and famous one of all…

Good ol’ Saint Nicholas.

Now for the most fascinating twist of all…

During this same era, the table fork was also becoming popular in Italy, as stringy pasta became more and more a staple of the Italian diet.

In fact, it was actually a member of the Medici family — Catherine de’ Medici…

Who introduced the table fork to greater Europe through her marriage to Prince Henry II of France.

After that, the fork’s use as an everyday dining utensil spread like wildfire.

Let me show you what the pawnbroker’s trade and the table fork have to do with each other…

And what BOTH of them have to do with your ability to score as many as 50 income checks per year of up to $25,000 apiece.


Let’s start with the fork.

Because of the Medici connection, and the fact that the modern table fork has four prongs…

It’s the perfect metaphor for the pawnbroker’s hidden secret to extreme income.

That’s because the modern pawn business employs a four-pronged strategy to rake in their enormous profits.

Here it is, in a nutshell:

Despite all the outright buying you see on reality TV pawn shows, the core of the trade is still loaning money against collateral.

Pawn shops loan money against personal property, at aggressive interest rates, for a short term (usually 30 days).

If the owner returns to claim their property within this term, the pawnbroker makes money on the interest. If not, they can profit through…

Pawn shops lend (or purchase outright) at substantially less than the full market value of the collateral.

That’s so they’ve got profit built into the deal that they can collect by re-selling the item if the loan terms are not met.

And, because they bought the item well under market, they can afford to price it competitively, and sell it quickly (which dovetails into prong #4, below).

However, there’s another angle to this part of the “fork,” and that’s…

Master pawnbrokers know when the market for certain items is on the upswing.

Like the works of a particular artist who recently died…

A specific shape or cut of diamond that’s coming into vogue…

Or a model of guitar that’s suddenly all the rage because of the maker’s induction into the Rock & Roll hall of fame.

This appreciation is another source of built-in profit for pawnbrokers who lend against items they know will be worth more in the near future.

This is an established principle of any business that stocks a physical inventory of products.

The faster those products sell, the greater a dealer’s ability to keep more of their capital working for them in the hottest-selling or high-margin goods…

Instead of being locked up and languishing in goods that are slow to sell.

Turnover increases liquidity, which has a snowball effect on profits.

When done right, this transforms one long-term sale into multiple short-term sales of greater margin.

So that’s the short explanation of the profitable “fork” that has allowed pawnbrokers to live like kings for the last 600 years.

Let me show you how it applies, or could apply, if you move fast…

To YOUR lifelong income and wealth.

It starts with that “clandestine fraternity” I touched on at the beginning here…

Only 1,304 People Know How to Apply the Medici Fork to the Stock Market
(And They’re KILLING it!)

The reason I walked you through the ancient Medici Fork income strategy is because…

In effect, it’s virtually identical to the four-part trading system used in Eagle’s longest-running and most exclusive income service.

Currently, there are only 1,304 members of this service.

They’re that “elite fraternity” I mentioned to you earlier…

And they’ve learned how to apply the four “prongs” of the Medici Fork to the modern-day stock market.

Now, even though it only takes them a few minutes per week to do this…

Using nothing more than a computer and a small stake of investment capital…

Their results have been nothing short of spectacular.

As I’ll walk you through in a moment, this small brotherhood has used this system to cash in on as many as 50 income checks per year…

For as much as $25,000 apiece.

So what is the miraculous system that made this possible, you’re wondering?

It’s called High-performance Integrated Trading — or the “HIT System” for short.

This system is the brainchild of one of the most gifted market traders in the world…

A man I’ve taken to calling “Dr. Income” in recent years…

And it’s 100% proprietary to the exclusive income service I mentioned a moment ago.

To answer the two questions that no doubt just popped into your mind…

Yes, I’ll introduce you to Dr. Income in just a moment.

And yes, I’m about to show you how to join his extreme income advisory service completely risk free.

You’ll have to hurry, though…

Because we’re only opening up 196 new membership slots in this exclusive service, dished out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why only 196?

I’ll get into all those nuts and bolts in a moment…

First, I want to show you how the HIT System could help you rake in huge income by applying the secret of the Medici Fork to everyday stocks.

Just to be clear…

I would never divulge all the specific elements that go into this complex and closely-guarded system in a public forum like this.

However, I will reveal the four basic “extreme income” drivers that combine to make the HIT System so incredibly effective…

And show you how they correspond to the four prongs of the Medici Fork.

In fact, here they are right now:

Just like the interest pawnbrokers make on borrowers who reclaim their collateral during the loan term…

Dividends are pure cash income in your pocket, derived from nothing more than simply holding a stock for a certain period of time.

The thing is, the HIT System specifically screens stocks for aggressive dividend yield.

In fact, I’ve seen some of Dr. Income’s trades for this service top double digits in annualized dividend income.

Remember, that’s above and beyond…

Just like pawnbrokers are keen to lend money against collateral they know is rising in value

Dr. Income’s HIT System specializes in finding undervalued stocks that are likely to spike upward in share price in the near future.

That’s why his income service has nailed literally hundreds of short-term double-digit share appreciation wins for its members…

Wins like 24% in 43 days, 40% in 30 days, 64% in 63 days, and tons more.

The best part is that these short-term stock gains lay the lucrative foundation for…

Remember, pawnbrokers don’t loan money against collateral at anywhere near its true market value.

For instance, the average amount pawnbrokers paid for a Rolex watch in 2016 was only $2,268.

The point is, a pawn loan gives the broker a large measure of control over an item’s future for a relatively small amount of money…

And that’s exactly what call options do, but with stocks.

For a small up-front “premium,” you control a large number of shares. If the stock tanks, you lose a fraction of what you’d have spent on actual shares…

But if the stock cranks, you can make up to 20 times your money or more!

Don’t scoff.

Dr. Income has actually nailed scores this big for members of his exclusive income service…

Repeatedly. I’ll show you the proof in a moment.

And don’t worry if you’ve never traded options before, because Dr. Income literally wrote the book on options trading the safe and simple way…

Should you choose to join his exclusive income service today, that book will be yours, 100% FREE OF CHARGE.

Like the “turnover” principle I outlined earlier can dramatically increase income for pawnbrokers…

So could the “rollover” of profits drastically increase your income through the magic of compounding.

For example, say you’d been able to invest $1,000 into that 157% win I charted out for you earlier…

The one Dr. Income’s service cashed out on June 8th 2016.

Let’s say you put the original grand back in your pocket, and rolled only the profits into the 108% winner that cashed out on August 15th…

Then let it ride again on the 496% winner cashed out on December 12th.

Believe it or not, you’d have been sitting on over $19,462 in pure income!

And this is only ONE of multiple “rollover” scenarios in 2016 that could’ve scored you enormous cash income.

Do you see what I mean about the HIT System?

It’s almost exactly the same strategy as the ancient, ultra-lucrative Medici Fork, but applied to the stock market…

In an integrated investment approach that produces unbelievably high returns.

Speaking of those returns…

Let Me “Close the Loop” on the Real-life
Track Record
of the Incredible Income Service I’ve Been Telling You About

There’s no need to gild the lily here, because the numbers speak for themselves.

We’ve been publishing the exclusive advisory service I’ve been telling you about for 12 full calendar years now.

Over that time, Dr. Income’s recommendations in that service put its small fraternity of members in position for a total of 397 separate income payouts.

Just over half of these, 208 of them, to be exact…

Have been double-digit investment wins of up to 98.5%.

The remaining 189 short-term wins would’ve scored service members either triple- or quadruple-digit income payouts…

I charted out seven of these for you earlier from 2016.

That’s an average of nearly 16 short-term wins per year of at least 100% returns on the low end — to as much as 2,500% gains on the high-end!

With the standard $1,000 investment we’ve been talking about all along here…

These wins could’ve banked you ENORMOUS income payouts like:

Remember, you could’ve blown even these incredible returns out of the water simply by increasing your buy-in stake!

With the HIT System, your potential profits are limited by nothing except your own starting capital.

Of course, these are exceptional return examples, chosen to show you what this service is capable of in the optimum scenario.

The thing is, the profits are really no less impressive when you look at this service’s everyday returns!

Consider, the average annualized return of all winners and losers this service has recommended since its inception over 12 years ago is an incredible 76% per year.

Mind you, that figure encompasses all 397 wins — and all losses too.

That’s over 10 times as much as the compound annual growth rate of the S&P 500 over the same period.

Think about that for a moment…

Have YOU beaten the S&P by a factor of ten every year since 2005?

Have YOU made an average of 76% annual returns on every single thing you’ve invested in over the last 12 years – winners and losers?

I didn’t think so.

Yet, the members of the exclusive income service I’ve been talking about have had the chance to do exactly that.

And, in just another minute, as I’ve been promising…

I’m going to open up this service to 196 new members.

I’ll explain why that number, specifically, in a moment.

The question is…

Will YOU Move Fast Enough to
Join the Exclusive Ranks of this
Elite “Win-come” Service?

There’s only one more thing I have to do before I reveal the identity of Dr. Income…

And the incredible income service he’s built around the four-pronged HIT System.

That’s to explain my earlier request that you broaden your definition of what “income” means…

That way, I can clear up any lingering confusion you may have about any of the extreme income examples I’ve showed you today.

Because after seeing them, you might be saying to yourself…

“Those were investment returns — they’re not income, they’re capital gains.”

But, the fact is, except for certain specific types of “qualified” dividends…

The IRS taxes all investment returns that are realized in less than 12 months the same exact way they tax your regular income.

This policy isn’t likely to change under President Trump, either.

Bottom line: Whether you want to think of fast investment wins as income or not…

That’s what they actually are, by law, in the vast majority of cases.

And plugging you into a continuous stream of this “win-come” is the sole purpose of the service I’ve been telling you about.

It’s called High-Income Alert — and it’ll change the way you think about investment income forever.

Instead of relying on bond yields or Blue Chip dividends for extra cash, like so many millions of American investors…

This service will teach you how to rake in huge amounts of “win-come” from all the short-term sources the HIT System targets:

With High-Income Alert, you’ll have the opportunity make money from all of these things…

In a completely integrated approach directed by Dr. Income himself.

Obviously, from the name of this incredible service…

You can probably guess that I’m talking about none other than Mark Skousen, Ph.D.

Now you’ve already gotten a glimpse of Mark’s incredible track record as a market analyst and stock-picker…

But what makes him so great at leading his readers to so much “win-come” is his background in business and economics.

For instance, Dr. Skousen was recently ranked one of the “20 most influential living economists” in the world.

In fact, he served as an economic analyst for the CIA at the height of the Cold War!

With over 40 years in the business world, Mark’s also served as a consultant to IBM, Hutchinson Technologies, and other Fortune 500 companies.

He’s also been a professor of business, economics, and management at no less than five American colleges…

Including the prestigious Columbia University.

Beyond these laurels, Skousen has also:

As impressive as his resume is…

You and I both know the thing that matters most is performance.

I’ve already shown you some of the incredible highlights of High-Income Alert’s performance over the last 12 years…

Which, may I remind you, came through ALL kinds of market conditions, including the second-biggest market crash in U.S. history.

But those are just the raw numbers.

Now I want to show you what people just like you are saying about the real-world returns they’ve seen by following “Dr. Income.”

For instance, here’s a note from a reader named Lindsay, who reports:

“I’ve owned Dr. Skousen’s [top picks] for years — and made about $330,000 in gains… I buy 95% of the stocks Mark recommends.”

Here’s one from Raymond, who’s no doubt booking enough income to quit his job:

“Thank you, Mark, for your excellent financial advice. Your [stock] suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year. I have no losers!”

Charles, who has seen similar results, wrote this grateful note to Mark:

“Currently, my total profit is over $104,000. I’ve very impressed and wanted to express my gratitude to you and your excellent research.”

And Jared, who’s a longtime newsletter aficionado, had this to say:

“I’ve tried over 20 investment newsletters — and Mark Skousen has been the only one to consistently make me money… He’s the best!”

Of course, these are just a few of them…

I’ve literally got stacks of these things, and could go on stating them to you all day.

But, after all the profit highlights, the incredible resume, and the comments from thrilled and grateful readers…

My point is made — and then some.

Nowhere in the financial publishing world will you find an income service as simple, straightforward, and brutally effective as High-Income Alert.

As a 14-year veteran of this industry — and having seen everything out there

I can tell you that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

And as this service’s sole publisher since its 2005 inception…

I can also tell you that we never do “membership drives” like this one.

By design, the High-Income Alert is an extremely small-circulation, extremely exclusive investment research service…

It always has been — and it always will be.

That’s why I had to twist Mark’s arm to get him to agree with my plan to expand this incredible service to 1,500 total members.

In the end, for the benefit of Eagle’s readers, I was able to convince him.

As you know, there are currently 1,304 members in this service.

So that means all of a sudden, there are 196 new membership spots available in High-Income Alert

The Race to Claim These 196 Spots is
Starting NOW

Time’s a-wasting.

Even as you read this, other eager readers are no doubt signing up to fill these new openings in High-Income Alert.

So here’s the deal: The first 196 people who respond to this offer — and sign up for this service — will get in…

And no one else.

Just to be perfectly upfront with you, after this unprecedented expansion to a total of 1,500 subscribers…

I honestly don’t know if we’ll EVER be able to open up High-Income Alert to new members again.

There are two reasons for this…

One, because the price of smaller stocks — and especially the options on them…

Can be strongly influenced by too many investors buying in at the same time.

Being the ethical trader he is, Dr. Skousen is adamant that membership in this service does not get too large.

And two, because Mark and I both believe this service should remain very exclusive.

In our eyes, High-Income Alert should be a kind of reward for Eagle’s most loyal and serious readers.

So, like I said, if you want to get in on the incredibly lucrative High-Income Alert, now’s your chance.

You literally may never get another one.

As a veteran of the financial publishing business, I can assure you that these spots are going to fill up lightning fast.

I’ve seen it happen time and again across this industry…

On services that are nowhere near as prestigious or profitable as High-Income Alert.

So, I’m telling you…

If You Have Any Interest in 30 – 50
“Win-come” Payouts Per Year of Up to
$25,000 Apiece
, You Simply Must Act Now

The best part is that we’ve made that incredibly easy for you…

With a two-tiered money-back guarantee that completely removes ALL risk from your decision to try High-Income Alert.

In fact, just so there’s no ambiguity on that point…

Here’s the official language of this industry-leading Double Guarantee right now:

GUARANTEE PART ONE: If you’re not 100% satisfied with High-Income Alert at any time within the first 60 days of your subscription — for any reason whatsoever — simply let us know and you’ll promptly receive ALL your money back.

As you can see, this part of the guarantee protects you from “buyer’s remorse.” It also gives you plenty of time to:

How’s that for your peace of mind?

But, get ready — the second part of this Double Guarantee is even better…

Because it’s the part that guarantees you’ll rake in the “win-come!”

Here it is right now:

GUARANTEE PART TWO: If, at the conclusion of your first year of High-Income Alert, the service has not issued you at least six explicit cash-out recommendations of 100% profit or more, simply let us know and you’ll promptly receive ALL your subscription money back.

Yes, that’s right.

If High-Income Alert doesn’t give you the opportunity for at least SIX wins of 100% profit or more within the first 12 months…

You’re entitled to all of your subscription money back, even after a full year!

Now be honest…

You’ve NEVER seen an income advisory service with such a bold and comprehensive money-back policy, have you?

If you’re not scrambling to become one of the 196 new subscribers to High-Income Alert after seeing that ironclad Double Guarantee…

Then, once again, I congratulate you on being independently wealthy.

However, if you’ve still got room in the ol’ vault for a few more million

I urge you to sign up for High-Income Alert now — and start getting everything your subscription entitles you to (including being rich).

These benefits are:

I’m sure you’ll agree, even at $5,000 a year or more…

This exceptional bundle of benefits would be well worth the price.

Especially when you consider that it’s coming straight to you from a world-renowned economist, commentator, author, professor…

And an acknowledged expert on trading the markets for extreme income.

That’s why it may come as a shock to you that our everyday price for High-Income Alert is a very affordable $1,995 a year!

But hold that thought a minute.

As I just showed you, it’s entirely possible that our expansion of this service to 1,500 members could prove your last chance to get in on it ever

I want to make that decision as easy as possible for you, so I’m going to make you an offer that no sane person would refuse…

If you act now to secure your spot among the 196 new members we’re allowing to join High-Income Alert

I’ll give you a full year’s worth of this incredible service for just $995.

That’s more than 50% off — an incredible deal by any measure.

But, as great as that offer is…

I’m prepared to be even more insanely generous on a two-year subscription to High-Income Alert.

If you act now, I’ll give you 24 full months of this income service for only $1,695.

Do the math: That’s an incredible 57% OFF the already-low everyday price.

Think about it…

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