WASHINGTON, D.C. – Why should income investors starve on an annualized 3% – 4% gain?

Especially when an annualized income of 72.43% will give you an avalanche of cash flow… handing you 18X larger than the average 3% – 4% annualized income from an annuity or S&P 500 dividend stock… while putting every money issue you’ve ever had in your rearview mirror.

This incomparable income system started 13 years ago.

In 2004, Dr. Mark Skousen discovered a unique strategy: Three Income Engines that worked in tandem to squeeze out every single penny of profits from any stock.

Since then, the results of applying all Three Income Engines are clear: The average income investor can boost their annualized 3% – 4% income up to 72.43%. That’s a whopping 68% more.

Or, in other words, if you don’t include all Three Income Engines in your investing, you will leave up to 68% potential income on the table, year after year. Can anyone pass up a chance to add 68% more to their income each year?

Through Booms and Busts…

In the last 13 years, that 72.43% annualized gain has stood through booms, busts, meltdowns, and record volatility.

Yet through it all, Dr. Skousen’s Three Income Engines return an average annualized 72.43%.

In the last 13 years, he has left other income investments in the dust. Three Income Engines…

As jaw-dropping as those 13 years of performance are, Dr. Skousen’s service is getting better with age. In 2017, he’s given his investors:

2016 was much of the same. Check out the gains Dr. Skousen handed his followers that year:

As impressive as those big gains sound, the figure to focus on today is the average annualized gain his Three Income Engine strategy gives you for the past 13 years: 72.43%!

With the hot market we’ve experienced in 2017, with its groundswell of momentum, that 72.43% number is surging higher as the year goes on.

You’ll understand why, once I show you how his system works. It’s all explained in this report. 

Three Income Engines:
ONE Fat Return of 72.43%

Dr. Skousen pulls back the curtain on how his three top money-making investments roll up together…

…to give investors like you enough money for the most exciting, wealthy, and financially independent lifestyles (or retirement) you can imagine.

Let me show you some of what awaits you as a high-end investor:

Income Engine #1: The Dividend Machine!

If you like share-price growth…

What better way to multiply your investment gains…

Than by picking high-dividend-paying stocks?

This is the first part of Dr. Skousen’s formula for 13 years of 72.43% annualized gains:

Only pick stocks that pay far above the average dividend yield of an S&P 500 stock… (which currently hovers around 2%)

You can see these picks in action. Check out a couple of recent examples of Dr. Skousen’s exciting dividend yields:

The dividends alone from Dr. Skousen’s picks are often double, even triple, those of the average S&P 500 stock. They’re among the highest I’ve seen.

In fact, the lowest dividend yield Dr. Skousen has recommended this year was 3.70%… but that’s still well above the measly 2% average S&P 500 dividend.

Superior dividends in superior stocks will give you a solid retirement income… But that’s only 1/3 of the income story. The answer lies in…

Income Engine #2: Unstoppable Growth!

When it comes to growth investing, the strongest risk-free growth comes from an unexpected source: Dividend-paying companies… with a long-standing dividend-raising policy.

That’s not just me claiming this. Professor Jeremy Siegel from the Wharton School studied dividend-paying stocks, and found they have superior gains over non-dividend stocks.

Dr. Skousen agrees with his conclusions

“…Dividend-paying equities have been found to outperform their non-dividend-paying counterparts historically.”

That’s why he only selects dividend-paying stocks for his second Income Engine, because not only do they pay income… they also have superior growth.

With this in mind, check out these profits from the stocks Dr. Skousen has recommended:

So, in the first two Income Engines, you get powerful dividends combined with strong growth in a system that continues robustly…

But wait until you see the third and final…

Income Engine #3: Explosive Returns!

Dr. Skousen’s third Income Engine gives us our biggest returns.

It’s responsible for accelerating our stock gains into 72.43% annualized gains.

Income Engine #3 uses simple call options. Even if you’ve never played an option before, I’ve got you covered. Rest assured, it’s much easier than it sounds.

In case you’re unfamiliar with options, when Dr. Skousen makes an option recommendation, he tells you exactly what to enter into your online brokerage account, or tell your broker.

You won’t believe how easy it is to use – and the monstrous triple-digit gains you can make – with our simple options.

But just to make things even simpler…

I’ll give you a copy of Dr. Skousen’s sought-after Little Black Book of Options Secrets FREE.

In less than 20 minutes, you’ll know more about options than many of the so-called “options experts.”

Dr. Skousen’s book has trained many to become a successful option trader. Why? Because it’s so simple to understand, you’ll know all you need in less than half an hour.

Imagine knowing more about options than any of your coworkers, relatives, and neighbors. With this information, you’ll hold your own against anyone.

Everything you need to know about options is in this book. And it’s so simple and straightforward, you’ll wonder why you were ever concerned about trading options…

Many of Dr. Skousen’s members – before joining his service – had never bought a stock option before. 

But after they cashed in on Income Engine #3, they’re all in.

Let me show you an example.

Dr. Skousen advised his members to invest in AllianceBernstein Holding (AB), an asset management business.

For Income Engine #1, it had a dividend yield of 6.46%.

For Income Engine #2, it handed investors a nice 26% gain in four months.

But if you wanted to stomp on the pedal and floor it… making 12 times more than that 26% in the same timeframe…

Dr. Skousen advised a simple, straightforward, easy-to-use “call option” on AllianceBernstein.

It exploded that 26% return to a HUGE 320% profit in the same timeframe!

If you don’t mind a little more risk, options can make you 10 times the profits than a simple stock play.

Plus, if you have an online account, you’re probably pre-approved to trade them. They’re classified as “Level One” complexity, meaning almost anyone is eligible to trade them, allowing you to easily experience the same large triple-digit returns as others in this service have seen.

And, as in all investments, don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

However, Dr. Skousen is a master at managing risk.

So many investors have changed their lives using Dr. Skousen’s third Income Engine (options):

David K., from Pittsburg, doubled his investing account in six months!

“I got my online account set up with $68,000 and began trading your stock recommendations 6 months ago, switching to options… 4 months ago. Today I closed for the very first time at double my initial investment – $143,206.84.”

Just imagine doubling your trading account in six months, making an extra $68,000.

Robert M., from Michigan, made $115,000 in a single year with no losses!

“Thank you… Your high-income suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year. I have no losers! Life is good.”

Picture a year with no losses, making $115,000.

Professional Investors Rave About
Dr. Mark Skousen!

“Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative, and energetic economist.”

Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate in economics

“Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know.”

Larry Kudlow, Host, CNBC Kudlow & Company

“Mark Skousen should get the Noble Prize in Economics.”

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine

“Skousen is the only economist I know who I can understand. He writes for the common man!”

Dr. Laurence Hayek

“…out of some 100 financial advisors, Mark has ranked in the top few spots more than any other.”

Steve Halprin, The Stock Advisors

Now, we’re not promising no losses… we will have trades that don’t work out.

However, Dr. Skousen uses tight risk-management and thorough research to get you consistent, big wins of an average annualized return of 72.43%.

Profit from a
Former Top CIA Analyst

My name is Roger Michalski. I’m the Publisher of Eagle Financial Publications, an organization of investors tens of thousands strong.

Our group includes attorneys, economists, financial analysts, fund managers, investment advisors, journalists, and multi-millionaire investors.

However, our most esteemed and senior member is Dr. Mark Skousen, recently named one of “America’s Top 20 Influential Economists.”

Maybe you’ve seen Dr. Skousen on ABC News, CNBC Power Lunch, CNN, Fox News and C-SPAN Book TV.

Mark graduated George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Economics, and he’s been an analyst for the CIA. While he was there, he developed a financial intelligence network second to none.

And he uses that network to help uncover stocks that’s brought his readers HUGE gains in the last 13 years: 5 quadruple-digit gains, 190 triples and 115 double-digit wins…

All by putting his Income Engines to work, with annualized gains 18X larger than the average annualized income plays.

But first – because I’ve worked alongside Dr. Skousen for so long – I’m in a unique position to show you Dr. Skousen’s success as a financial guru…

And his ability to grow your wealth at an annualized 72.43%.

As you’ve seen, the horsepower behind these gains is the Three Income Engines and their power to give you the kind of retirement that most people only dream about.

With these Three Income Engines

You Have Three Ways to
Profit on Every Pick

Three different ways to profit gives you flexibility. YOU get to choose how much you want to make.

Personally, I’m tired of experts, analysts, and advisors who try to force their own strategies on everyday investors.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to making money. Everyone has their own life, their own situation.

Any so-called expert who believes differently is fooling himself… and fooling you.

Because everyone has a different financial situation, Dr. Skousen’s Income Engines give you three different ways to make money on almost every company he suggests.

You can use any single one of the Three Income Engines, or all three together, for a combination of the largest, safest gains you’ll ever see.

I realize fast-paced earnings are not for everyone.

For these type of investors, the first and easiest way to use Dr. Skousen’s Three Income Engines is to buy for the 5% (or higher) dividends on the picks he gives you… and enjoy the blessings of a safe, secure income.

Or if you want a strong growth play, you can play one of these stocks for a strong gain.

But for those who like quicker, stronger, and larger returns on their trades, just play a simple option on that same stock.

And I do mean simple. Again, you don’t have to understand the first thing about options to make Dr. Skousen’s over-sized returns, like the 531%, 333%, and 308% that we’ve made in the last 12 months.

All you have to do play these options trades is enter the symbol from your email into your trading account.

Dr. Skousen makes sure his members have the best advice.

Steve G., from Virginia

“I’ve made enough on one of Dr. Skousen’s stocks to pay my subscription for about 50 years and still have enough left over to put siding on my house!”

What if you had made enough on one single pick to put new siding on your house… and pay for the next 50 years of Skousen’s High-Income Alert?

There are many stories like this. But, as impressive as these kinds of wins are, I need to make one thing clear:

I Am NOT Advising You to
Try High-Income Alert

High-Income Alert, even though it pays out high dividends and gives you rapid double- and triple-digit gains, often in a matter of just a few days…

…Is not for everyone.

This is the type of service meant for the investor who wants to:

Now, if you’d like to sample this high-end trading and investing style for the month, without risking a single cent, you can sample all of Dr. Skousen’s High-Income Alert investments for yourself.

All you have to do is simply…

Claim a Generous 30-Day Preview Of
Dr. Skousen’s Elite Trading Service:
High-Income Alert

Here’s everything you get:

You can rake in all the cash you want for 30 days, playing the trades in High-Income Alert’s streamlined portfolio… and it’ll be on my dime.

As always, Dr. Skousen will specifically select high return opportunities for you: stocks and options that are overachieving and outpacing this market…

So you’ll never have to fear not knowing what to invest in again.

Together, you and Dr. Skousen will make money from focusing on Three Income Engines, skimming the cream of the crop from the current trading environment.

Plus, he’ll email you (or text, if you’d like) every time there’s a change or update to these recommendations, so you will never have to invest alone again.

In fact, there’s a slew of benefits you’ll get in your 100% risk-free month-long preview of High-Income Alert :

So, what do all of these benefits cost you?

For these monster double- and triple-digit wins, and the chance to make a 72.43% annualized income gain, many investors join something like a hedge fund that could cost you an up-front fee of $20,000, and a percentage of every win.

Or, you could get these kinds of trades from a private trading room, where halfway decent ones cost you $1,000 a month… which adds up to a whopping $12,000 a year.

Some of Mark’s contacts on Wall Street look at the kind of money High-Income Alert members have been making, and say we could ask $5,000 a year – and get it.

But not here, not now, because that high of a price completely misses the point.

Look, Dr. Skousen’s dedicated his life to the causes of freedom, liberty, and personal independence. You should expect nothing less from him.

After all, he’s a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin. 

But to put a $5,000 price on High-Income Alert would put it out of reach of the people who need it the most.

Not to mention, it would contradict everything he stands for.

That’s why we’ve put High-Income Alert at a price you can recoup during your 30-day preview… using the recommendations you’ll receive in that month-long period.

Typically, Mark’s members pay $1,995 a year for this service, but not you!

Because you took the time to hear me out, and learn more about Dr. Skousen, I’ll knock the price down to just $995. That’s a generous $1,000 off.

Or, for an even bigger savings, I’ll make a one-time offer of two full years of these wins for just $1,695.

That’s an even bigger savings of $2,295 off the regular price, and you’ll still get the 30-day, no-risk guarantee with the 2-year offer.

So, go ahead and give it a try today. It’s only a preview, and there is NO risk for you. Click the button below now.

Now you are at a crossroads…

You can choose to continue to invest as you have, and continue with the same results.

Or you can be part of the happiest, successful, respected investors that have built powerful portfolios, changed their financial lives, and boosted their family’s fortune. 

In Case You Have Any Doubts, Here’s
Our Zero-Risk “Iron-Clad” Guarantee

I’m going to remove all risk from you, and take it on my shoulders. I’m going to make sure you are protected with our Iron-Clad guarantee:

Claim your 30-day preview to High-Income Alert. Take a full 30 days to be sure Dr. Skousen’s high-performance portfolio MAKES YOU CASH just like I PROMISED it would for you.

Even after raking in your big winnings, don’t worry about making any decisions until midnight of the 29th day…

Because even then, you can take your profits and walk away if you’re not satisfied with the service for ANY reason.

In other words, you simply MUST be 100% THRILLED with every part of the service…

Or I will RUSH you an immediate refund of every cent you paid for your membership.

No worries… and no questions asked.

And we’ll still be friends.

And even if you do cancel, you can keep the special report you received, Dr. Skousen’s Little Black Book of Options, and the profits from all of your wins – with my compliments.

Bottom line: your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for a full 30 days.

What could be fairer?

So, you have no risk. There is nothing to lose.

Please don’t hesitate – not even for a second. Click the button below to join High-Income Alert now, while this deep discount on your subscription is still available:


But There is a Catch…

Isn’t there always a catch? So, full disclosure:

This really is an amazing opportunity, but the clock’s ticking. Why?

With the kind of money you can make with Dr. Skousen’s service, I’m being flooded with new subscriber applications.

But Dr. Skousen has a firm cap of only 1,000 members. (Any more makes it impossible for everyone to trade the options recommended at the same price. We don’t want to take the chance of moving the market.)

Once that cap is reached, the window of opportunity will slam shut… and you’ll be left out in the cold.

Another point: Remember earlier, I promised you a deep discount of $2,295… and said with the 30-day preview, you should be able to pay for many years’ subscriptions?

There’s no guarantee that we’ll offer this preview for very long. Our 1,000-member cap is filling up fast. I’m concerned that if you don’t take this simple 30-day preview now, you risk being shut out of this incredible bargain…

You will be kicking yourself for the next year.

Please, I urge you… don’t do that. Don’t let that happen to you, because, when you add in everything you’re getting…

PLUS the through-the-roof gains you’ll make on multiple double- and triple-digit plays in just a matter of days…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re early in the market, with a streamlined winning portfolio of just four to eight stocks…

PLUS the fact that you’ve got an Iron-Clad guarantee…

I think you’ll agree… this is an offer you can’t afford to miss. And it’s urgent you get your preview now, before it’s too late.

Claim your 30-day preview now, while the stocks in Mark’s portfolio are still priced low enough to make monster profits!

Click the button below now, risk-free:

Yours for bigger profits more often,

Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. Remember the $2,295 discount I’m going to give you for being a member of Mark’s big-winning, high-end service…

Plus, the fact you have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

Don’t let these double-, triple-, and quadruple-digit gains pass you by. I would hate for you to look back on “what could have been.”

P.P.S. Dr. Skousen was standing in line at St. Kitts immigration, when a man next to him asked, “Are you Mark Skousen?”

Mark nodded, and the man said:

“I’m a lifetime subscriber and I just want to thank you – you’ve made me a rich man. I’ve made more money from your investment newsletter than my work as a trial attorney.”

He also said he’d made enough with Dr. Skousen’s advice to buy a house in Nevis, the island next door to St. Kitts. Isn’t that the dream we investors strive for… enough financial independence for a home in the tropics? Click the button below now to get started.