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Weekly Hotline Updates

Along with Dr. Skousen’s hotline alerts guiding you on each play, you’ll also get weekly updates on each of the current positions in the portfolio.

Plus, you’ll get Dr. Skousen’s current take on the economy and stock market as a whole. 

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Recommendations for Limiting Risk

Dr. Skousen believes in using protective stops, and he provides you with very specific instructions for setting and raising your stop prices on investments.

In other words, you’re never left on your own. 

You always know what the stop prices are for every recommended position in Dr. Skousen’s High-Income Alert portfolio.

Password Protected Access to the
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The best way to keep track of everything is on the High-Income Alert website.

You’ll find archived issues, a daily look at the portfolio, special reports, new buy and sell recommendations, and anything else you need.

A Member Services Team
You Can Count On

The instructions in every weekly hotline alert are clear and precise. You can just read them, word for word, to your broker — or enter the symbols into your favorite discount online broker.

Nevertheless, Dr. Skousen knows that you may have questions. With this premium service, you can ask your questions to a member of Dr. Skousen’s dedicated member services team ASAP.

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