Hello, this is Roger Michalski. I’m the publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

Recently, I called Dr. Mark Skousen to ask him point-blank about the biggest challenges facing investors today.

  1. Should investors sell their stocks and move to cash?
  2. Is today’s extreme volatility the beginning of a bear market?
  3. What’s the best way to make money in this market?

Because Mark’s one of the most respected investment advisors in the world, a Global Top 20 Economist, and a former CIA analyst, I knew his answers would be critically important for today’s investors. So I recorded our call (with Mark’s permission, of course).

Here’s how that call went.

I’d like to take a moment to tell you a bit more about the conservative income investing strategy that Dr. Skousen just mentioned.

Many people don’t know a thing about it, even though it’s been in existence since 2003.

You don’t last that long in this business unless you’re doing something that works.

And with annualized gains of 71.49% a year, for almost 16 years (as I write), this strategy works. It significantly outperforms the market in good times, and is particularly effective when volatility’s running rampant.

In fact, over the last two years, during a time when we saw some pretty extreme swings in the market, this system beat the return of the S&P by more than 3 to 1…

While also providing a buffer that’s able to protect your portfolio during market downturns. Allow me to explain… here’s a chart of the Dow in February 2018. 

As you can see, it fell 10.3% in a matter of days… and then, two weeks later, had only regained about 60% of what it had lost.

Now here is a chart of one of the specialized income investments that Dr. Skousen was talking about and how it performed at that time:

As you can see, it, fell as well, but nowhere near as far as the market. And when it rebounded, shares actually ended up 7.5% higher than before!

That’s the benefit of only playing the strongest, best, dividend-paying companies – they’re able to resist volatility better.

And when the market turns back around, because they’re so strong, they can came ROARING back. 

In fact, the conservative income investment above regained every penny it lost in the temporary downturn… exceededing its pre-plunge price and hitting new highs!

All while the Dow struggled to get back to just half of its former value.

And that’s true for many of these types of investments – the best dividend-paying companies available, recommended by Dr. Skousen.

Because of their strength, they tend not to fall as far as the whole market… can often rebound much faster… and even hit new highs.

What’s more, the special type of income investments that Dr. Skousen recommends also provide regular trading opportunities that hand investors short-term profits as high as 9X your money in a matter of weeks. 

In fact, when I first heard about this strategy in 2003, I couldn’t believe it was real. Since then, the numbers speak for themselves:

Since inception through this writing, Dr. Skousen’s strategy has produced…

If that doesn’t sound remarkable to you, consider this…

Those are gains over a period of almost 16 years!

Name another service around that long.

So how’s it done recently? Glad you asked. It’s been on a tear…

In the last year alone, this strategy’s given Dr. Skousen’s traders dozens of big, fast winners, including these big triple-digit gains:

That’s just the last year alone.

Remember, this strategy’s been going strong for almost 16 years now. And it doesn’t take a pile of money to use.

Here are three more winners, and how much money you could have made with a small $2,000 initial investment.

Of course, many of the investors who follow this strategy just spend the cash as it comes. But others use it to rapidly build up their retirement accounts.

And when you’re cruising along, making an average 71.49% a year, that’s more than enough to grow even a modest portfolio very quickly.

Enough to turn $10,000 into $141,985 in just 5 years…

Or a larger portfolio of $50,000 into a staggering $709,928!

Crazy, I know.

And if you’d been using this system ever since Dr. Skousen unveiled it – over the last 15+ years – you could have turned $10,000 into more than $18 million…

Think about what you could do with even 1/10th of that money – an additional $1.8 million…

If you’re already retired, it would mean far greater financial security… and a lot more disposable income.

If you’re not yet retired, it means you could likely retire earlier… and start enjoying the good life immediately.

I’m going to share the details of this income investing strategy with you right now.

In fact, I’m going to show you precisely how it works… and give you the opportunity to try it out yourself.

As you’ll see, implementing this conservative income strategy is not difficult. 

It only requires 15 minutes of your time per month. 

More importantly, you can get started immediately.

And that’s the reason for this message today. 

I’ll tell you how in just a moment. First, let me tell you why this conservative income strategy is particularly relevant right now…

As I said earlier, this investment strategy uses a special type of high income investment that outperforms the market by as much as 3 to 1 even when volatility is running rampant…

And provides significant protection when the market takes a beating, as it did at the beginning and end of last year.

Long ago, Dr. Skousen discovered that specialized income investments that pay consistently rising dividends – at least 10% more each year – typically outperform the market as a whole by a significant margin.

By “significant” margin I mean double, sometimes TRIPLE the market.

The reason: The investments he recommends are from unusually profitable companies.

That means these plays are better able to weather temporary stock market volatility and economic downturns.

Here’s an example that Dr. Skousen recommended to traders: Lazard, Ltd (LAZ)

It’s a financial advisory and asset management firm based in Bermuda with annual revenues of more than $2 billion. 

Mark recommended it September 12, 2017 and sold it on February 2, 2018.  During that time, the S&P 500 rose 8.1%. 

Not too bad.

But during the same period, Lazard jumped 31.9%, or 293% more, than the market as a whole. 

Almost but not quite 3 to 1.

And that’s not all. 

In addition to investing in this particular type of high-income stocks, Dr. Skousen also recommends making small speculations on them by investing in low-cost call options.

For Lazard, he recommended that investors buy out-of-the-money call options on the stock for just 75 cents each.

In just over two weeks, investors who followed his advice had DOUBLED their money (114.6% gains) when the calls reached $1.61 each. 

And he wasn’t done making investors profits! 

Dr. Skousen then recommended investors take profits on half of their position and hold onto half for potentially higher gains.

So when the calls hit $2.55 each, he told traders to take profits again (240% gains) and then to do it one more time when the calls hit $5.50 (663% gains).

Overall, anyone who followed Dr. Skousen’s recommendations for this trade made 275% profits… in just 84 days. Every $2,000 investment grew into $7,500.

Here’s another example:  Drive Shack (DS).

Dr. Skousen recommended the stock and options in November 14, 2017 and recommended selling exactly one month later.

During that one-month period, the S&P 500 gained 2.8%, rising from 2578 to 2652. 

Again, that’s not too bad for just one month.

But Drive Shack took off like a proverbial rocket, netting investors an eye-popping 34.14% in just 30 days on the shares alone – beating the S&P 500 by 11 to 1!

And as you might expect, the inexpensive call options that Dr. Skousen recommended did even better!

He recommended the May $5 calls when they were selling for just 30 cents each.

As is his custom, Dr. Skousen advised taking profits in stages – selling half a week later when they had jumped in valued to $1.15 each (283.3% gains). 

He then recommended selling the rest when the price hit $1.45 (383% gains) and $1.15 again (283%).

The net result: Overall profits of 308% in just 21 days… enough to turn every $2,000 flyer into $8,160… and every $5,000 into $20,400.

Here’s another example: Brinker International (EAT).

Dr. Skousen recommended both the stock itself and call options on the stock on September 25, 2017, and recommended selling the stock on January 10, 2018.

The stock itself made 14.49%… but the stock options went berserk. Dr. Skousen recommended buying the January $35 calls for just $1.12 each. By December 5, they were selling for $4.10 (a gain of 266%).

Dr. Skousen advised selling half of the calls and holding on to the rest. 

When the price hit $5.00, he told investors following this trade the take profits on the balance for a gain of 346%. Overall, this trade netted investors profits of 308% in just 100 days even.

I could give you DOZENS of more examples.

In fact, in the last volatility-heavy 12 months, Dr. Skousen’s conservative income investing system has produced an astonishing 20 triple-digit and 12 double-digit wins.

That’s more than two money-doubling investments each month, for an entire year!

Imagine what doubling your investment each month might mean… thousands, even TENS of thousands of extra dollars flowing into your brokerage account.

Not only would regular infusions of cash significantly boost your overall performance… they would also provide an enormous cushion if there is a big market selloff.

And for people already retired, making 50%… 100%… even 200% gains on stocks and options can make all the difference in the world.

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about: Tallgrass Energy (TEP).

Most investors would never think of investing in this energy company when oil prices were so depressed.

But Dr. Skousen is no ordinary investor.

He’s a dyed-in-the-wool conservative income investor, a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin, and believes in the fundamentals.

Dr. Skousen knew that Tallgrass Energy was making money. A lot of money.

In fact, its net income from ordinary operations more than DOUBLED from $325 million in 2016 to $670 million in 2017.

All of that cash allowed the company to pay out a handsome dividend with an annual yield of 9.8%.

Well, you know where this is heading, right?

Companies that are making money hand over fist tend to see their share prices increase… especially when they make big cash payments to their shareholders.

And that is precisely what happened in this case.

On June 12, Dr. Skousen told a select group of investors to buy both Tallgrass shares and inexpensive call options that were selling for just 45 cents each.

At $46.41 per share, 100 shares would have cost $4,640 and options on another 100 shares would cost only $45.

Here’s what happened. The stock rose slightly, up about 5.58%, over the next 45 days… but the call options soared.

They first jumped to $1.12 each (255% gains)… then $2.30 (411% gains)… and then fell back down to $1.12 (255%).

Overall, the total profit was 294.4%.

So, an investor who made this trade made a small profit on the stock of $257… and $1,324 on the options… for a total gain of $1,581 in just about a month and a half.

As I said, cash profits like these are highly addictive.

Now, imagine you invested $2,000 on each of Dr. Skousen’s recommendations.

With Tallgrass, instead of making $1,581 on this particular trade, you would have made $5,888 in pure profit.

That begins to add up to serious money:  $5,888 one month… $4,350 another… $6,040 a third… $3,780… then $5,234.

So, now you may be thinking:  How does Dr. Skousen do it? 

Well, you already know he will only invest in strong companies paying out high yields, with rising dividend policies…

But there’s something else. Yes, he’s focusing on high income… with a twist.

Many companies, particularly companies with a lot of cash, generate much of their net income from investments.

They take their profits from their core business and invest it like everyone else. 

In Treasury bills, corporate bonds, REITs, you name it.

This is fine when interest rates are stable… However, when they’re anything but stable — like they are today — these traditional income investments will come up short.

So, what’s unique about Dr. Skousen’s approach, particularly in the era of Trump Tax Cuts, is this: 

He focuses on companies that generate the bulk of their earnings from their core business, from the underlying economy itself.

Why does this make such a difference?

Because the economy is soaring right now… and companies that hand out large cash payments in the form of dividends are perfect for the conservative income investing strategy that Dr. Skousen has developed.

Let me give you another example: General Motors (GM).

General Motors makes money. Lots and lots of money. 

About $10 billion a year, in fact – virtually all of which it passes on to its shareholders in the form of cash payments.

As a result, Dr. Skousen spotted an opportunity. 

On October 3, 2016, he recommended that investors buy GM stock for $32 a share and also buy the January $35 call options for the low, low price of only 47 cents each.

If you didn’t want to buy the shares themselves, you could have controlled 100 shares for only $47. Or you could have invested $2,000 and controlled more than 4,200 shares.

Well, this play happened to straddle the 2016 election. Dr. Skousen recommended it prior to Trump’s election and closed it afterward. Here’s what happened…

The S&P 500 went up 4.4% in those 90 days… but GM’s stock soared 10.35% in the same period.

Or 2.3 times more than the market.

As a result, the stock options went virtually straight up… from 47 cents to $1.22 on December 6 (a 159.5% gain) then to $2.80 just 6 days later (a 495% gain).

Overall, an investor who bought 100 shares and invested just $2,000 in the options walked away with $4,820 in profits.

Now, I realize you’re probably skeptical that profits like these are actually possible… or at least more than a fluke.

And I can assure you: they are not only possible, they’re probable.

In fact, in the 15+ years the service has been in existence, it’s handed out 223 triple-digit and 120 double-digit winners. 

As I mentioned earlier, in the last 12 months, Dr. Skousen’s conservative income investing system produced an astonishing 32 total double- and triple-digit winners.

That’s an average of more than two winners a month.

Today, I’ve arranged a way for you to enjoy winners like these for the next year.

See for yourself just how much money Dr. Skousen’s conservative income investing recommendations can make you.

For a limited time, Dr. Skousen is now accepting new subscribers to his VIP income trading service.

It’s called High-Income Alert.

Dr. Skousen believes that you have to see the results for yourself before making a decision about whether this service is right for you. 

That’s why he’s agreed to give you a full 30 days to kick the tires and see how his conservative income recommendations hold up in the real world. 

And I know you’ll be as astonished as I was.

The beauty of this program is that Dr. Skousen does all the work for you:  He tells you precisely which income stocks to buy and which option opportunities exist at the same time.

Over nearly four decades in the markets, he’s developed his own proprietary method for identifying the ideal investments for generating maximum option profits with minimal risk. 

He’s tested and retested his high income trading strategy over and over again in the High-Income Alert model portfolio.

This system is specifically designed for conservative investors who want to see capital appreciation AND regular cash income.

With Dr. Skousen’s time-tested High-Income Alert program, in the last 15+ years, you could have…

One more thing: Unlike other options advisories, Dr. Skousen’s High-Income Alert gives you investing and trading opportunities to fit any account size or investment goal. 

As I mentioned, often Dr. Skousen’s option recommendations are for options that sell for mere pennies. This means you can control 100 shares of a potentially winning stock for as little as $50.

Best of all, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

You can take advantage of Dr. Skousen’s nearly 40 years as one of the world’s foremost economists… his decades of experience as an investment adviser… and simply do what Dr. Skousen recommends.

Plus, you can start slow… even with very little money… and simply watch and learn. 

Once you get used to seeing your core holdings rise in value month after month… on top of the enormous profits from the options trades… you may consider bigger investments. 

Something else: 

Whether you’re working at a full-time job… already retired… or run your own business… one of the great things about the High-Income Alert approach is that you can live your life. 

You don’t have to be glued to your desk chair, anxiously watching computer screens all day long. 

It takes just 15 minutes per month to make the investments and trades Dr. Skousen recommends.

He gives you only the biggest and best opportunities, usually in his weekly hotlines.  

When there is a special opportunity that pops up, he will contact you via email or text. 

The other big benefit of the High-Income Alert is peace of mind. 

With a stock market as volatile as ours has been recently, you’re always going to be thinking about your money. 

But unlike buy-and-hold strategies, the conservative high-income strategy that Dr. Skousen follows with High-Income Alert provides significant protection for your portfolio.

The highly profitable companies that form the core of this service tend to fall far less during market downturns… and, as we’ve seen in this message, they typically rebound far quicker and much higher than other investments.

And don’t take my word on this. 

Here’s what some of Dr. Skousen’s subscribers have to say about his recommendations and High-Income Alert: 

Raymond M. of Bloomfield, Michigan, wrote in to tell us…

“Thank you, Mark, for your excellent financial advice. Your high-income suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year. I have no losers! Life is good.”

Leonard K. from Thousand Oaks, California, said…

“My conservative portfolio has risen 30% and the other 60%. I do not do anything high risk or speculative. I attribute the success to following your advice.”

David H. of Germantown, Maryland, wrote in to tell us…

“After finding success as a Forecasts & Strategies subscriber, I decided to try your High-Income Alert. In less than one month, I was up over $5,000 on your recommendations! Making money with Mark Skousen is a lot more fun than losing it on my own!”

So, here’s what you get when you agree to a “no strings attached” 30-day test-drive of Dr. Skousen’s High-Income Alert service…

Right off the bat, you get immediate access to the High-Income Alert subscriber-only website and Dr. Skousen’s weekly hotline alerts.

Dr. Skousen’s weekly instructions give you the detailed, step-by-step directions you need to protect your portfolio from market downturns and potentially earn thousands of extra dollars through dividends, stock appreciation and low-cost option trades.

Even if you’ve never traded a single option in your life, Dr. Skousen’s got that covered for you as well with his Little Black Book of Options Secrets. This easy-to-understand options primer tells you everything you need to know about trading options to make money as a High-Income Alert member. You’ll get a free copy as a member.

You’ll also get these big money-making benefits:

These investments have the potential for substantial short-term capital appreciation. That means you don’t have to trade options to benefit from this service. Some subscribers use the service merely to discover high-yield investments like these.

These options often cost as little as $50 to control 100 shares… yet they have the potential for triple-digit profits in just weeks. In just the last 12 months, we’ve seen a total of 32 double- and triple-digit gains.

Dr. Skousen does all of the necessary homework to make sure his recommendations are “actionable.” By “actionable,” he means plays liquid enough that all of his readers can get in at the prices he recommends.

On each and every hotline Dr. Skousen sends you, he tells you exactly what to buy and what to pay for each investment.

Dr. Skousen believes in using protective stops, and he provides you with very specific instructions for setting and raising your stop prices on investments.

In other words, you’re never left on your own.  You always know what Dr. Skousen recommends for each position in the High-Income Alert portfolio.

One nice thing about this weekly service is that you can pick and choose which recommendations are right for you. You can lock in fat dividend checks with double-digit annual yields… invest solely in the stocks for capital gains… or go all-out and try for 300% or more profits in short-term call options. 

The instructions in every weekly hotline alert are clear and precise. You can just read them, word for word, to your broker — or enter the symbols into your favorite discount online broker.

Nevertheless, Dr. Skousen knows you may have questions. With this premium service, you can ask your questions to a member of Dr. Skousen’s team ASAP. (Note: Dr. Skousen cannot legally give you personalized investing advice, but we can answer any questions you may have about his recommendations.)

Now, before I tell you the price for this service, I want to say that Dr. Skousen doesn’t want to ask for 20% of your profits, like a hedge fund manager would do. 

And he doesn’t charge $10,000 a month – the price that many top level consulting clients pay for this kind of trading advice. 

He doesn’t even charge the $2,500 to $5,000 in annual membership fees that other elite trading advisories charge just for option recommendations…

Instead, Dr. Skousen wants to GIVE you a full month to test out his portfolio-protecting investments and high-profit option trades… with ZERO risk.

You can start slow with a few initial cash investments – or simply paper-trade – and see how the recommendations work before you invest any of your money.  

In the unlikely event you decide the High-Income Alert is not for you, for any reason, just let us know at the end of the 30-day trial period and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

Now, a one-year membership to High-Income Alert is regularly $1,995…

But, during this limited open subscription period – solely for our preferred customers and readers – we are offering a whopping $1,000 off the regular price.

That means…

Instead, you can receive Skousen’s High-Income Alert for one year for only…





Frankly, $995 is peanuts for a service that’s been around almost 16 years, handing out annualized gains of 71.49%…. and 32 double- and triple-digit winners in the last 12 months alone.

That’s what Dr. Skousen would call a true bargain.

And now for the bad news:

Strictly Limited to 200 New Subscribers

Make no mistake: This is an elite VIP service.

It’s for investors who want to go the extra mile to protect their portfolio, while also seeing substantial growth AND bonus cash in the form of short-term option trades.

As a result, this is not a mass-market income investing service. Not even close.   

There are only so many buyers willing to pay for options – and we want to make sure that ALL of Dr. Skousen’s subscribers are able to make the trades he recommends. 

That’s why we limit the number of subscribers to High-Income Alert – and rarely open up the subscription rolls at select times.

And we are now accepting only 200 new subscribers at this time.

I believe these 200 slots will sell out very quickly. 

We’re going to send this invitation to all of Dr. Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies subscribers and Investor CAFÉ readers… and then to everyone on the Eagle Financial Publications mailing list.

Once those 200 slots are taken, that’s it. You’ll have to wait for another time when we open up the subscription rolls again.

In addition, you’ll likely have to pay the full rate of $1,995 per year – and miss out on the $1,000 off special discount that comes with this offer.

So, if you’re unsure at this point, here’s what I’d suggest you to do.

Click on this button and merely agree to test-drive Dr. Skousen’s High-Income Alert for 30 days.

That way, you’re not risking a single penny. 

Then, really go through the portfolio and consider making some of the investments and option trades. Put it to the test. 

I’m confident you’ll be astonished as I was by the results. 

Trust me on this. I’m a financial publisher; I do this for a living. And I can tell you, there are NOT many investment advisories out there that have been around for almost 16 years and produced an average annualized return of 71.49%.

So, take my advice:

Save an instant $1,000 right now and lock-in the special membership price of only $995 for as long as you wish to continue… simply by agreeing to test-drive High-Income Alert risk-free for 30 days.

Click on the button below right now.

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications