HRT 100% Gains - Mark Skousen

Fellow Investor,

I know what you’re probably thinking… 

This couldn’t possibly be true!

Make just four trades, and I’ll at least DOUBLE my money…

And I can do it over and over again.


It is true… and I’ll PROVE it to you!

For 16+ years, one of the oldest, most successful trading systems in Eagle Financial Publications’ history  has been DOUBLING investors’ money every four trades, on average.

That’s through the:

Through all of it –for almost two decades– investors using this strategy have averaged 100% gains every four trades.

And have done itover and over and over again…

All thanks to a little-known secret.

One you can start using today to begin hammering  your own home run sized, triple-digit winners.

You see, being a successful, world-class trader is a lot like being a major league baseball clean up man – a home run hitter. 

You swing for the fences with a small portion of your portfolio.

When you’re looking to crush it, sometimes you strike out.

If that happens, you just forget it and move on.

Because you know that when you do connect, it’s gonna pay off big time.

And more than makes up for the strike outs.

That’s the homerun hitter’s winning mentality.

And it’s also the key to making the biggest gains of your life trading.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. 

Here are four SUCCESSIVE trades closed out in March 2021. 

I emphasize “successive” because that means I am NOT cherry-picking results:

As you can see, there WAS a loser in these four trades. 

But overall, two of the four doubled investors’ money, while the third came close.

Here’s what that could have meant to your bottom line:

If you had invested, say, about $5,000 on each trade (for a total of $18,800), you would have ended up with $31,471.

Here is another example, when there was the rare occurrence of two losers in a four trade stretch:

In this run of FOUR successive trades, you would have had TWO losers, two strikeouts, of more than 80% each. 

But because you also would have had two big homeruns, each of which doubled your money, you’d have still come out way ahead.

Over four trades, your total profits would have added up to $4,836. That’s a 105.31% gain!

Finally, here’s an example of how powerful homerun trades can be, even when everything goes against you, and you lose three of four trades.

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s great to see how just one home run sized win can wipe all that out…

As you can see, the 472% profits you could have potentially made on just one trade — $23,871 from an initial investment of $5,050 — would have more than made up for the smaller losses in this sequence of four successive trades.

That is what swinging for the fences can often do!

One of the Most Successful Stock and Option Trading Systems Ever Developed

And here’s my main point: This “swing for the fences” home run trading system I’m talking about has had a total of 853 recommendations, or “at bats,” since it began in 2005. 

From those, Dr. Skousen has closed out  267 triple- and even quadruple-digit winners.

That’s 267 times that the people who use this system have at least doubled their money.

That’s huge.

And doubling our money is the MINIMUM. 

Over the years, this system has produced big winners, like:

To name just a few

I don’t know about you, but most people are lucky if they double their money once in a single year. 

This system does it, on average, 16 times (actually 16.8 times) a year!

That’s why Mark calls this his Home Run Trader.

When you knock it out of the park that often, it’s truly remarkable.

Taking Mark’s total of 853 recommendations, and dividing it by the number of closed triple- or quadruple-digit winners (267), gives you 3.11. 

So really, Mark has averaged hitting a triple-digit homerun every 3.11 times he recommends a play.  We used four in this presentation because there’s no way to have a .11 at bat.  But I digress…

If Mark’s hitting a home run every 3.11 at bats, that’s knocking it out of the park 31.2% of the time.

How good is that HR average?

Well, in comparison to real Major Leaguers, the best HR hitters ever…

Mark’s performance blows them away.

Compare his home run rate of 1 every 3.11 times with baseball greats like

Mark McGuire (1 every 11 at bats) or Babe Ruth (1 every 12 at bats), and you can see he’s three to four times better than even baseballs’ best homerun hitters.

While comparing this performance with baseballs’ greatest is a nice diversion, here’s what’s really important:

Even with Mark’s occasional “strike outs” – that is, stock or option trades that lose some money – his Home Run Trader system has posted an average annualized return of 74.9%.

That’s enough to turn a modest trading account of $20,000 into as much as $327,324 in just five years… and into as much as $5.3 million in 10 years.

But I didn’t send you this message today just to brag or talk about the past.

I sent it to you to help you change your future, to lay down the foundation for the retirement of your dreams.

To introduce you to the trading service that can help you at least double your money every four trades on average, 16 times a year.

In fact, I’m so confident that Mark can deliver kind of performance, and that you’re going to love this service, I’m going to guarantee it! 

I’ll explain how in a moment…

But first let me tell you about the genius behind this home-run trading system.

40-Plus Years of Home Run Trading

It’s none other than our very own Dr. Mark Skousen, the CIA-trained Ph.D. economist and world-renowned investing adviser who is also a bestselling author, an acclaimed college professor, a stock and option guru, and last but not least, a baseball fanatic.

As you probably know, Dr. Skousen is also the author of more than 25 books on economics and investing, including the bestseller “The Making of Modern Economics,” and a former professor of economics and finance at Columbia Business School. 

Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, bestowed on Dr. Skousen a “Triple Crown” in economics for his work in economic theory, history and education.  Mark was also recently named one of the world’s 20 most influential living economists.

But unlike many economists, Mark has always had one foot planted firmly in the real world. 

In addition to his theoretical work, he has spent decades refining his stock- and option systems to maximize total returns over time .

Again, I’m sharing all this NOT to toot Mark’s horn but so you can trust him when he tells us…

There’s Never Been a Better Market for Home Run Trades Than Right Now!

The fact is, everyone knows that the pent-up demand of the post-pandemic world is creating a new generation of multi-millionaires.

Ordinary people just like you have made FORTUNES investing in crypto, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), green energy and similar spotlight sectors.

But here’s the thing… those aren’t the only sectors taking off today.

So, if you’re frustrated that you missed out on earlier mega-gains, then please pay close attention now.

The truth is, there’s never been a better market for hitting home runs than right now.

Sure, there’s volatility but the pent-up demand in the post-COVID economy is real – and is making millionaires every week.

The U.S. government and Federal Reserve is spending an estimated $6 trillion on COVID relief, infrastructure and other projects in an effort to jump start the economy.

Whether you agree with that or not, the fact is all that cash is fueling a mega-boom in the right sectors.

And the stock market proves that with some indexes still hitting historic highs.

The bottom line is clear: 

People are striking it rich today all over the place…

NOT JUST IN the sexy sectors you hear about like crypto 5G and cannabis… but also in sectors outside of the spotlight, that the media isn’t covering.

As you can see below Mark’s homerun investors are making a killing in those too, with huge wins in:

So how do you locate homerun plays like these exactly?

Well, without getting into the weeds, and boring you to death, here’s…

How It Works – Dr. Skousen’s Five Point Home Run System

After 16 years, Mark has refined his stock and option picking system.  I could tell you exactly how he got to this point, but it would be a long story.

So, let me cut to the chase. 

Basically, Mark only considers trades that fit the criteria of his 5-point homerun system. The more of the five points they actually demonstrate, the stronger the recommendation.

Home Run Point #1: 
Heavy Insider Buying

First, he looks at what he calls “heavy insider buying.” 

He contends that while insiders SELL stocks for any number of random reasons – such as buying a house or paying college tuition – they generally only BUY shares when they know the company is going to do better than expected.

Mark likens this to stealing the other team’s signals in baseball… and it’s all perfectly legal!

In most cases, insider buying can tell you whether a stock is likely headed up or down.  If a CEO or top executive is NOT buying more shares of their company stock, that can be a sign that they know something the public does not know – and it’s not good news.

On the other hand, heavy insider buying can point to something big coming down the pike. 

It’s an indicator that he uses to its full potential, bagging 531% on H&E Equipment Services, 529% on Intel Corp., 380% on Medical Properties Trust, and 209% on Crown Castle International.

Home Run Point #2: 
Wall Street Upgrades

The second criterion that Mark looks for when identifying potential homerun plays is what he calls Wall Street Upgrades.

It may sound obvious, but many technical traders ignore this basic fundamental trading tenet.

They can’t see it because they are looking only at charts. They are not looking at the bigger fundamental picture as a whole.

You see, when major investment banks put out a “strong buy” or “outperform” rating, billions in institutional money almost always flow into these stocks — and that flood of cash pushes the stock price higher.

Analysts upgrade the stocks, institutions pile in, it gets reported in the press, and the stock prices rise.

Sadly, the little guys miss out on the profits because they come in too late.

However, thanks to the extensive research of Mark and his staff, he is able to make a recommendation to buy before the analysts make their upgrades.

Wall Street upgrades played a crucial role in many of Mark’s homerun recommendations, including 200% on AbbVie Inc., 173% on Trinity Industries, 161% on Eldorado Gold Corp., 152% on Zynga Inc. and 104% on Entertainment Properties.

As you can see, Wall Street upgrades can be a very profitable indicator to use when investing in stocks and options. 

Yet, that’s just the beginning…

Home Run Point #3: 
Positive Earnings Surprises

The third criterion Mark uses to identify homerun opportunities is Positive Earnings Surprises. 

You see, he recommends buying options on a stock as momentum is building.

As analysts raise expectations for the next quarter, both investment types can take off. 

Even a small 5% to 10% rise in the stock’s price can result in a 50% to 100% increase in a corresponding option.

As a result, Positive Earnings Surprises go hand in hand with Wall Street Upgrades.

The difference is that Wall Street upgrades come before the stock declares earnings. The Positive Earnings Surprises come after it declares earnings.

Mark likes to profit on both sides of the earnings announcements.

Positive Earnings Surprises usually open the floodgates for even more institutional buying.

Recent examples include the 460% Mark’s followers bagged on Valero Energy Corp., or the 306% they made on Brinker International, and the 149% earned on Cisco Systems — just to name a few.

Home Run Point #4: 
History of Rising Dividends

When it comes to trading stocks and options, the three most important factors to identifying a winning trade are “research, research, and research.”

Frankly, that has been the master key to Mark’s trading success for 16 years.

After all, he’s an economist by profession and so research is his stock in trade (so to speak). Yes, the information is out there, but few people know how to connect the dots like he does.

That’s how he is able to produce so many home runs.

An example of research paying off is his fourth home run criterion:  a history of rising dividends.

A lot more goes into this calculation than many people realize: whether a company is vital and growing…how well its products are selling… how fast earnings and cash flow are multiplying… and whether the company can continue to maintain a high level of profitability. 

Mark takes a hard look at all these factors to see whether a company’s history of dividends is sustainable and likely to continue — and continue to rise going forward.

Finally, there is one more criterion that he looks closely at when considering a stock or option trade:

Home Run Point #5: 
Takeover Rumors

The fact is, nothing makes a stock pop faster and an option turn into a four bagger than a takeover bid, whether it comes to fruition or not.

As a result, Mark’s home run trading system also screens for stocks that are merger and acquisition (M&A) candidates.  

This is where his worldwide army of contacts, built up over decades, really comes in handy, as they help him separate fact from fiction… and move on the opportunities that aren’t just rumors.

A Powerful Combination That
Identifies Winner After Winner!

The more of these five Homerun Points a company exhibits, the stronger the recommendation will be… that’s how Mark’s home run trading system identifies the very best stock and option trades with the highest probability of success.

Once he zeroes in on the right trade, his recommendation usually will come in two parts: 

A recommendation for a stock and, for more aggressive traders, a paired option trade to go with it.

Mark trades options because that’s where the biggest profits usually are:  A stock may make a move of 5% or 10% in a 60-day period, but an option can see gains of 100% or more in the same period.

Here’s a recent example:

On June 8, 2021, Mark’s home run trading system saw a huge short-term opportunity in Bumble, Inc (BMBL), one of the world’s biggest and most successful dating apps, founded by and for women.

The company met three of his criteria: recent insider buying, Wall Street Upgrades, and take-over rumors.

At the time, the stock was trading at $44.54 a share. So he recommended his followers buy the stock at the market – and if they wished, buy the October $55 call options for $3.08 (or $308 per contact).  You could have purchased 10 contracts (1,000 shares) for $3,080 or 20 contracts (2,000 shares) for $6,160.

Compare that with forking over $44,540 to purchase 1000 shares outright, or almost 90 grand for 2,000.

You can see what a huge difference using LEAPS makes when it comes to how much you risk on each trade.

So, how did BMBL work out? The stock rose nicely over the next month, gaining 11.%.

But the options went berserk: shooting up to $6.08 each from Mark’s initial recommended price of $3.08.

That was almost double, 97.2%, in just 30 days.

You could have turned a $3,080 investment into $6,073 – or $6,160 into $12,500 – in just one month.

Here’s another great example of why Mark recommends BOTH individual stocks and options on those stocks:  D.R. Horton, Inc (DHI).

D.R. Horton is a high-quality home builder in many areas across the U.S. 

It has a history of earnings surprises, is rated a “strong buy” by Wall Street analysts, and has seen its net earnings per share more than double since 2017.

As a result, Mark recommended buying DHI shares on January 27, 2021, when they were selling for around $75.64 per share.

At the same time, he also recommended his followers consider buying the May $90 call options for the low price of only $2.58 – or $258 per contract. 

The stock shot up 23% over the next three months, from $74 a share all the way to $92.80.

But the options did FOUR TIMES better, more than doubling investors’ money in the same period.

The call options rose from $258 per contract to an average of $521 per contract by April 20, when Mark recommended taking profits.

That was a gain of 102% in just 83 days.

A modest investment of $2,580 would have grown into $5,210 – and $5,160 would have grown into $10,420.

This is what the homerun trading system has done for 16 years running, helping investors average one “homerun” (triple-digit gain) every 4 trades.

Of course, Mark also gets a few “base hits” along the way, such as the solid 42% profit his followers bagged in 16 days on Transocean Inc (RIG) this past July…

… or the 93% gains they made in two weeks last March on Marinemax Inc (HZO).

But then, there are times when the term “home run” doesn’t adequately describe the mega-winners Mark’s picks produce.

Like the 925% profits his followers bagged in May 2020 on Quidel Corporation (QDEL).

He recommended Quidel Corporation in March 2020, after the big COVID sell-off. His homerun trading system had flagged it as an outstanding play and he knew the downturn was due solely to the COVID-related panic.

Mark recommended Quidel shares when they were selling for $88.83 each – and at the same time he also recommended buying the June 19 $100 option calls for $10.10 each or $1,010 per contract.

Well, he was right on the money: the COVID selloff turned into the biggest bounce in recent stock market history. 

QDEL shares doubled in value (up 107%), rising from $88.83 when he recommended them to $184 per share by May 13.

And as you might expect, the call options went berserk.

They rose from $10.10 per contract to $103.85 per contract by May 11, when Mark recommended closing the position.

If you had held on to those calls until the end, you would have made an eye-popping 928% return in just 52 days.

Enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $51,925 – and every $10,100 into $103,850.

That is what we call a “Grand Slam”!   

Of course, you never HAVE to play the options Mark recommends. That’s entirely up to you.

However, by accepting a little more risk to trade options, you can tap into the same system that’s helped traders’ rake in 100% gains every four trades on average.

But don’t take my word alone on this. 

Here’s what some of Mark’s subscribers have to say about his recommendations in other services and Home Run Trader: 

Kenneth M. of Rancho Mirage, California wrote to say:

“When Mark makes a recommendation, I know I can trust him. He’s about the only newsletter writer I’ve stayed with over the years.”

Jackie T. of Gardnerville, Nevada is also delighted with the results she has had:

 “Doubled my investment in AARK. Still profitable in MAIN and OHI.”

Ruth B. of South Haven, Michigan wrote to tell us:

“In one trade I’ve already made my subscription money back.  I’ve bought into the Skousen program!”

Here’s how you can join successful traders like these and cash in on Mark’s “out of the ballpark” mega-winners…

Start Hitting Your Own
Moonshot Homeruns Today

All it takes is joining the long list of winners who are part of his Home Run Trader advisory service.

Simply put, it’s his best and biggest-money maker of all.

When I say “best,” I’m talking in terms of longevity – 16 years and counting for this system. 

And when I say “biggest money maker”, I mean this trading system has knocked out the most triple-or quadruple digit winners of any of his services, by far.

As I said before, 267 homeruns (100% gains or better) out of 873 recommended trades at last count – beginning in 2005.

That averages out to more than 16 money-doubling, triple-digit winners each year.

Think for a minute about what that means…

Over the past 16 years, subscribers to Home Run Trader have made money through the…

With this kind of track record of success, it’s not hard to see why the system has been around for almost two decades.

It works.

It works when the market is down. It works when the market is up.  And it works when the market’s anywhere in between.

Yet at this point, you may be thinking…

Why Haven’t I Heard of This Before?

It’s not for lack of trying. We’ve been trying to get the word out for 16 years. And you can see why from the track record.

But Mark is an economist and a teacher by trade, so he never seeks the spotlight. That makes it tough for regular investors like us to hear about him…

Even if his Home Run Trader has churned out at least one 100% winner every four trades on average the whole time

Does it work like that every time?

No, sometimes it takes more than four trades to double your money, but sometimes it takes only one… and sometimes Mark’s system strings together a number of 100% winners in a row…

Those were four trades in a row, all winners and three homeruns of 100% gains or more.

It’s hitting streaks like this that make me confident in Mark’s Home Run Trader system.

So confident, in fact, that I’m willing to make you this outrageous guarantee…

SPECIAL ONE-TIME OFFER: Home Run Trader’s Slugger’s Guarantee: Hit 16 Round Trippers This Year or I’ll Give You $1,995

That’s right.

Because Home Run Trader has averaged 16 triple-digit winners a year for 16 years…

Because Home Run Trader has knocked a whopping 267 triple-digit winners out of the park since it began in 2005, and…

Because Home Run Trader has helped investors at least DOUBLE their money every four trades on average…

As the publisher, I feel 100% confident making you this promise.

If you give Home Run Trader a try, I promise that you’ll have the opportunity to close out at least 16 triple-digit winners over the coming year. 

If you don’t, I’ll give you $1,995 out of my company’s coffers for you to use as you wish – on any of Mark’s services.

You can use the cash to get a second year of Home Run Trader, or get an entire year of any of his other elite trading services: Fast Money Alert, 5-Star Trader, or TNT Trader.

Whichever you choose, you’ll get it free… on me.

I don’t make this offer lightly.  I’m as cheap as anyone, and I don’t relish handing over $1,995 if I don’t have to.

I’m just that confident… that after 16 plus years of consistently churning out triple-digit winners, Mark’s amazing Home Run Trading system will keep right on doing it.

And, as I said earlier, today’s market couldn’t possibly be better for taking a shot at life-changing gains… and for swinging for the fences on your trades.

However, this guarantee does come with one condition…

Because I’m promising you 16 triple-digit winners over the coming year, and because the instant you accept that offer, you’ll get access to every one of his current stock and option trades, I can’t offer you the usual 30-day test-drive, or trial run of this service.

It wouldn’t be fair to our existing paid subscribers.

If I did, I know that some people would take advantage of it, just to get a look at Mark’s current portfolio, get those trades and then quit.

I’m not saying you’d do that, but you’d be surprised how many people would…

So that’s why I came up with this special offer: I’m willing to put my money on the line… so you will give Home Run Trader a fair try for a year.

One other thing…

We can’t take everybody who wants to join at this time. I wish we could, but in order to maintain the same success Mark has had for the past 16 years, we can only take on 30 new traders for this offer.

Plus, that’s the only way I’ll feel comfortable with my $1,995 guarantee offer. That’s $60,000 of my company’s money on the line.

By limiting it to just 30 new members, we can ensure our concierge, staff and customer support services will still maintain their standard level of excellence.

So I urge you to seriously consider this rare opportunity. 

It may be quite some time before the service will be opened up to the public again – not until every one of those 30 new traders is comfortable with the service, making trades, and most importantly–the profits.

So, don’t wait. Click the button below to become a member of Dr. Mark Skousen’s elite VIP trading service, Home Run Trader.

Join the team that’s doubled its money every four trades on average for the past 16 years and start the clock on your own guaranteed 20 triple-digit winners in the next year.

If that’s still not enough to convince you to give Home Run Trader a shot, here’s what WILL convince you.

If you act right now – that is the next 10 minutes – you can claim one of the 30 available spots… and I’ll also GIVE you an instant $1,000 cash rebate.

So, for you, the one-year price of Home Run Trader is only… $995.

That’s an entire year at more than 50% off the regular price of $1,995.

Plus, you’ll still get my slugger’s promise of 16 triple-digit winners in the next year…

And, you’ll still get the full $1,995 value of the performance guarantee.

I can’t do better than that.

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The fact is, this same special offer is being made right now to Mark’s closest followers, people like you.

But soon it will be going out to a MUCH bigger audience and then perhaps even to the larger financial investing world.

So I can’t say for certain just how long these 30 new member slots will be available.  Not for long, I’m sure.

To make sure you get yours, click the button below.


Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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