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The A.I. Stocks Every Investor Should Own

Fellow Investor,

Love it or hate it, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is changing the world.

It’s the most significant technological innovation since PCs arrived in the 1980s – and smartphones in the 2010s.

The financial report you read, the advertising you see and the apps you use on your phone were likely all created with A.I.

Just consider:

No surprise, then, that A.I. stocks are on fire.

MongoDB Inc.(MDB) offers a modern, cloud-based database platform that incorporates A.I. and machine learning capabilities.

Its shares jumped from $137 per share in November 2022 to $380 by mid-June 2023, a gain of 184% in eight months. (AI) is an enterprise A.I. software company that offers a range of A.I. solutions for various industries, including energy, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services.

The company went public in December 2020, and its shares skyrocketed from $10.26 a share at the end of 2022 to $44.49 by June 2023.

That’s a gain of 330.2% in just six months.

And consider Bigbear.Ai Holdings (BBAI).

This small start-up provides A.I. and machine learning for “decision support” in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, academia and government.

BBAI’s stock started out in January 2023 at around 73 cents per share.

Yet by February, the stock had catapulted all the way to $6.11 per share.

That was a gain of 736% in under two months!

Every $5,000 invested in BBAI could have turned into $41,800.

And remember, these are STOCK gains, not options.

And now Eagle’s renowned economist, Dr. Mark Skousen, has uncovered a company that lies at the very forefront of this world-changing A.I. revolution.

This global company’s machine learning and business management technology is used in sectors across the market, including in healthcare, management, finance, shipping, government, academia and manufacturing.

What Microsoft’s DOS was to PCs, this A.I. technology is to the world’s business computers.

The company’s A.I. systems can handle routine business tasks that entire floors of accountants, H.R. and payroll personnel once did.

And if you act soon enough, projected profits of 800% may be a conservative estimate.

That’s because previous A.I. plays in the recent past have been even bigger!

One of Dr. Skousen’s recent A.I. recommendations is up 127% through the first half of the year – and soared a whopping 994.2% between the end of 2020 and October 2021.

In a moment, I’ll reveal why his brand-new A.I. recommendation has the potential to earn you significant gains over the coming months.

Similar to what happened back in June 2007, when Apple introduced the world-changing technology of the iPhone and Apple stock was selling for the equivalent of only $3.63 per share (after later splits)…

Early-bird investors who realized how this technology would change the world saw their Apple stock jump 122.8% in three years…

And then really post huge gains, making them 5,051% by June 2023.

In short: Investing in the leaders in a new technology is the secret to real wealth. A $5,000 investment in Apple after it released the iPhone would be worth $250,000 today. A $50,000 investment would be worth $2.5 million.

A less dramatic example of how investing in world-changing technology can let you retire rich is streaming video and Netflix.

Thirteen years ago, Netflix mailed its DVDs to customers in red envelopes (a service just discontinued in 2022).

But in late 2010, Netflix began introducing its video streaming service, starting first in Canada and then quickly expanding to other parts of the world.

The technology was revolutionary but took time to take off due to limitations on broadband capacities.

But investors who recognized how video streaming films and TV would change the entertainment industry invested heavily.

Netflix shares skyrocketed from $13 per share in early 2013 to $114 at the end of 2015 – an increase of 776%.

Today, Netflix sells for $440 – or 32 times (3,200%) what it sold for just ten years ago.

And make no mistake: The A.I. investment I’m talking about making today is every bit as revolutionary as the iPhone and video streaming.

I have all the information on this fast-moving situation…

And I’ll show you how to jump on this opportunity right away.

How I Discovered the Greatest Investing Opportunity of My Lifetime

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Roger Michalski.

I’m the publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

George Gilder

And for 20 years now, I’ve worked side by side with investing expert Dr. Mark Skousen.

He’s a nationally known economist, stock picker, university professor and author of more than 25 books.

Larry Kudlow, who was President Trump’s director of the National Economic Council, calls Mark:

“… one of the best financial economists I know.”

Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Media and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, says:

“Mark Skousen… should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

And the Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman said:

“Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative, and energetic economist.”

And yet Mark is far more than an economist.

For the past 19 years he’s put up a remarkable track record.

Since 2004, across all of his services, Mark’s recommendations have bagged 549 triple-digit winners.

That’s 549 times that the people who followed Dr. Skousen’s recommendations have at least doubled their money.

That’s huge.

And doubling your money is the MINIMUM. 

Over the years, Mark’s investing prowess has produced even bigger winners, like:

I don’t know about you, but most people are lucky if they double their money once in a single year. 

Dr. Skousen’s picks do it, on average, twice a month.

Do all of Mark’s picks make money? Of course not.

For one thing, past performance is no guarantee of future success, and many of his recommendations are “swing for the fences” type of plays that can – and sometimes do – lose money.

Nevertheless, when Mark connects on one of these home run swings, the profits can blow away losses from other trades combined.

That’s the power of his trades.

And today, the opportunity he’s discovered could potentially be one of his best.

It lies with companies at the heart of the A.I. revolution, and with one company in particular.

Why ChatGPT Has Captured the Imagination of Investors Worldwide

A.I. simply means the simulation of human intelligence by machines.

No more and no less.

The combination of lightning-fast computers, massive databases and new advanced programming allows machines to learn new things…

And then perform tasks once only people could do.

Virtually every major technology company on Earth is now incorporating A.I. into its operations.

These include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Facebook, IBM, Tesla, Netflix, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Intel, Samsung, Oracle, Salesforce, Siemens, Cisco, Accenture and Uber, to name just a few.

As the Financial Times reports:

“The potential of A.I. is limitless, with the power to transform industries, drive economic growth, and shape the future of societies.”

ChatGPT is just one example.

It’s like Google on steroids.

To the delight of college students everywhere, ask ChatGPT a question and it can spit out a page-long answer in seconds. (Warning, students: Don’t use ChatGPT to write your term paper… Dr. Skousen caught one of his students doing just that!)

That’s why Microsoft has publicly disclosed its partnership with this A.I. start-up worth $10 billion.

Yet ChatGPT is, comparatively speaking, not that sophisticated.

It’s the simplest example of what A.I. can do.

As we speak, A.I. systems are already…

In other words: A.I. is no mere fad.

And it’s about to unleash $15.7 trillion in new wealth into the markets.

Faster than any other trend in technological history.

It’s a technology that EVERYONE will use in one way or another.

And it’s not just me saying this.

As the BBC recently put it:

“AI is a game-changer that can unlock unprecedented opportunities and solve complex problems in fields like healthcare, finance, and transportation.”

The Guardian adds…

“Artificial intelligence can’t replace human professionals but it could transform the way they treat diseases such as cancer, and save lives.”

Right now, most Americans have no idea just how big A.I. technologies are.

Yet insiders are pouring into A.I. stocks as fast as they can.

Investing tens of billions.

The financial press hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

Yet thanks to his exhaustive, painstaking research, you can discover one of the best A.I. plays available now.

This company has a lock on essential A.I. technologies that organizations like Blackstone, Target, Southwest Airlines, the State of Oklahoma and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul can’t live without.

Imagine Investing in Microsoft
at 25 Cents a Share

It’s like what happened when Microsoft introduced its disk operating system (DOS) in the 1980s.

Virtually every company on Earth eventually bought Microsoft’s products, in one way or another.

This new A.I. company Mark has discovered is similar. Only instead of an operating system that runs PCs, its management A.I. systems run entire businesses and large organizations.

In short: The potential of this one A.I. company is difficult to imagine.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States alone currently has approximately 7.7 million small businesses (with fewer than 500 employees), with a combined payroll of some $2.7 trillion.

In addition, there are nearly 20,000 large corporations, each with their own finance, human resources and payroll departments.

And add to that 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered with the IRS…

… and you can see why this A.I. company could very quickly change how people in America do business.

Tasks that used to take entire accounting departments weeks to accomplish can now be done in seconds – for a fraction of the cost.

Imagine what will happen when this company’s A.I. systems take over the routine tasks associated with running thousands more businesses.

Its revenue could skyrocket overnight!

And the value of its shares could do a moon shot, the way Apple’s did when it introduced the iPhone on January 7, 2007.

The same thing could happen with A.I. companies in general and with the company he has discovered in particular.

I’ll tell you how to find out more about this company in a moment.

But first, let me explain why A.I. has the potential to transform your financial future…

A.I. Could Transform Healthcare… and Maybe Save Your Life

A.I. technologies have already disrupted crucial sectors of the economy.

As DeVere Group CEO Nigel Green puts it:

“We expect that companies that have substantial A.I. interests… could have potentially significant rewards for early investors.”

Look at healthcare.

A.I. is revolutionizing decision-making processes for healthcare providers.

It has become an indispensable tool in “clinical decision support.”

That means A.I. systems provide doctors and technicians with invaluable data and analysis for accurate diagnoses.

They also help with treatment planning and patient management.

Think of what this could do for America’s 6,129 hospitals, 34,752 outpatient care centers and 885,000 doctors.

A.I. can analyze crucial health data in seconds, including genomic information, biomarkers, phenotypes, health records and delivery systems.

Already, A.I. is actively supporting decision-making in data-intensive specialties such as radiology, pathology and ophthalmology.

In a study published this year in Circulation, researchers reported that an advanced A.I. healthcare program can reliably predict heart attacks and strokes – before they happen.

The implications are staggering.

The global market for A.I. in healthcare was valued at around $15.4 billion in 2022.

It’s expected to reach approximately $143.1 billion by 2030 – a growth rate of 829.2% in just seven years.

That’s an insane rate of growth.

It’s more proof that A.I. stocks are the opportunity of the decade.

And Mark has found the one A.I. company that provides machine learning services to literally dozens of different industries.

Make your move while it’s still getting off the ground, and you could enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

But don’t delay.

You don’t want to miss out.

Once word gets out about the company Mark has discovered, you could miss your chance to get in on the ground floor.

His research shows you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of percent in potential profit.

One reason is because the buyout potential of A.I. companies is enormous.

According to Crunchbase, some 301 A.I. start-ups have already been bought up for a total of $34.4 billion.

And look at what happened to the share prices of some of these A.I. blockbusters…

Mitek Systems, Inc. (MITK) is an A.I. technology company that develops, markets and sells mobile digital identity verification solutions in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

Its shares have shot up from just $1.91 back in 2014 to a recent high of $22.89 – a gain of 1,098.4%.

In March 2020, Invitae (NVTA) acquired Diploid, a maker of A.I.-powered clinical diagnosis technology.

Invitae shares rose from an adjusted price of $4.69 in early 2018 to a high of $56.93 in early 2021 – a gain of 1,113.8% in just three years.

Upstart (UPST) is an A.I.-based lending marketplace designed to improve access to affordable credit while also reducing the risk and costs for banks.

Following its IPO at the end of 2020, Upstart shares sold for an adjusted price of around $35 each.

By October 2021, Upstart was selling for $383 per share.

That was an increase of 994.2%.  

In just over one year.

That turns every $20,000 into $218,000!

Now, are all the A.I. winners as big as these? Of course not.

Plus, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Yet when you’re an early investor in a technological revolution as big as A.I., gains like these can happen frequently.

Especially for those in first.

That’s why Mark has created a brand-new special investment report on his latest discovery – a potential A.I. blockbuster.

It’s a company with 10,000 corporate customers in 175 countries… with 60 million global users and trailing subscription revenue of $5.8 billion.

So, it’s not a start-up… and it has about the same revenue, on an inflation-adjusted basis, that Apple had the year it launched the iPhone.

In other words, this is an established company that is poised to conquer the A.I. world… the way Apple was poised to conquer the smartphone world in 2007.

It estimates its total market is worth $125 billion and that it has only captured about 5% or less.

In other words: The growth potential is HUGE.

Yet this company remains completely off the radar of many investors.

The company has only scratched the surface of the A.I. market.

And it’s targeting virtually every industry on the planet.

That includes consumers, financial services, investment management, healthcare, professional and business services, government, nonprofits and education, tech companies, media and entertainment.

Once its advanced A.I. solutions become the standard, what do you think that will do to the company’s shares?

Previously, small A.I. start-ups like Upstart and Mitek made investors up to almost ten times their money.

But this company has bigger plans.

It wants to be the Microsoft of A.I., the Apple of machine learning.

And this is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a NEW technological revolution.

That’s why I’d like to send you a special report today, before we release it to the public at large in a few days. It’s called:

Retire on A.I. – Grow Up to 10X Richer with the Company Revolutionizing How America Does Business.

In the first months of 2023, much smaller A.I. companies saw enormous gains.

Mark’s new A.I. pick could do far better.

That’s why it’s vital that you discover the name and ticker symbol of this leading A.I. blockbuster.

As well as crucial information about the company, a recommended buy price and a recommendation for an options trade for even bigger profits.

But don’t wait.

To be sure you get this report as fast as possible, take action right now.

Shares are already starting to take off, having gone up double digits in the heat of summer alone.

That’s why I’m urging you to get in today, before the herd finds out.

But this isn’t all I’m giving you today.

I’d like to give you another special report Mark has prepared, titled:

The Safest A.I. Investment for Retirees

Why am I doing this?

It’s simple.

Although his #1 A.I. pick has the potential to be a blockbuster…

He realizes that not everyone wants such a speculative investment.

That’s why he found an alternative for investors who want a safer way to invest in the A.I. revolution.

From 2020 to 2022, this company’s revenue has increased fourfold.

What’s more, it’s been around since 2012, which is a long time in the A.I. world.

However, even though his research shows this to be a less risky way to invest in A.I., it still has the potential to do very well.

In fact, so far in 2023 the company’s shares have skyrocketed more than 128%!

And Mark is convinced that’s just the start!

And that’s not all.

He believes the A.I. revolution could potentially deliver life-changing profits.

As a result, he’s prepared a third special report.

It’s called…

A.I. Stocks Set to Soar in 2024

In this special dossier, you get the inside scoop on not one or two A.I. stocks, but FOUR:

  1. A red-hot cybersecurity stock that is incorporating A.I. technology into its entire business and that was up 51.6% in the first half of 2023…
  2. A networking company with a trillion-dollar market cap that has gone for A.I. in a huge way – and seen its shares jump 179% in the first two-thirds of the year…
  3. The leading A.I.-focused customer relationship management company, with annual sales of $200 billion, and…
  4. One of the biggest business software developers, which has gone whole hog for machine learning and saw its shares increase 50% in the first half of 2023.

These four A.I. plays have a combined market cap of some $3.7 trillion.

Yet they also have HUGE potential.

With share prices set to soar.

This report is a must own for serious investors!

And like the others, you can get a copy free of charge with no strings attached.

How to Turn $10,000 into $103,850
in Just 52 Days

Of course, many of Dr. Skousen’s followers invest solely in stocks…

But in addition to his stock recommendations, he also issues regular recommendations for options plays.

These options plays let you try out his picks for as little as $50 to $200 per trade.

Plus, the options trades, while involving greater risk, can often make 5, 10, even 20 times more than the gains from the stocks themselves – and in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

For example, after the big COVID sell-off in early 2020, Mark recommended Quidelortho Corp. (QDEL) shares when they were selling for $88.83 each.

At the same time, he also recommended buying the June 19 $100 call options for $10.10 each or $1,010 per contract.

QDEL shares doubled in value (up 107%), rising from $88.83 when he recommended them to $184 per share by May 13.

But the call options went berserk.

They rose from $10.10 per contract to $103.85 per contract by May 11, when Mark recommended closing the position.

If you had held on to those calls until the end, you would have made an eye-popping 928% return in just 52 days.

Enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $51,925 – and every $10,100 into $103,850.

Now, if you’ve never traded options before, don’t worry.

It’s all explained in a FOURTH valuable resource that Mark has prepared for you, The Little Black Book of Option Secrets.

And I’d also like to send you this special report – free of charge – today.

This easy-to-read report reveals everything you need to know about how he supercharges his already-sizable profits with carefully selected options plays.

Believe me, you want to know about options recommendations like these.

You’ll find out all about options and how they can boost profits from stock picks in your copy of The Little Black Book of Option Secrets.

And here’s the best news of all…

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So let’s sum it all up…

What You Get with Home Run Trader:

Benefit Value Your Cost
Retire on A.I. – Grow Up to 10X Richer with the Company Revolutionizing How America Does Business
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A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Mark has found the one stock that could let you cash in on the A.I. revolution.

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Roger Michalski

Best wishes,
Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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