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Don’t Let Biden’s Inflation Sidetrack Your Retirement…

Activate This “Catch-Up” Savings Plan Now

Top economist reveals a “cash collect” strategy that grows your wealth on a monthly average- so you don’t run out of money (Proof below it works during market dips)

Dear Fellow Investor,

I am Roger Michalski, Publisher at Eagle Financial Publications, with an urgent update.

Roger Michaslki

Thanks to President Biden’s disastrous policies and inactions…

We saw America’s energy independence get crushed, which gave rise to $9.60 a-gallon gas in some states like California.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come.

America’s largest bank, JP Morgan just sounded the alarm to “brace” for an economic “hurricane” because:

“Most Americans will run out of cash in the next 9 months.”

And even while some Americans feel they’re doing “ok” for now…


With each passing month, inflation cuts a huge chunk from your wealth.

Fidelity, which oversees more than 35 million retirement accounts, confirmed the average account lost $10,000 in one recent quarter.

Imagine if this happens every quarter…

You’re looking at $40,000 lost in one year.

No surprise Market Watch reported:

“About 157 million people, have little to nothing left over at the end of the month.”

Forbes added:

“Two out of three Americans say they’re blowing through savings to cope with inflation.”

And we’re not just talking about low-income earners here.

CNBC further warned that:

“More wealthy Americans are living paycheck to paycheck after inflation surge.”

And Fortune added:

“Even rich people are living paycheck to paycheck.”

And as if things weren’t bad enough…

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just issued another bombshell… that due to high interest rates and inflation that will last the next decade.

EVERY American household will indirectly pay the Fed a whopping $63,000 in interest over the next few years.

Of course, the biased media won’t report on this. If they do, it might start a revolution.

But the point is, you’re left with no choice but to protect your livelihood.

Have you thought about what will happen to your cash flow in the next nine to 18 months?

It’s painful enough to watch your savings get cut by $10,000, $25,000 or even $100,000 thanks to Biden’s inflation.

But it’s even more painful to know you have to pay the crooked Fed and its cronies.

It’s ok to be worried. What’s not ok is to sit idly by and throw your arms in the air.

Because it’s your sovereign right to live well and enjoy your golden years, without the fear of running out of money.

I’ll ask you again:

Have you thought about what will happen to your cash flow in the next nine to 18 months?

Mark Skousen

That’s why Mark Skousen, one of America’s top economists, is taking public an elite “cash collect” strategy.

It’s your “catch up” savings plan… to ensure you’ll never run out of money.

As a former economic analyst for the CIA, Mark Skousen has helped hundreds of Americans expand their wealth against inflation, fed policies and volatile markets.

Including L. Slagle from Fremont, Indiana who told us:

“Your recommendations have allowed my portfolio to increase in value over the years. As a retiree this is my primary source of income.”

And one gentleman who wished to remain anonymous added:

“I got beat up pretty bad in the stock market. But thanks to Mark, I am recovering everything I lost and then some.”

The great thing is Mark Skousen’s “cash collect” strategy works even when economic and stock market turmoil rage on.

And I’ll prove it to you shortly with not one, but six years of historic data.

With real money made by hard-working Americans like you.

How’s that possible?

At the heart of Mark’s “cash-collect” strategy is the powerful code you see here:


Now this is not a code for options, or warrants, or anything you’ve likely heard of.

While most Americans, and even shrewd investors have no clue this code exists.

This code can be found in ONLY one out of 300 stocks.

Stocks of little-known companies that fly under the radar, yet operate in essential sectors like energy, food and financial services.

Come hell or high water, these companies are extremely profitable.

Only these stocks with the code 11-12-23-29-S could “lift-off” and push upward AGAINST a volatile market.

And Mark’s proprietary Economist Profit CODE system is the only tool in the world that can pinpoint these stocks with amazing accuracy.

Giving you the chance to strategically get in and out of these essential stocks, sometimes within days and weeks…

…and walk away with quick payouts on an average monthly basis- to build back your savings.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of disposable income ever again.

Let me show you the spectacular payouts you could have collected during several market dips, the pandemic and Biden’s disastrous inflation rage.


Starting with what happened on July 6, 2016.

Uncertainty ragged over the impact of Brexit.

The DOW shed 611 points around that time.

No surprise when Mark ran his Economist Profit CODE system, it rejected 99% of stocks.

But lo and behold Scott’s Miracle Growth flashed within the code.

The company was growing like a weed.

Revenue was up 16% to $3.2 billion.

And profit growth jumped 69%, to $243 million.

What happened next was nothing short of remarkable.

That trade returned a life-changing 424% gain.

On that same day we closed up 89% on Gentex, which also flashed the profit code.

A few days later we closed another 45% gain, on Getty Realty Corp.

Just Imagine You Were in on the Insight of the Economist Profit CODE… You’d Pocketed $16,740 in 15 Days in the Midst of Market Turmoil

With a small $3,000 stake in each trade… you could have walked away with $16,740 – in profit.

Think about it.

How would an extra 16 grand change your life in such a short space of time, especially when the market is down?

Do this every month and you’re looking at an average of $200,800 over a year.

That’s more than 3X the average annual salary in America.

It’s 6X more than the average Social Security payout in a year.

And more than 8X the return of the broad market at the time.

Chart 5

Imagine how you’d feel knowing you can take care of your family and not worry about money.

Or about what happens in the broad market.

That’s the financial power the Economist Profit CODE puts in your hands.

And the great thing about following Mark’s Economist Profit CODE is you’re usually in and out of the stock within a month or two.

No need to tie up your hard-earned money in this volatile market long term.

I’m sure you’re wondering: What exactly is the Economist Profit CODE, and how is it able to produce steady returns in recessions and market dips?

As I mentioned earlier, the Profit CODE, as we like to call it, is based on sound economic and scientific principles…

Like profit… loss… and deep value calculations.

When Mark fires up this proven system, the powerful algorithm triggers 30,000 data points to screen 6,000 stocks.

But the Profit CODE system has built-in precision.

It rejects 99.6% of all stocks.

Until it triggers on a couple dozen essential stocks that post HUGE profit figures regardless of what’s happening in the market.

Like some of today’s companies that post multi-million dollar profit figures from this Biden-created inflation.

These lucky stocks are the 1.4% winners.

These stocks flash the profit code: 11-12-23-29-S

Here’s a quick look at what the code means:

Maybe you’ve heard the phrases “profit margins” and “earnings ratio” before.

But notice how precise and specific these built-in profit numbers are?

Also notice how the price-to-earnings ratio must be below 29?

It means the stock must be profitable, yet cheap enough for you to get in WITHOUT overpaying for the stock.

And “S” means the smart money from the likes of Fidelity, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock must be in – buying shares hand over fist.

How many stocks have you purchased that actually met each of these specific criteria?

As you’ll see shortly, there’s a reason why the code numbers are so specific and why these calculations matter.

But keep in mind the system is economics- and science-based.

It’s designed to cut out risky bets on the stock market.

That’s why it took a top economist and legend like Mark Skousen to build this groundbreaking system.

But for you… it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

All you have to do is buy the stocks that flash the profit code…

Then wait to collect your profit, sometimes within a month, sometimes within days.

Finally a Proven Strategy to Help the “Little Guy”… You Could Have Walked Away with a Profit Payout of $7,710 in 27 Days

Look what happened in October 2017.

Interest rates were low. And investors turned to mutual funds for income.

Mark’s system flashed on T. Rowe Price – a mutual fund business based in Maryland.

Revenue was up 12%.

Profit margin jumped 32%.

Profit growth was up a whopping 84%.

Price-to-earnings ratio was only 16.

This meant the stock was selling cheap, at just 16X earnings.

Plus Wall Street’s powerhouses were buying the stock in droves.

T.Rowe Price fell smack within the range of the code: 11-12-23-29-S

So Mark fired off a buy recommendation to his readers.

Then, boom!

Just 27 days later, Mark fired off a sell alert, for a 257% gain.

Using your simple brokerage account and a $3,000 starting stake…

You could’ve walked away with a profit of $7,710 in under a month.

Now, of course, you could have started with as little as $200 if you’d wanted to.

How much you put into each trade is totally up to you.

Here’s another example of a time the Profit CODE system went against the market and won.


Back in May 2019 the trade war between the U.S. and China intensified.

The DOW was in all kinds of freefall… down over 600 points.

Investors wanted nothing to do with stocks…

But Mark’s Profit CODE flashed on Dolby Laboratories…


The data showed revenue grew 41%.

Profit was up 14%.

Dolby’s profit margin was 25%.

The stock traded below a P/E ratio of 29.

Plus huge institutions were quietly having a buying feast.

Once again Dolby aligned correctly within the range of the code: 11-12-23-29-S

Just two months after Mark’s call, his readers cashed out on a 174% gain.

Just a $2,000 stake would have put an extra $3,480 in your pocket.

Now… have you noticed a pattern?

Regardless of how bad the economy is… there are always companies that make huge profits based on the needs they fulfill or the type of business they’re in.

These little-known companies are always likely to “lift off” against the market at that time.

But there was no system or tool to ransack the stock exchange to find these companies and compare their specific profit figures.

Not until Mark Skousen took up this daunting task six-plus years ago.

These are the exact profitable opportunities Mark’s Profit CODE hunts for.

Let’s jump to 2020, when the pandemic began.


On March 16, the stock market had a 12% one-day drop.

Overnight the Fed injected a huge amount of cash into the banking system to cushion the blow.

But had you trusted the insights of the Profit CODE, your next winner would have been locked.

For the first time in years, gold stocks appeared on our screen, including Barrick Gold.

The company owned dozens of gold mines in Canada, Argentina, Nevada and Tanzania.

Revenue was up 51%.

Profit growth… over 45%.

Profit margin exceeded 40%.

Yet Barrick traded just 8 times earnings – a bargain for a mining company.

Again, the stock flashed within the code range: 11-12-23-29-S

While everyone was reeling from stock losses, you could have closed out at a 152% gain in a little over a month.

With a small stake of a grand, you could’ve pocketed an extra $1,520.

Double your stake and you’d walk away with $3,040 in a little over a month.

Let’s jump back to 2021.

Remember when supply shortages began to spiral out of control?

And President Biden was sleeping at the wheel?

Our screen flashed on CSX Corp, an essential cargo company.

Most people have never heard of this railroad company.

But its network links more than 230 railroads to oceans, rivers, lake ports and farming towns.

Pretty “boring” company… but not the numbers.

Revenues rose 32% in 12 months – to $11.3 billion.

Profits rose beyond 23%.

Profit margin jumped 30%.

And the stock sold at just 18 times earnings.

No surprise huge firms like BlackRock and Vanguard bought over 200 million shares.

But they weren’t the only ones striking it rich.

Readers who followed Mark’s call closed at 139% in 41 days.

A $3,000 stake would have given you a profit payout of $4,170.

Chart after chart shows the Profit CODE is a trusted tool that could help you start your “catch-up” savings plan and build a huge savings account – month after month.

To ensure you don’t run out of money… not in the next 9 months or in the long term.

Because You’re In and Out of the Stock So Fast, Your Profits Compound Quickly

Giving you the chance to recoup recent loses and maintain a steady income flow.

Just consider everything that went wrong in November 2021.


Inflation crawled toward a 40-year high.

We saw the highest gas prices in history.

The market was a bloodbath…

Some folks lost more than 10% of their money in less than three months.

Biden and the Fed were in a state of cluelessness.

And yet, that November, the Profit CODE could have given you…

64% on Mosaic…

160% on Seagate Technology Inc…  

131% on CSX Corp…

And 137% on Apple.

With a small $3,000 stake in each trade, you could have collected a profit payout of $14,760 in one month.

Put another way, that’s more than eight years’ worth of stock market returns in one month.

Do this every month and you’re looking at an average yearly profit of $120,080.

Suddenly you could be in the top bracket of earners in your state.

Imagine how your loved ones would feel knowing you’re making so much money so fast.

You could pay off your mortgage and escape rising interest payments.

Or treat your family to a nice vacation to shed stress and anxiety.

Or just save for the future and make this your “catch-up” savings plan.

Imagine You Had 10… 12… and 15 Trade Win Streaks Over Three Years

Now of course, no stock-picking system is perfect.

To be clear, there will always be losers along the way.

If anyone tells you otherwise, run the other way, FAST.

And please, it’s never wise to invest more than you can afford to lose.

That’s exactly what Mark Skousen would tell you, straight up.

In fact, I’ve known Mark for about two decades.

He’s an honest guy. This trait is embedded in his intelligence, his family ties and his faith.

It’s that kind of honesty and intelligence that led Mark to have meetings with four presidents – Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

To honor Mark’s honesty, I’ll tell you this:

The huge wins more than make up for the small losses along the way.

Here’s a look at how the Profit CODE system has fared since its inception.

And when Mark’s readers had these win streaks, he took pleasure in sending them his alerts. Take a look.

In 2019 the DOW was down 600 points during the trade war and yet…Boom!

Since 2016, the Profit CODE produced an average annualized return of 136%.

Just $3,000 in each of Mark’s recommendations would allow you to collect about $8,500 on a monthly average.

At that rate Mark’s Profit CODE outperformed the S&P 500 by a factor of 8X every year.

And it returned 12X more than Wall Street hedge funds, according to data from Reuters.

Chart 20

It’s easy to see why thousands of Americans turn to Mark to build back their savings or expand their wealth.

And get back on track toward achieving financial liberation.

Here’s what some said recently:

“Your positions have allowed me to sleep well at night.” —Paul K., Hobe Sound, FL

“I don’t take anyone else’s advice. Following only Mark.” —Dean H., Saratoga Springs, UT

“I’ve been very happy with Mark Skousen for the past 12 years. [He’s] been consistent in all kinds of markets.” —Thomas Oberholtzer, Woodlands, TX

“Mark Skousen’s recommendations have outperformed all other investment services.” —Greg G.

“I take over 40 financial newsletters, and I believe Mark understands macroeconomics better than any of the others I follow. If you follow Mark, you should always make money.” —M. Fowler, Poway, CA

The way I see it, this is the perfect strategy for the “little guy” who rightfully wants to replenish his savings or retirement account.

You see, the Profit CODE is scientific and precision based.

It pinpoints only stocks that have huge earnings and profit margins yet are underpriced.

The code cuts out the noise and the type of market speculation that have plagued hardworking Americans for years.

This “hit and miss” approach with your hard-earned money ends right now.

And it’s all thanks to the expertise of Mark Skousen, who’s spent the past 40 years helping regular Americans build back their savings.

The question is, Why would a top economist like Mark, who’s met four U.S. presidents, help the “little guy”?

While Mark was recently named one of the top 20 living economists in the world by Super Scholar.org

Mark wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

And he was never part of the Wall Street crowd.

Mark and his siblings grew up in a humble household in Oregon… raised by their single mom.

But that didn’t stop Mark from climbing the ranks of academia and earning his Ph.D. in economics.

Afterward, Mark worked as a high-level economic analyst for the CIA.

Then he taught economics and finance at top schools like Columbia University and Rollings College.

He also wrote over two dozen books on finance and investing…

Including the bestsellers The Complete Guide to Financial Privacy and The Making of Modern Economics.

When huge networks like CNBC, Fox News and C-SPAN need to know what’s happening in the economy and the market… they call Mark Skousen.

But perhaps here’s what Mark is most widely known for…

Helping everyday folks make money, through bull and bear markets, over the past 40 years.

Like Norman S. from Henderson, Nevada, who said…

“I’ve had about 30 different newsletters. But none compare to Mark’s calls. Mark is the only [one] that has helped me for 39 years straight.”—Norman S.

But in 2015, Mark’s career took a major turn. Why?

By mid-August of that year, something critical hit investors. A three-day loss of 1,300 points slammed the DOW into a corner.

Risky stock bets were eating away the life savings of hardworking Americans – just as we’re seeing today.

As a world-class economist and investing legend, Mark felt it was time to address that issue…

To build a disruptive stock system based on sound economic principles that had eluded Wall Street for over a century.

One that would work in all kinds of market conditions to produce steady returns.

After thousands of man-hours… meticulously tweaking and perfecting his system…

The Economist Profit CODE system sprang to life.

Then in 2016, Mark shared it with a small group of beta testers.

 10 Wins in a Row Could Have Given You $24,300 in Just 4 Months…

And as you’ve seen, the results between September 2016 and January 2017 are nothing short of stunning…

10 trades.

10 straight wins.

In just four months.

Take a look at the alert Mark fired off to his readers at the time.

Imagine putting $3,000 in each of these examples.

You’d walk away with a profit of $24,300, in just four months.

That’s like $6,075 every month during that period.

So let me ask you…

How many times have you had a win streak of five, seven or even 10 trades in just four months?

If you have, I congratulate you.

But the fact is… most investors never see the sort of returns the Profit CODE has been unlocking.

And chances are, you didn’t own ANY of these stocks.

I’ll go on record to say, the Profit CODE is the most powerful stock-picking system I’ve seen in my three-decade-plus publishing career.

It’s science- and economics-based, and cuts out risky bets in volatile markets.

I am so sure of this.

We’re putting a lot of money at stake to bring the Profit CODE to you to help you build a better retirement or savings account.

It’s Eagle Financial Publications’ boldest initiative to date.

I’ll explain all that shortly.

But first I’d like to pull back the curtains to show you the secret that makes the Profit CODE work.

And why the system is designed to help you collect an average of $8,500 – about every month.

Revealed: The Greatest Money-Making Secret of This Century

It all starts with this secret:

The stocks selected by the Profit CODE system are destined to “lift off” like a plane against market conditions.

Have you ever thought about what it takes for an airplane to lift off and fly into the sky?

A Boeing 747 can weigh up to 970,000 pounds…

It really shouldn’t fly.

But it does because of a combination of five astonishing factors:

Weight, lift, thrust, drag and weather conditions.

If you get enough thrust and enough lift, the plane overcomes the factors holding it back, like drag and weight…

Pushing the plane upward and sending it soaring into the sky.

Profitable companies are no different.

Remember those five characteristics… thrust, lift, weight, drag and weather conditions.

They are exactly what make a stock skyrocket.

And each one has been assigned a number in Mark’s Profit CODE system: 11-12-23-29-S

1. Thrust: The thrust of a stock is quite simply the sales.

According to Mark, sales are the leading factor in a stock’s success.

It’s the fuel that drives a stock forward.

A stock that’s going to “take off” must have sales growth of at least 11%.

It’s the first number in Mark’s code.

Thrust Must Overcome Drag
2. Thrust Must Overcome Drag: The drag on a business is its expenses.

The difference between sales and expenses is measured in profit margin.

The bigger the profit margin, the faster the stock pushes forward.

Profit margins must be at least 12% or you won’t go anywhere.

Then you look at the weight.

Not Too Heavy
3. Not Too Heavy: In the stock market, weight is measured in how expensive the stock is.

If you invest in a company that trades at 100 times earnings… your stock must trade at 200 times earnings to double in value.

That is NOT easy.

By comparison, if your stock trades at six times earnings according to the code, it only needs to go to 12 to double in value.

Many of today’s “momentum” stocks don’t cut it. No surprise there…

DO NOT invest in stocks trading at more than 29 times earnings.

Next, the algorithm scans for another critical factor.

Lift Off
4. Lift Off: The lift is simple. You need to be profitable. Very profitable.

You need a profit growth of at least 23% to “lift” off the ground.

And finally, you need favorable weather and strong tailwinds to shoot for the sky.

Weather Conditions
5. Weather Conditions: In the stock market, the tailwind is institutional buying.

When hedge funds, pension funds and the big banks buy millions of shares…

It means insiders know something huge is about to happen with the company.

Any stock that rates well on each of the five factors in the code 11-12-23-29-S is called a Five Star Stock.

Now, there are other data pieces that Mark looks at. Remember, the system triggers over 30,000 data points in all.

But when you put it all together…

This groundbreaking system turns stock investing into economics and science… rather than today’s gambling game it’s become to most people.

And Mark Skousen is the only one I know of with the knowledge to create and run a system like this.

All you need to do is follow Mark’s calls.

I could show you, win after win, how the Profit CODE could have made you so much richer than you are today.

Sometimes Your Payouts Happen Within a Few Days

Get in and get out. Your money is never tied up in the market for too long.

Yet your life would be a whole lot easier with more cash to take care of yourself and your family…

Like the hundreds of Americans who turn to Mark Skousen… not only to recoup money they’ve lost…

But also to enjoy financial liberation.

Right now you have a fleeting chance to join these folks who may spend less time worrying about their financial future, thanks to Mark’s research.

Today Mark Is Opening the Doors of His Research You Could Potentially Make about $8,500 Every Month… Over $102,000 Every Year

Mark just fired up the system. Less than a couple dozen stocks flashed within the Profit CODE: 11-12-23-29-S

Despite the carnage taking place in the broad market, these companies are minting money.

That’s a guarantee.

Mark and his team are analyzing the data to select the #1 pick.

Any day Mark will send out a “buy” alert to a small group of readers.

And you could be one of them.

But I’ll be frank…

“Now’s Your Chance to Get in on the Next Round of Profits… or Miss Out”

Let me explain…

We’re opening the doors to Mark’s exclusive Five Star Trader research service once again.

It’s the ONLY place you’ll get picks based on Mark’s Profit CODE system.

But there’s one caveat.

While Mark reaches over 100,000 readers every week through his investment services…

Five Star Trader is Mark’s high-end and exclusive research, and we’ve always kept the group small.

We don’t want “momentum” to artificially drive prices up.

With so many folks now turning to Mark to recoup and build their wealth…

The numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.

And we may soon cap it off.

But if you act now, you’ll have the chance to get in and start collecting steady payouts.

Welcome to Mark Skousen’s Exclusive Five Star Trader

Here’s how it works when you join Five Star Trader today.

Every time Mark and his team run the Profit CODE system…

The system rejects 99.6% of stocks.

Sometimes fewer than 60 stocks qualify at any one time.

The system filters down to 45… 35… 23 stocks.

Mark won’t tell you he has a “hunch” or that he just “likes a company.”

As a world-class economist and financial expert, Marks dives deep into fundamentals.

He selects the #1 stock that triggers the code: 11-12-23-29-S

Then he sends you his alert with a full overview of that stock.

Over the course of the year, you’ll get about 25 recommendations.

At any given time, you can expect about five to seven recommendations in your model portfolio.

Mark likes to focus on quality. Not quantity.

When it’s time to take profits, Mark will tell you so in a timely manner.

Once you sell a stock, you’ll get a timely replacement.

That way you collect an income of about $8,500 on a monthly average.

You have nothing to do but follow Mark’s calls.

And it takes about five minutes of your time.

Just collect your payouts when it’s time and live life as you please.

To get you started, Mark will also send you his exclusive tactical report:

Exclusive Members-Only Bonus #1: Mark Skousen’s Playbook for Outsized Returns

You see, every time Mark recommends a stock, he’ll also issue a call option contract on it.

It’s a strategy for the “little guy.”

That way, you could control more shares of a stock at a much cheaper rate with options… yet turbo-charge your payouts.

And if the trades go bad, you could NEVER lose more than that small amount you invested. From the offset, this strategy minimizes your risk.

Here’s why this strategy is a gold mine.

The profit potential with Mark’s call options contract is virtually limitless.

Even a tiny move in the underlying stock… say 11%… can give you a more than 100% gain on the call options.

Here’s an example.

Between March 3 and April 19 of 2020, Grand Canyon Education’s stock returned 24%.

To be clear, 24% is a good return for most folks – considering the market tanked at the time, due to the pandemic.

But had you followed Mark’s call option contract, you could have bagged a 128% return on the same stock – at the same time…

Notice how the call option return is 5X bigger than the stock?

Chart 28

Now tell me…

Which return suits your needs better right now – 24% or 128%?

Another example…

You could’ve bought Seagate Technology on November 24, 2021, and waited for the stock to pop just 10.4%…

Again, a good return for most people.

But Mark had a better deal… a call option contract that surged 160% in just 14 days.

Chart 29

Then between December 3, 2019, and February 5, 2020… Spirit Realty popped just 7.7%.

But watch this…

Around the same time, Mark’s call option contract on the stock went up a whopping 460%.

Chart 30

I am tempted to ask… which would you rather have… 7% or 460%?

Think about what these home runs would do for your savings right now.

You don’t get wealthy by sitting on the sidelines and letting these returns slip through your fingers.

Any inaction would do NOTHING to help you right now.

Mark is simply giving you the right tools to help you make a lot of money, as he’s done for thousands of folks.

Basically, the call option is a bullish contract on Mark’s Five Star stocks.

And because these Five Star stocks are destined to surge, the call option contract is the perfect way to juice your returns.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Mark gives you the call option ticker symbol, and you simply plug it into your brokerage account or tell your broker, just as you would for any ordinary stock.

And Mark follows the trade like a hawk and tells you when it’s best to sell for profit.

You will not be on your own… or left behind.

Everything you need to get started is in your members-only report: Mark Skousen’s Playbook for Outsized Returns.

Which takes me to your…

Exclusive Members-Only Bonus #2: The Five Star Trader Blueprint: Easy Triple-Digit Gains with the Economist Profit CODE

This report is available only to members of Five Star Trader with invaluable details of Mark’s vision and investment strategy.

It will take you about 10 minutes to go through it.

But inside you’ll get…

Suddenly you’ll know more about picking winners than most Americans.

Again, you don’t have to do any of this on your own.

Mark does all the hard work. You simply follow his recommendations.

Today both reports are yours free as soon as you join Five Star Trader.

Payouts Like $11,160, $7,710 and $14,760… Could Lead You to Financial Freedom

So what does membership in Five Star Trader cost?

Well, just consider what one member told us recently…

Five Star Trader is too profitable to pass up.” —Mark Crenshaw, Jacksonville, FL

Imagine you had access to a stock-picking system with an average annual return rate of 136%.

With the potential to make you about $8,500 on a monthly average…

Or potentially $102,000 over a year.

At that rate, Mark Skousen’s Five Star Trader service produced 12X the returns of huge hedge funds in 2020.

The question is: How much is a return rate like this worth to you?

Especially when you consider Mark could easily sell his research to huge hedge funds and high net worth individuals.

Many of whom are his friends and acquaintances.

That’s Mark in the middle with his close friend Steve Forbes, and Steve Mariotti.

They frequently rub shoulders at Mark’s annual FreedomFest in Las Vegas every year.

…The largest gathering of free thinkers and liberty seekers on U.S. soil.

And these guys would gladly pay upward of $100,000 for the insights of the Profit CODE.

But Mark didn’t create the system to serve Wall Street’s elites or celebrities.

So don’t worry…

Five Star Trader won’t cost you $100,000.

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Mark created the system to give the “little guy” a fair shot at making average monthly returns without making risky bets.

That’s why Mark is putting in the time and the best resources at your disposal, so you won’t have to worry about losing money because of Biden’s disastrous policies.

In fact…

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It’s your right.

Sure, you can try to analyze over 6,000 stocks and figure out the most profitable ones.

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Imagine spending hundreds of man-hours trying to figure all this out.

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Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski
Publisher, Five Star Trader

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