Skousen "Ted Talk" - Mark Skousen

PhD Economist Dr. Mark Skousen Makes Stunning Revelation…

“I Made Millions in Pre-IPO Private Placements…
And Now I’ve Discovered a Way for You to
Do the Same — Without All the Risks.”

Today I’ll Show You the Fastest (And Most Reliable) Way
To Get Rich on Just ONE Investment!


Hello everyone. I’m Roger Michalski, publisher at Eagle Financial Publications.

Tonight, we have a very special guest. One of the top economists, investors, and financial minds in the world today… Dr. Mark Skousen.

He’s going to share a personal story tonight… one that he’s never talked about publicly before.

And I believe it has the possibility of changing the lives of everyone watching.

So with that, join me in welcoming Dr. Skousen.


Thanks very much, everyone. And welcome to our audience both here and at home.

I’m Mark Skousen, financial economist and editor of Forecasts & Strategies.

I want to start out by saying that I’ve lived a unique life.

Over the years, I’ve been a professor at an Ivy League School… Consulted for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Hutchinson Technology… Written national best-selling books… Met with presidents of the United States… Made lifelong friendships with CEOs of top companies.

I even arm-wrestled on stage with William Shatner recently.

But today I’m going to tell you about a different part of my career… one I rarely talk about.

You see… because of the connections I’ve made over the years, I’ve also quietly become a very successful private equity investor.

The fact is… I’ve made millions of dollars in pre-IPO private placements… the kind that are normally reserved for wealthy insiders.

And today, I’m showing you how you can do the same…

Without any connections. Without already being rich…

And without taking all the risks I had to deal with over the years.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, private equity investing involves getting in on companies BEFORE they go public.

And it is without question the single, fastest (and most reliable) way to get rich in America today.

No doubt, you’ve seen some of the stories…

Like Chris Sacca, who invested $26,000 in Twitter back in 2006 through the private equity markets… a full 7 years before it went public.

Those shares made him a billionaire.

Or look at Max Levchin. He made 174 times his money on Yelp. Every $10,000 he put in turned into $1.7 million.

Or Jeremy Stoppelman, who got in early on Uber… where every $100 turned into more than $1 million.

None of these people ever have to worry about money again.

And it’s all because they had the chance to invest early in great companies, long before they go public.

As The Financial Post points out…

 “Of the wealthiest people on the planet, virtually every one of them made their fortune in private equity.”

However, there is one major problem.

Generally, these sort of opportunities are off limits to regular investors.

In order to participate in the best private equity deals, you need to either…

A) Be rich


B) Know somebody important.

Most of the time you have to be what’s called an “accredited investor.”

This means that you and your spouse either have an income over $300,000 per year, or a net worth over $1 million… which instantly eliminates most Americans.

But even if you are rich, you also have to know the right people.

The people who control these deals don’t just let anyone in.

It’s only for people who are “in the club.”

If you ask me, it’s one of the great injustices in the world…

That the very best investment opportunities only go to the ultra-rich and powerful.

Now, I have to admit, I’ve been fortunate.

The connections I’ve made over the years have gotten me past the velvet rope, and in on some of the very best deals.

And these deals have made me very wealthy.

However, today I want to give you the chance to do the same.

You see… I’ve found perhaps the greatest private equity investment of all time.

Here’s how it works…

I’ve found a powerful private equity investment that allows you to get in on multiple great private equity deals — all at once.

And the performance has been out of this world.

See for yourself in this chart…

This private equity investment has crushed the S&P 500 even during one of the longest bull runs in history. 

In recent years, for instance, they closed out 7 private equity deals.

Every single one made money… with the smallest gain coming in at 210%.

Others were much larger.

They haven’t exited a single losing position during that time.

And the amount this private equity investment has paid out to investors has never dropped – not once — in 10 years.

It’s only grown higher and higher.

This year it will be $148 million.

So imagine for a minute that what I just described was YOUR stock portfolio…

Imagine that every stock you closed was a winner of over 200%.

That your performance ran circles around the S&P 500.

And you didn’t have any losers.

How pleased would you be? 

Well, that’s exactly what this private equity investment is producing.

And today, I want to help you get in.

There are no investment minimums. (You can get in for less than $100 if you want.)

There are no rules or requirements you have to meet. (And you DON’T need to be an accredited investor.)

All you need is the instructions I’m going to give you, and you’ll have the chance to get in on the most profitable private equity deals in the country.

I believe this is the single best thing you can do with your money right now.

And, in fact, your future finances depend on it.

Here’s why…

All the Big Gains are Moving from the
Public Markets to the Private Markets

There was a time when you could get really rich in the regular stock market.

It used to be that companies would go public early in their lifecycles.

And the biggest gains would go to public investors.

Take a company like Microsoft.

It went public all the way back in 1986.

At the time, computers were still a novelty.

Microsoft was still in its infancy.

So the biggest growth was yet to come.

And since its IPO, Microsoft has delivered a 160,000% return for investors.

It’s handed out $1.6 million for every $1,000 invested.

In short, everybody had a chance to get rich on Microsoft… no matter your wealth or connections.

But that’s changed today.

Take a company like Uber — it’s done even better than Microsoft.

The gains for early investors in Uber have exceeded one million percent.

Every $1,000 turned into 10 million dollars!

But as a regular investor, did you ever have a chance to invest in Uber before it went public?

Absolutely not…

It was off limits to you.

It didn’t trade publicly.

So you needed special privileges to get in.

You had  to either be rich… or know somebody important.

And here’s the bad news…

At this point, the big money to be made on Uber is long gone.

It’s already up one million percent.

The hyper growth phase is over… before you even had your shot when it went public.

And this is happening more and more.

The average company used to go public after 4 or 5 years in business.

Now the average company goes public after 9 to 10 years.

As Vox reports, “companies are waiting longer and longer to go public.”

And The New York Times showed this happens ONLY once “the company’s fastest phases of growth are behind them.”

As a result, the public markets are now performing much worse than the private markets.

The investing platform Fundrise points out that “there is a wealth of empirical evidence highlighting the pronounced return difference between public and private securities.”

The numbers show private equity outperforming the public markets by 50% annually.

It’s BIG.

And it’s so simple to see why this is happening.

The New York Times points out that “Unicorn companies like Lyft are finally going public, after large gains have been captured by elite early investors.”

That’s the long and short of it…

The biggest gains are now going directly to elite investors who have the connections and wealth to get in early.

But I have good news, and that’s why I’m talking to you today.

The simple truth is… if you want to retire wealthy in the modern world, you can.

But you have to change your mentality now.

Not next year… not five years from now…

Right now!

You can no longer expect to get rich by just investing in a stock index fund.

You need to be able to access those massive private equity winners.

I’m talking about getting in on companies like… 

This is where the truly huge money is.

If you had been able to put just $500 in to those three companies alongside the private equity investors… you’d have $912,515 today.

That’s how powerful private equity can be.

And in a minute, I’m going to share with you the very best way to invest in the top-performing private equity deals…

Without worrying about a single one of the restrictions.

Because the thing is… finding your way into the right private equity deal can be the single greatest investment move you ever make.

And I should know. I’ve been in quite a few.

The Biggest Wins of My Life Have
Come Through Private Equity Deals

And, as I mentioned before, I’ve led a blessed life.

I became a millionaire at a very young age. And I’ve traveled the world (77 countries, in fact) speaking alongside some of the best investors in the world for decades.

I know many company CEOs and angel investors personally. I can call them directly.

The truth is… my position has given me the chance to get in on a number of extremely profitable investment deals.

I was an early investor in one of the world’s first online universities. This was early on in the Internet Boom — so it was relatively new.

A friend I knew through my long-time relationship with renowned speculator Doug Casey set it up.

And, because I was a close friend, I had the chance to get in at such an incredibly great price that it was almost all upside. 

I invested $25,000. And when the online university was sold to a hedge fund several years later, I collected $500,000.

Back in the 1990s, I invested in a mining company called Altair that had great promise. And I paid a price many times lower than what the public paid after its Initial Public Offering, or IPO.

Again, this one led to a seven-figure payday. I invested $25,000 that turned into $2 million when I finally sold all my shares.

With that profit, my wife and I were able to pay off our mortgage on our home in Florida. It was a great feeling to be financially independent.

Then, in the year 2000, I saw an opportunity to invest in a partnership with Rick Rule, one of the world’s true experts in natural resources.

He offered my wife and I a chance to invest $25,000 each in his limited partnership.

The purpose of the limited partnership was to invest in pre-IPO exploration and development mining companies based in Canada.

This is normally a very risky area of investing.

But under Rick Rule’s acumen in finding the Canadian mining companies with the best prospects — and getting into low-price “seed” money — we reduced our risk and increased our chances of success compared to retail investors who paid much higher prices and took much higher risks.

When the partnership ended 8 years later in 2008 (the same year as the financial crisis!), my wife and I each received a check for $500,000!

And just a few years ago, I closed out another one of these deals.

I obtained over 100,000 shares in a marijuana company back in 2017.

When it went public, the price absolutely catapulted. My $750 investment turned into nearly $1,000,000.

Again, I was rewarded with a huge payday.

Now, I’m not telling you all this to brag.

Far from it.

In fact, I’m usually a bit more private about my own personal finances.

But I’m sharing my success stories with you now, because I want you to see that people like me truly do have an advantage.

A BIG one, in fact.

Private equity returns have smashed the broad market for years. And it’s only getting larger.

Again, public investing no longer has the potential for massive gains it once did.

Investing in private companies is the one place where you can still land the kind of winners that can make you rich on one investment.

Imagine the opportunity to just put a few thousand down on an Uber or Airbnb or Yelp… and retire rich when it goes public.

People are doing it right now.

Private Equity Investors Are Making a Killing…
And You are Getting Left Behind

Look at a guy like Peter Thiel.

Peter is someone I know personally. I’ve had him speak several times at FreedomFest, the conference I hold in Las Vegas each summer.

Peter is the founder of PayPal.

Now of course PayPal made him a millionaire.

But his true riches, which made him a billionaire, have come from the investments he made AFTER he got rich on PayPal…

Once he finally had access to the world of the elite Private Equity investors.

For example, once he was “in the club,” he had the chance to invest $500,000 in Facebook in 2004…

And he later sold his shares for over $1 billion.

That’s 2,000 times his money on one play.

And that’s just one investment.

Peter made early investments over and over in huge hits like LinkedIn, Airbnb, Friendster, Palantir,  Yelp, Spotify, SpaceX, and dozens more.

As a multi-billionaire, Peter Thiel is now ranked No. 14 on the Forbes Midas List.

And all of this happened because, yes, Peter is a brilliant guy. But also because he was one of only a handful of people who actually had access to these incredible private companies.

For example, he was friends with Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook.

So let me ask you a question… 

If you had the chance to invest alongside a person like Peter Thiel, wouldn’t you jump at that chance?

Of course you would.

Only a crazy person would miss that opportunity!

And that’s exactly the type of investment I’m going to share with you now.

It’s the best Private Equity investment I know that you can access from a regular brokerage account… to get into private companies that aren’t available on the U.S. stock exchanges.

This is a godsend for everyday investors.

It’s finally a chance to see those big returns you can’t get anywhere outside of Private Equity.

Here’s what’s going on…

Finally, Somebody Did Something to
Give Regular Investors a Chance…

You see, a few years ago, some smart investors decided to do something unusual.

They recognized that the rules set out by the government were unfair.

They realized it’s not right to make it ILLEGAL for anyone but rich people to get in on the best private equity investments.

After all, it shouldn’t just be people like me who have the chance to make millions on private companies.

Everyone should have that chance.

So these smart investors created a new type of company.

The company would trade publicly, giving regular investors access, but every one of their investments would be in private companies.

In short, they decided to make an exemption in the system.

A way in for regular folks who deserve a chance at the gigantic private equity wins.

And it’s turned into one of the greatest investments I’ve ever seen… absolutely crushing the S&P 500

As I showed you earlier, the returns this group is producing are out of this world.

See that little green line on this chart.

That’s the performance of the S&P 500 during one of the greatest bull market runs of all time.

A $10,000 investment in 2007 would be worth $23,000 today.

How about Warren Buffett? Widely considered the greatest investor in the post-World War II period.

A $10,000 investment in 2007 in his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, would be worth $25,000 today.

Yet Buffett’s returns look tiny compared to the massive blue line… which is the performance of this private equity investment over the same period.

Over the last 13 years, this single investment has multiplied investors’ money more than 10-fold.

It’s turned every $10,000 into $87,000… and it’s growing practically every month.

Imagine a stock market that delivered more than 10 times your money every 10 years.

It would be incredible.

But it would never happen.

Yet, THIS private equity investment delivers.

And it’s because virtually every investment they make turns into a huge winner.

Let me give you an example.

How’d You Like to Collect 850%
In Just Three Years?

This private equity group made an investment in a new private automotive company just a few years ago.

The company would have been impossible for regular investors to get into.

But this private equity group had access.

So they pooled the money of their regular investors and put in around $2 million.

Three years later, they sold the position for a $14.4 million profit… representing an 850% gain in just three years.

Then they distributed the profits to their members.

And this is not unusual.

It seems like every single deal they make turns into massive profits for investors.

Every Investment This Private Equity Company Makes… Seems to Turn Into a Major Money-Multiplying Win

Everything they touch seems to turn into a major money-multiplying win.

Here… let me run you through every single position they’ve closed out since the beginning of 2017.

On March 2, 2017, the company closed out their investment in one of America’s top privately held trucking companies.

The investment produced $22.9 million in profit… a gain of 220%.

On July 28, 2017… they closed out their next win.

It was a 240% gain on an exciting new aviation company.

In September 2017, they closed their third win of the year for 280% on Compact Power Equipment, a private company developing breakthrough power technology.

The same types of wins continued racking up in the years that followed.

The first closed play came on February 14. Their private equity investment in Softtouch Medical Holdings paid out 270%… for a profit of $5.2 million.

Then two weeks later on February 27, they closed out a $9.3 million win in Hydratect… a company developing specialized micro-irrigation techniques.

This was a 210% win.

On August 2, it was another 390% win for a profit of $15.5 million.

This time in a company that created analytics systems for fracking and oil drilling.

And then, on February 6, the company closed another win.

This time, it was a 410% gain on Boss Industries.

Now keep in mind, this is every single closed position they made over over just a couple of years.

And each one was at least 200%.

Consider this… if you had been able to put $10,000 into the 8 plays I mentioned so far… you would have collected profits of $287,000!

And the winners here aren’t even that big.

As you’ve seen, the opportunities in private equity can sometimes be 10,000% or more.

But even the everyday gains are huge.

It just shows the consistency of the profits you can collect through this private equity investment.

In fact, the managers of this top private equity firm have a far better track record than I do.

I’m not afraid to say I’ve often failed in my private equity deals.

Personally, I win less than 50% of the time, even though my wins are much bigger than my losses.

But the guys running this private equity investment?

They have a success rate of over 98%!

They deliver big wins AND they rarely lose.

And here’s the best part.

All you have to do is invest ONCE with this private equity company — and you get access to ALL of these deals.

And unlike my pre-IPO private placements, you don’t have to wait to get your money back.

You don’t have to wait for years to get paid.

This private investment company pays you regular income and you can sell your investment at any time, without penalty.

You can see why I’ve invested my IRA money into this investment – in fact, it’s my largest position in my IRA.

I believe in it… and the people running it… THAT MUCH.

Furthermore, you can put in as much or as little as you want.

Want to just test the waters with just $100?

You can do that.

Want to go big with $100,000?

You can do that, too.

Again, it’s so much better than anything that regular public stocks have to offer.

In fact, the private equity company is entering into a number of deals right now that could produce record profits.

This Private Equity Company Could Be
On the Verge of Its Biggest Winners Yet!

For example, the company just invested $10.7 million into a company that creates technology solutions for life sciences.

They invested $18.1 million in a Texas-based IT company that’s growing incredibly fast.

Here, I’ll give you a quicker list.

The holdings in their current portfolio include…

Now, remember… on your own, there is virtually NO WAY to invest in any of the companies I just mentioned.

Your only chance — is if you’re a millionaire… and also have the right connections.

But by getting shares in the private equity investment I’ve talked about today, which you can access through any regular brokerage account, you get the upside to ALL OF THEM.

So if a company like SlickText or Glowpoint or Affinity VideoNet eventually goes public for billions of dollars… you’ll have the chance to be on the inside along with the richest investors.

That’s because this private equity firm takes an equity or stock position in these private companies.

So when these private companies are bought out or go public, YOU get in on the action and profit handsomely.

And the thing is… There are more and more private companies that are now going public for multi-billion dollar paydays.

More and More Private Companies
Are Turning into Multi-Billion Windfalls

Look at what happened with Lyft.

The company went public in March, 2019, and came out with a $30 billion valuation.

Spotify went for $9.2 billion.

Alibaba went public at $21 billion.

Every time one of these huge IPOs come out, you inevitably see a headline like this one.

The articles always detail the rich guys who got in early who are now cashing in for millions or even billions.

Picture for a second how good it would feel to know that you too are one of the early investors getting rich when a company like Lyft goes public.

When an IPO happens, instead of trying to decide whether to invest, you’ll instead just be calculating how big your profit already is.

And there are so many private companies out there hitting billion dollar valuations… that the opportunities are endless.

The Wall Street Journal recently found there were now 153 different private companies valued over $1 billion.

And it’s growing every day.

So you have a choice in front of you…

A) You can continue simply investing in high-risk publicly-traded stocks and index funds.

You might do OK.

Perhaps you’ll make 5% to 6% a year… or maybe even LOSE money if we go through a bear market.

And you can just make peace with the fact that wealthy connected people are getting rich while you’re left in the cold.


B) You can make the decision right now that enough is enough.

You can move into private equity in the safest, most consistent and profitable private equity investment I’ve personally ever seen.

And you don’t have to just take my word on it.

In the past, I’ve helped a few select people get into this private equity investment. And their stories are amazing.

For example, Dan M. from Roanoke, Alabama, wrote in to tell me he’s already up just over $98,000.

“I only wish I had purchased more shares,” he said.

Or T. Matthews, who wrote me from, as he called it, “overtaxed Connecticut,” said his investment is now worth $298,110.

Then there’s Ray Richards, who says, “I invested $10,000. And my position is now $69,375. That is a great return!”

And then, I received this message from Ruth Baker.

Here’s what she had to say about my private equity investment.

“Love this!! You know how this performed. I mean 1,000 shares… wish I had bought more!! Excellent! Thrilled! Excited! Loving every minute of it.”

And here’s the thing…

The reactions of people like Ruth are common.

Regular investors just have no idea what they are missing with private equity.

And as one of the investors had to say, “the real story is in the [income].”

MASSIVE Income Payouts

You see… this private equity group has one major advantage over traditional private equity.

To explain, I’ll use myself as an example.

When I invested in the marijuana company I talked about earlier, I wasn’t able to collect income on a regular basis.

Rather, because of the many rules associated with private investing, I had to wait for the company to go public before I could collect my winnings.

It was worth it, of course, because the payout was enormous.

But it meant my money was tied up, and I couldn’t access it.

That’s a real drawback to private equity investing.

In all of my private equity plays, my money was always tied up for years, during which time I received no income at all.

However, the private equity investment I’m telling you about doesn’t have those problems.

In fact, they pay investors profits every single month!

And, over the last 10 years, the company has NEVER decreased its payouts.

Not one single time.

Instead, they increase their payouts almost every year.

They are now paying out more than $150 million per year in profits.

Next year, history shows, it will likely be more.

And more again the year after that.

In fact, you could collect your portion of that almost immediately.

The Next Payout is Already Scheduled for
This Month

So if you’re ready to start collecting profits as a private equity investor, all you have to do is access this investment through your brokerage account.

You type in the code that I’m set to give you today into the spot where you normally put in stock ticker symbols.

And then you can invest as much or as little as you want.

Do that… and you’ll be set to receive the next payout… which goes out THIS MONTH.

That means within 30 days, you could receive your first private equity profit check.

But if you wait on this, you’ll miss that next payout, which could mean losing out on thousands of dollars.

Which is why I’ve put together a complete instruction manual for you to get in on this private equity investment.

It’s called, “The Secret Backdoor into Private Equity Riches.”

Now, I just put the final touches on it.

You will be among the first to get a copy today.

And, best of all, I’ve decided to give out a number of copies, absolutely FREE of charge.

I’m doing this for the people who request them first, so you’ll want to move very quickly.

Now, I may end up selling it for the full price of $159.

But if you respond today, I promise to send it to you at no cost.

I think you’re going to love what I have for you inside.

Open it up and the first thing you’ll get is the code to access this private equity investment in any brokerage account.

Again, all you do is type the code in where you normally type in a stock ticker symbol.

This will take you to the page where you can invest as little or as much as you want.

Again, you can put in just $100, to get a taste.

But once you see how well it performs, I have a feeling you’ll want to put in more.

Next, you’ll want to continue looking through all of my research on this private equity group and the investments they hold right now.

I’ll give you access to a website that breaks down every private company you’ll be invested in.

You can read all about the private companies like SlickText or Glowpoint.

I also plan to break down all the financials of this private equity investment for you.

I’ll show you HOW BIG the profits are… and HOW MUCH they’ll pay out to you in monthly payments.

You’ll also see how to access each private equity investment as it’s opened and closed out.

And keep in mind, you don’t have to do anything.

The people running this private equity investment handle it all.

All you have to do is buy your shares… and then you get a piece of every single private equity play.

So once you get my instructional manual — “The Secret Backdoor Into Private Equity Riches,” this is how it will work…

First, you invest what you want.

And second, you sit back and wait for your private equity profits to roll in.

That’s it.

You don’t have to do the analysis on each play yourself.

You don’t have to read each prospectus for the private companies.

Remember, the people running this private equity group have cashed out winner after winner with minimum gains of 210%.

They haven’t closed a losing investment in years.

They know what they’re doing.

Which makes it very easy for you.

And I should mention…

I have no financial interest in this private equity group.

I don’t get anything by recommending them.

I’m telling you about it today purely because it is without a doubt the best private equity investment I know of in terms of profits and safety.

And the fact that my members can get in without any restrictions makes it a perfect recommendation for me.

Remember, the public markets just can’t hold a candle to what you get in private equity.

As the Wall Street Journal confirms: “Buying stakes in private equity firms pays big.”

I know I’ve seen it in my own personal investing.

It’s the private deals I’ve invested in that have made the biggest impact on my wealth.

I’ve been lucky, and doors have been opened to me, to get in on companies that return 30-fold or more.

Which is why I’m making it my mission to help as many people as possible get in on the private equity investment I’ve talked about today.

The only question left to ask yourself is…

What Will Your Retirement Be Like Once You’re
Collecting Win After Win in Private Equity?

For me, I’ve always personally been more interested in life experiences than material things.

Sure, it’s fun to have a nice car.

But the things I’ll remember most in life are the times I spent with family, like the cruise from Singapore to Japan that I took three of my kids and a grandson on.

Or having the money to keep a lake house in Florida where we have family reunions with water skiing, swimming, and games in the yard.

Or taking my wife out for a night in New York City to see Hamilton.

Or giving us the freedom to volunteer at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York, where my wife and I have taught inmates in a 4-year college degree program.

Without the private equity wins I’ve collected over the years, I don’t know if we could afford everything we’ve done.

So the question you have to ask yourself is…

What do you want out of life?

Would you like to get a beach house where your family can all get together?

Take some time off, to work on a hobby or a goal you’ve always had?

Perhaps give more to your church or local charity?

Life is just better without constant concerns about money.

And this private equity investment is simply the best you can get without being an accredited investor.

All the details are in my instruction manual “The Secret Backdoor into Private Equity Riches.”

I can send it to you today.

Again, this will be free of charge.

But that’s not all.

You see…

There are a few bonuses I’d like to send you as well.

Bonus #1: “How to Profit from Rising Interest Rates”

Another reason I believe public stocks are going to slow down is because the Fed is going to have no choice but to start raising rates soon.

They are trying to hold them down as long as possible.

But the fact is… when inflation hits and prices rise… the Fed gets to the point where they have no choice but to raise rates.

And that’s why I put together a second guide for you.

It’s called “How to Profit from Rising Interest Rates.”

Inside, you’ll get three investments that stand to soar because of rising rates.

I can have it in your hands as soon as this presentation is over.

Plus, there’s another bonus I’d like to send your way.

Bonus #2: “Access to All Four of My Portfolios”

I have four different portfolios that I will give you free access to.

You can use any of them as you feel necessary.

My subscribers love them.

As my subscriber Janice Parsons says, these portfolios “have not only given me great comfort in investing, but has helped me make more money from trading than I was making on my own.”

So as part of everything I want to send you today, you’ll get…

And let me add one more bonus for you today…

Bonus #3: “My Five Favorite High Income Growth Stocks”

The final bonus I want to add today is a report with my 5 favorite high income growth opportunities.

I believe that INCOME should be a big part of anyone’s retirement portfolio.

And I’ve found a few plays that offer BIG yields that grow every single year.

You’ll get all 5 in my latest report, “My 5 Favorite High Income Growth Stocks.”

So in total, that’s 4 reports with a total value of $726. But you won’t pay for any of them.

In fact, my publisher, Roger Michalski, is going to come out now and explain how you can get yours for free.

I want to thank you all for joining me today. I truly believe that if you want to retire comfortably, you need to embrace private equity now.

And the investment I’ve shared with you today is the best combination of profitability and safety I’ve seen in the markets.

I wish you the best in your investments and look forward to hearing your success story in private equity. And now I’ll turn it over to Roger.


Ok, as Dr. Skousen said, we’ve created a package of all the reports promised today that we are going to be sending out to viewers starting in the next 10 minutes.

You can receive everything promised as free bonuses just by joining Dr. Skousen in a risk-free trial of his award-winning monthly newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies.

One of the longest running — and most successful — newsletters in the business…

One of the Longest Running (And Most Successful)
Newsletters in the Business

Forecasts & Strategies is a letter he formed over 40 years ago with one specific purpose.

To help people learn and profit from the financial secrets of the world’s most successful investors.

You see… Dr. Skousen believes there is a real problem in America.

The fact is… our government, the media, our schools… almost all of our major institutions are openly hostile to the idea of wealth creation.

If you are successful and make money, they think you are a problem.

They don’t want you to be rich.

Because a rich person isn’t dependent on the government.

A rich person can’t be put in their place.

Rather, a rich person has true freedom to do what they want in life.

I believe it should be every American’s RIGHT to become independently wealthy, not to take from others, but by creating it on their own.

And Dr. Skousen has been helping people do exactly that for nearly four decades — with a lot of success.

Here’s a quick story of one of his subscribers, Dr. Lee Husni, who works at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

“I think anyone who invests should invest with Dr. Skousen,” he says. “I’ve been studying the investment industry for over 60 years, and Mark Skousen is the #1 man I trust with my investments…

“…Many years ago, I hired a firm to manage my money. I lost 81% of my portfolio, so I signed up with Dr. Skousen. Almost everything he has recommended has gone up. He is a genius in the field.”

As Mark’s publisher, it’s so gratifying to know that the work we’ve done over the years has been so meaningful to people like Dr. Husni.

And to this day, Dr. Skousen continues working every hour of every day to ensure every investment he recommends is one of the very best.

As a result, when I publish the latest issue of Forecasts & Strategies, I know it’s very likely Dr. Skousen’s expertise will help you meet your financial goals.

In each issue, he likes to start by talking about the broad economy – interest rates, inflation, growth, trade, taxes, government regulations, and geo-politics. In his 40+ years on Wall Street, he’s seen it all – boom and bust, bull markets, bear markets, and crashes.

He’ll talk about whether we have a bull market or a bear in front of us. He’ll discuss the Fed’s latest moves and how it will impact stocks. He’ll discuss the latest economic numbers.

Where the markets are going is crucial to your success, so he breaks it down in such a way that you know exactly what actions to take.

Next, he generally likes to show you which sectors are performing best.

That way you know whether to be in stocks… gold… energy… tech… financials… or sometimes cash, if we’re going through turbulence.

One of my favorite things Dr. Skousen puts in his issues is the many stories from history that apply to today.

In a recent issue, he talked about Henry Ford’s decision to pay workers $5 per day… and why an employer freely deciding wages is different from the government declaring what wages should be.

Of course, he also goes through each of the stocks in our portfolio.

He likes to give as many updates as possible, so you know what’s happening.

Finally, at the end… He’ll give you every action you should take.

He wants it to be easy to follow so you know exactly what to do.

And, occasionally, if something big is happening, he’ll also alert you to a major event that is brewing that requires special attention.

These are really important.

Over the last 41 years, Dr. Skousen’s economic analysis and connections to top people have helped his subscribers spot some of the biggest market moves beforehand.

Dr. Skousen Has Helped Subscribers Navigate the
Biggest Market Moves of the Last 41 Years

For instance, in 1987, six weeks before the October 1987 crash, he warned his subscribers to “get out of stocks now.” He was one of the only investment advisers to anticipate the crash.

Then, as we approached the 90s, many pundits predicted another major depression and bear market, but not Dr. Skousen.

He consistently argued that the 90s could be a whole decade of prosperity.

In fact, in the summer of 1989, he even predicted that the Berlin Wall would fall, along with Soviet centrally-planned socialism.

Few believed him, but you know what happened?  He was dead right.

The 1990s turned out to be the best ever for the U.S. stock market.

In January 1995, Dr. Skousen predicted that “The Nasdaq will double and then double again.” The Nasdaq was at 750 at the time and closed the decade over 3,000.

But in 2000, it had gone too far.

He warned investors of an impending bubble in internet stocks, based on his unique “Austrian” theory of the business cycle.

Soon after, the Internet bubble burst.

Then in his April 2003 issue, he went back in.

He gave a strong “buy signal” on the stock market, very close to the bottom of the market.

The next 4 years were a huge bull market once again.

That’s one of the things I love about Dr. Skousen.

He has an uncanny knack for calling the market bottoms.

In fact, at the bottom of the markets in 2009, he predicted that the Dow would hit 10,000 by the end of the year — a very unpopular opinion at the time.

He told subscribers that stocks were a “screaming buy.” And once again, it proved to be right.

Then, in late 2011, he called for a major pullback in gold.

Readers who listened dodged a 30% – 40% haircut in the yellow metal through 2012-2018, and even worse for gold stocks…

All while the stock market continued to climb straight through to today.

Now here’s the thing…

It’s not that Dr. Skousen has a crystal ball and somehow just has a gut feeling for when the markets will turn.


Instead, he uses his background in economic theory and his many contacts in positions of power to understand where the markets are going.

But of course, you really don’t need to hear me say it.

All you need to do is talk to his subscribers or the people who know him personally.

For example, he has a subscriber named Jared Kuhnemund. This gentleman has tried over 20 newsletters, going from one to the next searching for something that actually worked… Until he found Forecasts & Strategies.

“Mark Skousen has been the only one to consistently make me money in the 7 years I subscribed to Forecasts & Strategies. He’s the best!” says Jared.

Joshua Johnson has had a similar experience. Here’s what he told us:

“Forecasts & Strategies has made me a good deal of money in the last couple of years. No other financial guru seems to have your ability to separate the chaff from the grain. Your newsletter is the greatest!”

Raymond Mercier reported some great financial numbers.

“Your high-income suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year,” he says.

Perhaps the most impressive are the compliments of people deeply respected in the financial world.

Steve Mariotti, founder of the Network for Teaching and Entrepreneurship, called him “one of the greatest minds of the modern money era.”

Stephen Halprin, editor of The Stock Advisors, runs a contest each year between all the leading newsletter publishers.

Everyone submits a pick at the beginning of the year… And then Stephen gives out awards at the end of the year.

Here’s what Halprin had to say about Dr. Skousen’s performance in the contest…

“For over 25 years, I have conducted an annual feature asking the nation’s leading newsletter advisors to select their favorite stock for the coming year.

Year after year, Mark has consistently been among the top performers in this contest.

Indeed, out of some 100 financial advisors, Mark has ranked in the top few spots more than any other.”

Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman called Dr. Skousen an “able, imaginative, and energetic economist.”

His close friend Steve Forbes even said he should win the Nobel prize himself.  And recently he personally awarded Mark the Triple Crown in Economics for his work in theory, history, and education.

You can see why Dr. Skousen has been around for so long. He’s a survivor in a business where many financial gurus come and go.

And I have no doubt Forecasts & Strategies, and his analysis as an economist, can help you increase your success as an investor going forward.

Now, in a moment, I’m going to give you the chance to join Dr. Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies with a special offer today.

And this will include everything I’ve promised so far… including Dr. Skousen’s brand new report The Secret Backdoor into Private Equity Riches.

But first, let me add two more quick bonuses for you.

Bonus #4: A Copy of Dr. Skousen’s Book,
Maxims of Wall Street

This beautifully bound book is filled with the best investment advice of the top traders, investors, and thinkers ever to walk on Wall Street.

Warren Buffett himself had this to say about the book…

“Loved your great little book. In fact, I plan to shamelessly steal some of the lines.”

And today, along with everything else, we’ll send you a hardcover copy free of charge (shipping included).

I think you’ll really enjoy it. And when you’re done, feel free to pass it on to your kids or grandchildren.

The next generation could use some of the sage advice in this book.

And finally, we have one last bonus for you…

Bonus #5: Dr. Skousen’s
Private Wealth Video Masterclass

We’ve recorded a video series of some of the best wealth masterclasses Dr. Skousen has put on at private wealth events around the world.

These are exclusive events where he can talk about subjects and opportunities that are too small for big audiences.

And I’d like to send you his masterclass along with everything else today.

You’ll learn his top investment secrets as well as his ideas on the economy, capitalism, the Fed, gold, and more.

One of these is a must-watch for your grandchildren, titled, “What every student should know about investing.”

Ok, that’s the final bonus.

So let me get to that offer I mentioned a minute ago.

Join One of the Longest Running Newsletters
In the Business

People sometimes ask me how Dr. Skousen has lasted so long in this business.

Most people who run newsletters end up closing up shop after just a few years.

And I tell them there are a couple of reasons I believe he’s thrived in all markets.

First, he’s an optimist.

He always looks for opportunities and thinks with a positive mindset.

Second, as his publisher, I can attest this is true…

He works tirelessly. He’s never missed a deadline in 40+ years.

He puts a ton of work into everything we publish, and he never mails anything in.

And third, because his investing principles work.

I’m happy to report that Dr. Skousen has beaten the market pretty consistently over the years.

According to the Hulbert Financial Digest, he was successful in beating the market over 15 years.

The simple truth is… If you don’t offer good advice, people won’t stick with you for long.

And it’s the success of his recommendations that keep people coming back.

That’s why today I want to give you the chance to join Forecasts & Strategies.

As a new member, you’ll receive…

Bottom line: We aim to give you everything you need to become a more successful and wealthy investor.

And don’t forget, you’ll also get every one of the reports, books, videos, and bonuses we’ve lined up for you today, including…

That’s 6 bonuses with a total value of $910, all yours for free.

And of course, you’ll also get access to Dr. Skousen’s insights on private equity all year long.

You’ve seen firsthand how well he’s done with his private equity plays over the years.

Those wins helped him bring in millions of dollars.

And today, he’s ready to help you get in on the most effective private equity investment we’ve ever seen.

Dr. Skousen shared all the wins over the past couple of years from this private equity investment including…

Again, putting just $10,000 in those 8 investments directly would have handed you $287,000.

You’ve also seen this Private Equity’s performance over the S&P 500.

It’s turned $10,000 into $87,000 over 10 years.

You’ve seen that the income payouts have increased year after year as well… growing to more than $150 million this year.

And, of course, this is the top private equity investment you can get into through a regular brokerage account and tap into the biggest well of profits on the planet right now.

And I can tell you this…

If you want to just stick with regular stocks, that’s fine.

But the fact is, Dr. Skousen is right. Your returns simply WILL NOT match what’s happening in private equity.

In short, if you want to retire wealthy… it is imperative that you get a chance at the biggest private equity profits now.

I believe your future finances depend on it.

Which is why, as Mark’s Publisher, I’ve agreed to do something special today.

We’re making Forecasts & Strategies available to you at one of the best prices we’ve ever offered.

I can tell you that Dr. Skousen isn’t concerned about the price.

He’s already made plenty of money in private equity.

He’s consulted for Fortune 500 companies and lectured at Ivy League schools, including Columbia Business School.

The truth is… we don’t need to charge so much for this that only the wealthy can get in.

The whole point is that everybody should have a chance!

And that’s why we don’t charge much for Forecasts & Strategies.

It’s just $249 for a complete year.

Just think about what some of the people we mentioned already have brought in through this private equity investment.

Dr. Skousen’s subscribers have reported accounts totaling $69,375… $98,000… even $298,110.

That’s many, many more times the price to join.

However, like I said, Dr. Skousen doesn’t want anyone to miss out on today’s opportunity.

So we’re going to make this easy.

For today, I’ll reduce the price from $249 to just $49.95 as an initial one-year offer.

That’s the lowest price we’ve ever offered.

It won’t even cover the costs of printing, shipping, and everything else.

I’ll be honest… as the publisher, an offer this good scares me a little bit.

But I’m doing it because I know that, once you understand how great this opportunity is, you’ll stick with Dr. Skousen for good.

And here’s the big finale…

We’ll back up everything we’re promising you with a complete 30-day, full-money-back guarantee.

This gives you a full month to try out Dr. Skousen’s research.

You’ll get every bonus we’ve offered today.

The books, the videos, the portfolios, even his brand new report on the best private equity investment he’s ever uncovered.

You can have ALL of it.

And no matter how well you do, I promise that if anything doesn’t live up to the billing… you can call our team for a complete refund of every penny.

Plus, you’ll still get to keep every single thing you get – at no charge.

That’s how confident I am in Dr. Skousen and this investment.

All you have to do to take me up on this offer is click the “Yes, I’m Ready to Get Rich on Private Equity” button below.

It will take you to a secure order form where you can see all the benefits you’re entitled to when you start your trial.

At the very least, you might as well sign up and get the reports, even if you don’t stick with us for the long run.

We won’t be offended.

We just want to make sure people understand that the private equity investment Dr. Skousen talked about today is out there.

It’s a chance to earn far more than public stocks.

It’s a chance to collect your piece of the hundreds of millions they are paying out to investors.

It’s your chance to hopefully be a part of one of those giant private equity wins like Lyft or Airbnb or Spotify in the future.

The biggest gains have gone from public to private.

So it’s crucial you get in on this now.

Plus, the next payout is lined up for this month… so you could receive thousands right off the bat.

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day.

Dr. Skousen will tell you… each and every time he made a private equity investment, he had to make the choice to give himself a chance at one of those big wins.

But when you make that choice and it pays off, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Which is why we want to help you feel that same experience.

Remember, the smallest gain this private equity group has closed out since 2017 is 210%.

They just keep winning almost every time.

And now you can too.

For those watching right now, just click on that big “Yes, I’m Ready to Get Rich on Private Equity” button below.

I look forward to having you with us at Forecasts & Strategies.

Thanks for your time, and welcome to the world of private equity.