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It contains both a warning and a promise: 

The WARNING is that the recent volatility in the stock market – with a series of gut-wrenching drops of -7%, -3.2%, -4.5%, -7% – is eerily similar to what happened before.

Right before the big 2008-2009 wipeout… and right before the bust of 2000-2001. These smaller drops preceded full-fledged corrections – both times killing the bull market that had existed.

History’s repeating itself right now, as the Fed is, once again, aggressively raising interest rates. So, once again, we’re seeing increasing market volatility. Can a crash be far off?

The PROMISE is even more important: Dr. Mark Skousen lays it all out in a brand-new investing dossier, offering a step-by-step plan for protecting and growing your wealth despite the Fed’s manipulations.

It’s called, Fed-Proof Your Fortune: Protect and Grow Your Wealth in Uncertain Times.

This crucial resource describes in detail how you can get your portfolio to safety quickly and easily – AND still make windfall profits in the process.

You’ll find all the details on Dr. Skousen’s current recommendations…

  • One of Dr. Skousen’s current recommendations was up 25% in 2018 – despite the recent sell-off – and up a whopping 124.3% in the past 12 months!
  • Another “Fed-resistant” play was up 13.2% in the first months of 2018 and up 29.7% over the past 12 months…
  • A third current recommendation was up 10.7% at the time, and up 46.8% over the past 12 months…
  • Plus one more Fed “Goof-Proof” play that’s up an astounding 42% over the last year, despite being a market behemoth worth more $500 billion.

These are investments that can make you a serious amount of money even when markets crash.

According to Dr. Skousen, the secret to building life-changing wealth is to take advantage of opportunities like these… especially when the market is volatile.

This valuable investing resource is quite simply a MUST-HAVE. Were we to make a report this valuable available to the public, it would fetch $150, easily.

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Along with two more brand-new, Fed-Proof guides created by Dr. Skousen and his team (each also valued at $150). The next guide is: 

Fed-Proof Your Income: The Best Income Investments for Rising Rates: This dossier reveals the three specialized income investments that Dr. Skousen recommends. Each offers rock-solid high yields and the potential for share-price appreciation. Here’s a little bit on each of them:

  • Best Income Bet #1: This multi-billion healthcare empire offers a low-risk way to generate serious income by yielding 9.2%, paid out quarterly.
  • Best Income Bet #2: Called the “best dividend stock in America” by the WSJ, this financial play currently yields 7.2% paid out in monthly dividends.
  • Best Income Bet #3: This $60 billion energy-sector behemoth has raised its quarterly dividend for 46 quarters, and currently offers a solid 6.7% yield.

These 3 plays allow you to generate consistent, high-yield income WITHOUT investing in bonds or bond funds. Plus each offers the chance at double-digit appreciation on top of those fat dividends.

The third dossier created by Dr. Skousen is titled, Fed-Proof Your Tax Savings: Loophole Investments the IRS Keeps Secret.

Dr. Skousen believes investors should take FULL advantage of the new tax laws, strategies and tax-advantaged investments so they can keep more of their gains… and make sure they don’t pay unnecessary taxes. 

In this dossier, you’ll discover powerful tax-reducing tactics, including annuities that lock in guaranteed returns… an IRS loophole that lets you legally “hide” up to $500,000 from the government… a way to potentially DOUBLE your income from one tax advantaged investment… and lots MORE.

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Dr. Skousen is one of the most respected economists and investment advisers in the world today. 

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  1. Fed-Proof Your Fortune: Protect and Grow Your Wealth in Uncertain Times
  2. Fed-Proof Your Income: The Best Income Investments for Rising Rates
  3. Fed-Proof Your Tax Savings: Loophole Investments the IRS Keeps Secret

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  1. Fed-Proof Your Fortune: Protect and Grow Your Wealth in Uncertain Times
  2. Fed-Proof Your Income: The Best Income Investments for Rising Rates
  3. Fed-Proof Your Tax Savings: Loophole Investments the IRS Keeps Secret
  4. The Big Biotech Bounce of 2018
  5. The SWAN Strategy: A Year’s Worth of Profits in 5 Minutes
  6. The Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide

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