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Since 2015, lithium prices have rocketed four times higher to around $20,000 per ton.

And prices could run even higher, because demand for lithium is going insane.

  • In just eight years, every car made will be electric, powered by a lithium battery
  • Tesla’s “Gigafactories” alone will require the entire world’s supply of lithium batteries
  • Demand for Tesla’s Powerwall batteries will completely strap the already tight lithium market
  • 26 new battery plants are being built, increasing the demand for lithium 9-fold
  • By 2030, the world will need more than 250,000 tons a year, just to meet demand.

And the company Dr. Skousen’s going to share with you has complete and total access to one of the world’s largest supplies of lithium… that’s over $50 billion worth of the most in-demand element on the planet.  

Combined with the boron that’s also locked into its new mineral, the company could see a $66 billion windfall, which would nearly double its current market cap.

That’s why Dr. Skousen’s so confident that these shares will be rocketing… a ride that could hand you gains of 1,330% on your money.  

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The Fed is finally raising interest rates. So how do you, as an investor, not only survive… but prosper from this action? In this special report, Dr. Skousen reveals three picks that will help you weather the storm of the central bank’s actions.

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  1. “Super Salt” Fortunes: How to Make Life-Changing Gains from the World’s Future Fuel
  2. Dr. Skousen’s Five Favorite High-Income Growth Stocks
  3. Lucrative Loopholes: 4 Ways to Keep More of Your Money out of the Taxman’s Reach
  4. Forecasts and Strategies Quick Start Guide
  5. How to Profit from Rising Interest Rates

Best Value!
  1. “Super Salt” Fortunes: How to Make Life-Changing Gains from the World’s Future Fuel
  2. Dr. Skousen’s Five Favorite High-Income Growth Stocks
  3. Lucrative Loopholes: 4 Ways to Keep More of Your Money out of the Taxman’s Reach
  4. Forecasts and Strategies Quick Start Guide
  5. How to Profit from Rising Interest Rates
  6. The Biotech Bonanza of 2019
  7. The “SWAN” Strategy: Score a Year’s Worth of Profits in Just 5 Minutes

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