Dear Reader,

Roger Michalski here, founder of Eagle Financial Publications.

I’m here to tell you about a big story coming from PhD economist, best-selling author and longtime gold investor Dr. Mark Skousen.

Dr. Skousen has traveled the world exploring gold opportunities… like the time he took a rickety, jam-packed elevator down into one of the deepest mines on Earth in South Africa, where the air was a stifling 120 degrees and it was difficult to even breathe.

Or when he discovered the junior mining company Altair in the 1990s. It was developing a number of resource properties in Canada looking for gold, zinc and silver.

He and his wife invested $25,000 which turned into $2 million. They paid off their mortgage and became financially independent.

Mark has always been a big believer in gold. After all, it’s the one currency that has maintained its value… not just for centuries but for entire millennia.

In fact, he wrote his PhD thesis about the importance of the gold standard!

But here’s why I’m speaking to you today…

Mark tells me we are on the verge of the greatest gold bull market we will see in our lifetime.

And with the number of connections he has in the precious-metals industry, I always pay attention to his opinion on the future of gold.

Here’s what he’s telling me:

“Unlimited money printing… zero percent interest rates forever… and a severe shortage of physical gold are creating a powerful force in the gold markets.”

And as a result, gold bullion is set to launch to record highs.

For smart investors, certain gold mining shares are going to rocket higher, producing massive profits.

I’ll give you details on Mark’s #1 gold investment in just a moment.

But first, let me explain exactly what is going on.

As you are probably already aware, gold is moving higher as we speak.

It recently crossed $2,000 per ounce for the first time in history.

Why? Basic economics, really.

The United States government has decided that interest rates, money printing, and stimulus are all now unlimited.

In order to combat the coronavirus, the U.S. government is saying that they will do anything (and I mean anything) to prop up the stock market and the economy.

They’re lending out trillions of dollars to corporations, small businesses, individuals and basically anyone with a pulse.

As the Fed pumps out money to prop up the economy, its balance sheet is exploding from $1 trillion in 2008 up to an expected $9 trillion this year.

The government knows that there is no other choice.

The economic shutdown – which has been ruinous for so many Americans – would completely destroy the country if they weren’t printing and lending unlimited dollars.

But as you and I know… printing money has consequences.

And while most of them are negative, there is one very big positive.

It is leading to a massive bull market in gold.

Gold is charging higher and higher. Of course, the gold bugs all see this.

Thomas Kaplan, founder of the Electrum Group, told Bloomberg that he believes gold will rally to $5,000 and possibly even higher.

And Dan Popescu, the gold foreign exchange analyst, says “we’re looking at a potential reset of the monetary system.”

He says “…the actions of central banks will devalue the dollar and euro and drive up the price of gold above $5,000.”

But here’s what really caught his attention…

Even the people who never liked gold are predicting a major breakout.

Bank of America just raised its gold price target to anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per ounce in a report appropriately titled “The Fed Can’t Print Gold.”

Bloomberg’s story on the BofA prediction says “…with the real economy in a precarious situation, gold prices could soon hit $3,000, $4,000 or even $5,000 dollars per ounce.”

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones is another person who you’d never expect to own gold.

He’s been vocally opposed to it in the past.

Yet, he recently said that despite the fact that he has “never been a gold bug… the time is now to own gold.”

But here’s the one that’s really shocking.

The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett himself, just made the biggest gold investment of his life.

Buffett is famously anti-gold.

He once said that gold “gets dug out of the ground in Africa… Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.”

You can tell he’s not much of a gold bug.

MarketWatch even called him the de facto leader of the “anti-gold crowd.”

Well, guess what…

For the first time in his career, Buffett is going all in on gold.

He’s invested $564 MILLION in the precious metal!

That’s quite an about-face for someone who hated gold so much in the past.

So, do you think he sees the writing on the wall? Of course he does.

He knows that money printing will inevitably lead to inflation and that the basic laws of supply and demand will drive prices up.

And he also knows that investors who target gold now will end up far wealthier in the years ahead than those who bury their heads in the sand.

That’s why Americans across the country are loading up on bullion, gold ETFs and mining shares.

The Wall Street Journal is calling it a “global gold rush, with physical traders in London and New York trying to get their hands on more metal and individuals around the world ordering bars and coins.”

There is no doubt these new gold investors are preparing for the inevitable conclusion to our big free money experiment.

They know inflation will come, and with it record gold prices.

But here’s the thing he says you must pay attention to:

A lot of these people will buy gold the wrong way.

And they are going to get burned.

So listen up…

In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you Mark’s #1-way to profit from the coming “Decade of Gold.”

Follow the steps I’ll outline, and gold could lead you to financial independence… just as it did for him.

I’ll start with why he is convinced gold is going to be the #1 performing asset of the 2020s.

Free Money Forever

The first reason is that our political leaders have essentially decided that they can print their way out of any financial problems.

“Debt doesn’t matter,” they’ll promise.

“Interest rates can stay at zero forever,” they’ll say.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has actually admitted this.

In an interview on NBC, he declared that the Fed would provide nearly unlimited lending.

Of course, any person with a basic understanding of economics knows that this will create inflation going forward.

And the government is stacking on so much debt that the inflationary effect could be some of the most dramatic in history.

Consider this…

In 2020, due to the economic shutdown, we are set to pile on more debt than in the first 215 years of our great nation combined.

That’s in just one year!

In 2021, our debt is set to skyrocket to more than the entire GDP of our economy.

That hasn’t happened since we fought World War II. It’s truly astounding.

But in the meantime, we are seeing businesses go under, individuals file for bankruptcy and mortgages go unpaid.

Millions and millions of people have been forced out of work.

And what is the government’s answer to all of this?

To simply keep lending out trillions of dollars in free money.

The Fed recently promised to keep interest rates at zero until at least 2023.

I don’t see how they’ll ever raise rates again. The economy is now addicted to low rates.

What would happen to real estate if rates rose?

What would happen to all the small businesses and corporations that require low-interest debt to stay afloat?

What would happen to the stock market?

The Fed knows they are stuck… so we can expect 0% rates to last for years.

The government will continue propping up the economy with heavy doses of free money.

And of course, inflation will come and prices will rise for everyone.

But smart investors will see the writing on the wall and turn to gold just like Warren Buffet recently did.

In fact, investors are already doing so.

A Massive Gold Shortage is Already Underway

As we speak, a massive gold shortage has already begun across the country.

Investor demand for gold is so HUGE that gold dealers can’t keep up.

Take a look at this report from Bloomberg:

“Surging demand and disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic have created a shortage of the small gold bars most popular with consumers. Those who do manage to get their hands on metal have to pay up – well above the per-ounce prices being quoted on financial markets in London and New York.

Some dealers are desperately contacting clients to see if anyone is willing to sell their gold bars and coins, and offering a rare premium over spot prices. Others have given up trying to trade altogether.”

So the dealers themselves can’t even get their hands on gold.

And don’t expect the U.S. Mint to replenish supplies any time soon.

Governments have sold off their stockpiles of gold for years.

And now there are reports that the bullion banks are massively short of physical supplies.

In fact, the U.S. Mint just slammed the breaks on minting more gold coins for at least 12-18 months.

Go to their website and you’ll see coin after coin that is “currently unavailable.”

But it gets worse.

Many folks out there are investing in gold. They think they own gold.

But actually they only own “paper gold.”

Their investments aren’t backed by any of the actual metal itself.

And here’s where it gets wild…

Mark shared this amazing statistic with me:

Currently, there is 92 TIMES MORE paper gold out there than actual hold-in-your-hand gold.

So if you own a gold ETF or some other paper gold instrument and you want to actually claim your physical gold, guess what… you’ll end up with nothing.

It’s the reason gold investors are pulling their hair out trying to get the actual metal.

Take a look at what Mark O’Byrne, the founder of GoldCore, had to say:

“We have a buyers’ waiting list, and we emailed our clients seeing who wished to sell their gold. At this time, there is roughly only one or two sellers for every 99 buyers.”

99 buyers to only one or two sellers!

Listen, Dr. Skousen has a PhD in economics… but he doesn’t need it to tell you what that kind of gap between supply and demand will do to gold prices.

The prices are just going to keep shooting higher.

It’s the reason even notoriously anti-gold investors like Warren Buffett are pouring hundreds of millions into gold for the first time.

They see this is going to be the Decade of Gold.

But guess what…

I have some very good news.

Mark says you actually have a HUGE advantage over Buffett.

Your MASSIVE Advantage Over the
Billionaires Investing in Gold

It may feel like the billionaires get all the advantages in life.

They have the money, the power, the influence and connections.

But here’s something few investors truly recognize:

You actually have a major advantage when it comes to investing.

Here’s what he means.

Warren Buffett is an incredibly rich person. He’s worth $80 billion!

But when you have that kind of money, it makes it impossible to target small stocks.

Buffett investing a few hundred thousand would be a waste of his time. He has to invest hundreds of millions in order to move the needle.

So even though Buffett is investing in gold, he can only do it in the biggest, most established gold companies.

So his $564 million gold investment?

It’s in the second-biggest gold company in the world: Barrick Gold.

And while Barrick Gold is a fine business, it just doesn’t have the kind of upside that smaller gold opportunities have.

You, however, can target far smaller gold stocks that can multiply 5x, 10x, 20x or more in value when gold goes into a bull market.

In fact, it’s these smaller gold stocks that offer the biggest profit opportunities in the days ahead.

How to Make the Biggest Profits
During the “Decade of Gold”

Listen, if you want to buy gold bullion itself, I don’t blame you.

Physical gold offers security unlike any other asset.

Just make sure you don’t buy a gold ETF where the investment isn’t actually backed by physical bullion.

That’s a big mistake.

If you REALLY want to make big money during the “Decade of Gold” to come… then you need to find the best gold miners.

Because history proves that during bull markets in gold, it’s the miners that can deliver the biggest paydays.

As Dr. Skousen points out, the last major bull market in gold went from August 1999 to August 2011.

During that time, the price of gold jumped from $255 to $1,820… a whopping 611% increase.

That’s a great investment if you bought regular bullion.

But what if you bought a top-class, up-and-coming gold stock during that bull run?

Well, consider the case of Royal Gold. In 1999, shares traded for around $3.50.

But by the time the gold bull market ended, they topped out at over $100.

That’s a gain of 2,757%!

A simple $5,000 investment in Royal Gold would have turned into $142,850!

Newcrest Mining is another one.

It’s a great big company today – one of the top miners in Australia.

But back in 1999, at the start of the last bull market, it was a much smaller company trading for just $2 per share.

By the end of the gold bull market, it was over $42.

That’s a 2,000% gain!

$5,000 would have turned into $100,000. Let’s look at one more.

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited.

Back in January of 1999, it traded for only $6.20.

By the end of the gold bull market in 2011, the stock was trading for $85.

That’s a gain of 1,270%!

Dr. Skousen says that what we are looking at now is a recipe for more big runs in small gold stocks.

He’ll tell you that if you know a bull market in gold is likely to hit, and you can target small gold stocks at the beginning of their runs, that is one of the best recipes for generating substantial wealth.

And he should know. Because he’s actually done it.

As I mentioned earlier, back in the 1990s, he, along with his wife, invested $25,000 in the Canadian resource miner Altair.

He ended up closing that out for a $2 million win.

That one stock changed their lives forever.

And he believes that the “Decade of Gold” ahead of us represents a similar opportunity for you.

Now, billionaires like Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, Sam Zell and others who are buying gold currently don’t have the option of targeting these cheap smaller gold stocks.

Instead, they have to buy the big boys like Barrick Gold that are already established and don’t have more upside.

But YOU can do better.

And Mark has just the gold stock for you.

Dr. Skousen’s Favorite Gold Stock Trades for Just a Few Dollars Per Share

His #1 gold stock to own right now is trading for around $6 per share.

It’s in a perfect buying spot.

The company is cheap enough that you can load up on shares right at the start of the coming bull market in gold.

But this company isn’t some rinky-dink exploration operation, hoping and praying to find a gold deposit in the future.

Rather, it already has several operations underway and huge amounts of gold reserves in the ground that it is actively working to dig out.

The company is based out of Vancouver, and it has five major working mines around the world.

Business has exploded over the last few years.

Revenue has more than doubled in three years, and as gold prices have risen, profits have leapt even more.

In two years, net income has jumped more than 10-fold!

In short, this isn’t a lottery ticket.

It’s not one of those risky gold miners losing millions in the hopes of making money in the future.

Rather, the company is wildly profitable now and likely to be even more profitable in the future!

How is this possible?

For one, their reserves are so jammed with gold that you can practically walk up and pluck it right out of the ground.

OK, I’m exaggerating a little bit.

But the company is bringing a virtual mountain worth of gold (over 1 million ounces) out of the ground this year.

Which, at $2,000 per ounce, could be worth some $2 billion.

We’re talking BIG profits here.

Based on their profit margins, Mark expects net income to make another significant leap.

At $2,000 per ounce, profit margins already are massive.

But if gold were to shoot up to $3,000, $4,000, or even $5,000 an ounce… profits could leap 300%-400%.

That’s what’s on the table for gold companies right now.

No wonder Buffett suddenly likes gold so much.

In what other business can you see profit margins triple or quadruple, while your costs stay the same?

And here’s the thing…

This company has millions of ounces of gold in proven deposits just waiting to be dug up.

OK, let’s look at some of their operations.

Desert Mine Paying Out $1,200 
in Profit Per Ounce

One of their mines is in a desert region near the equator.

It’s a great spot for a mine because it’s dry, wide open and easy to operate all year long.

They started operations in 2017, and already this mine is a cash cow.

Just take a look at some of the numbers.

The average all-in cost to pull an ounce of gold out of the ground is just $562.

That’s unbelievably low.

And the average price they sell it for? $1,713. Well, so far, anyway.

Keep in mind… this is before gold rocketed to $2,000 an ounce.

But even at $1,713, those are massive profit margins.

It’s almost $1,200 of profit for every ounce sold.

In one quarter, they pulled 166,800 ounces out of the ground in this mine alone.

That translates to $200 million in profit!

Truly incredible.

And at $5,000 per ounce, that same gold would produce $740 million in profit!

That is why these gold miners take off when gold prices go up.

The profitability goes through the roof.

But check this out… those 166,800 ounces are just a drop in the bucket.

The mine actually has potential reserves of 8.46 million ounces.

Folks, if the price of gold goes up, these ounces are going to hand out billions in profit to the company and its shareholders.

It’s such a big opportunity.

But that’s only one of their five operating mines.

Let’s look at another.

Philippines Mine Generates $140 Million
in Profit in One Year!

The second mine is on an island in the Philippines.

It’s not quite as efficient as the first.

The average cost to pull an ounce of gold out of the ground is about $1,000.

But again, the average sale price of that ounce so far has been $1,700.

So they are collecting $700 per ounce in profit.

And this year, they’ve pulled approximately 200,000 ounces out of the ground. for a profit of $140 million!

Keep in mind that’s profit, not revenue!

So all that money is available to be distributed to shareholders.

That is why it should come as no surprise that this company pays out one of the biggest dividends in the gold industry right now.

And the profitability is only likely to increase from here.

Total reserves in this deposit could be as high as 6.16 million ounces.

At $5,000 per ounce, the profit on that would be $24.6 BILLION!

Can you see why Mark loves this stock?

It’s already profitable today at current gold prices.

Shareholders are making big money now.

But if gold goes up, which he thinks is a virtual certainty, we are looking at an explosion of profits in the future.

Meanwhile the stock trades for around $6!

It’s the perfect mix of conservative investing along with big upside.

Please don’t look back on this in the years ahead with regret.

This gold stock might just be the #1 winner of the coming “Decade of Gold.”

And we’ve only touched on part of the story so far.

Let me tell you about a third mine they have operating right now.

African Mine Hands Out $45 Million in Profit
in One Quarter… But They Are Still
Just Getting Started!

The third one is in Namibia, just north of South Africa.

It’s an open-pit mine with spectacular ore and dense gold deposits.

Another one where the numbers are simply stunning.

In the mine’s recent quarterly report, the average cost to pull an ounce of gold out of the ground was just $757.

And the average price it sold that ounce for was $1,722.

That’s nearly $1,000 in profit for every ounce.

Gold sales during that quarter hit 46,800 ounces for a profit of $45 million.

Yet, they haven’t even scratched the surface.

Total reserves could be as high as 25 million ounces, or about 5,300% more than what they pulled out during the latest quarter.

I hope you are following what I am showing you here.

These are 3P mines: Productive, Profitable, and Plentiful!

There’s a lot of gold. It’s cheap to get out. And the profits on each ounce are huge.

Even better, there is so much gold still in the ground for them to dig out.

Total Reserves Could Be as
High as 25,270,000 Ounces!

All told, the total reserves of this company’s mines could be up to 25,270,000 ounces.

If the price of gold doubles or more, we are looking at potentially $100 billion in profits on these mines over time.

This is why investors are loading up on shares of gold miners.

The rising chance of substantial inflation and high gold demand is likely to drive gold prices much higher.

That in turn will reward shareholders of gold companies with a big payday.

The best investors in the world see this and are making their bets now.

In fact, one of the most storied investment groups on Wall Street is loading up on shares of the gold stock I’m telling you about today.

Renaissance Technologies, known for the best track record on all of Wall Street for 30 years, is buying up massive quantities of this stock.

Founded by Jamie Simons, renowned mathematician turned stock market genius, Renaissance’s famed Medallion Fund has generated a 66% annual return before fees over 30 years.

These people know what they are doing.

And they’ve bought up 43 MILLION shares of this stock… an investment of almost $250 million!

Think they might know a thing or two?

I have no doubt they see what Dr. Skousen sees…

An almost certain bull market in gold in the coming years… a company that’s already massively profitable… and a company with great future plans to expand even further.

Again, when gold prices rise, the profitability of this company will become so big that the share price should explode higher.

At $6 per share, there’s no doubt this is a company you want to own.

But before I tell you how to get into Mark’s favorite gold stock for the next decade… let me share with you how the company plans to expand even further in the future.

Tapping Into Multiple World Class
Gold Deposits in the Years Ahead

The company has 34% partial ownership in two Nicaraguan mines with another company.

The other company is in charge of the operation and this company collects their share of the profits.

Talk about a great deal!

The first mine is expected to generate between 55,000 and 62,500 ounces per year. The average cost to get an ounce out of the ground is about $1,000.

And the average sale should be more than $1,700 going forward.

The second mine is of similar quality.

So even if gold prices don’t go $1 higher than they are today, the company should see millions more in profits here.

And they don’t even have to operate the mine!

But this is just one of many future projects they have in the works.

The company has another joint venture underway in Colombia.

They have exploration projects in Mali, the Philippines, Western Africa, Columbia, Namibia and more.

And every one of these projects looks better and better each day that gold prices keep rising.

So let’s recap everything we have here.

Dr. Skousen’s favorite gold company…

And they’ve done all this BEFORE the gold bull market even started.

It’s the perfect gold stock because it has all the upside, but it’s not one of those risky gold companies that’s losing money or has never actually successfully operated a mine.

Listen, Mark has been following the gold markets for 45 years.

He attended his first New Orleans gold conference – the Super Bowl for gold investors – all the way back in 1975.

And this is one of the best gold opportunities he’s ever seen during all his years following gold.

At $6 per share, you need to own this stock.

Which is why he has been working on a Special Report detailing how to get in.

As his publisher, I am ready to release it to you today.

It’s called, The Decade of Gold: How to Profit From the New Bull Market in Gold.

Mark has put together a complete briefing on everything you need to know about this company.

He’ll show you how to buy it… what ticker symbol to look up… and how to maximize your profits on this play.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to get a complimentary copy of his report.

But first, there’s something else that’s very exciting that I want to tell you about.

Dr. Skousen’s #1 Gold Penny Stock

As I mentioned previously, Mark has been attending the New Orleans gold conference for the past 45 years.

He’s spoken at the event many times and developed relationships with the top gold investors in the world who attend, like Rick Rule and Jeff Phillips.

Well, he has some information he learned from them that he asked me to share with you.

You see… both of these men are titans of the gold market.

They are the most respected, successful and proven gold investors in the world.

And both of them absolutely LOVE one tiny gold penny stock.

It trades on the NYSE now for less than one dollar!

But his sources tell him this stock is likely to multiply several times over in the months ahead.

And here’s why…

Right now, the market cap on this company is just under $100 million.

That’s tiny for a stock trading on the NYSE.

But they have discovered a massive deposit of gold and silver in Mexico and Mark has informed me that the results on this find have come in.

It holds 1.29 million ounces of gold and 78.8 million ounces of silver.

At today’s prices, that gold is worth around $4.55 BILLION – or about 45 TIMES the company’s market cap.

So even at today’s prices, the company should rise dramatically in the months ahead.

But if gold were to go to $5,000 per ounce and silver to $50 per ounce as experts are predicting… those same deposits would be worth $10.39 BILLION – or over 100 times more than the company itself is worth today.

Now, I want to be clear.

This is all still in the ground right now.

Things don’t always work out with gold and silver mines. So there is significantly more risk here than in Mark’s first play.

It’s a true penny stock.

However, with more risk comes more upside.

And at less than $1 per share, he believes the risk is worth the reward here.

If it pans out, this could be an easy 10-bagger… perhaps much much more.

That’s why Dr. Skousen is also including the ticker symbol and his full analysis on his #1 gold penny stock in his report, The Decade of Gold: How to Profit From the New Bull Market in Gold.

But as his publisher, I just have one request.

When you get this report, please do not share it with anyone.

This is a very small penny stock, so we need to keep the people who know about it very limited.

If you share it with others, we could end up overloading the stock with too many buyers, and we don’t want that.

But if you are someone who can be trusted to keep the ticker symbol to yourself, I will include it in Dr. Skousen’s Special Report when I send it to you today.

But let me be clear about one thing:

This is extremely timely information I’m going to send you.

Even with the recent jump to $2,000, gold is still incredibly CHEAP right now, considering what’s going on in the world.

But the gold bull market has begun and we are likely to see gold become more expensive with each passing month.

Gold Moves in Cycles and the Next, Big
Gold Supercycle Has Already Begun

Gold is a cyclical market. It tends to go through lengthy bull and bear markets.

Since the Nixon shock, we’ve seen two bull markets that each lasted over 10 years.

And now, we are moving into another decade of gold.

History shows, a single bull market in gold can make your retirement if you recognize it and play it correctly.

And with the amount of money printing, low interest rate stimulus, and skyrocketing demand… we might be on the verge of the strongest bull market in a generation.

That’s why he is actively seeking out the very best gold opportunities for you.

He’s talked to all of his connections in the industry – including his network of coin dealers – and every one of them tell him that what they are seeing is unprecedented.

That’s why Mark and I are making it our mission to help Americans recognize the best gold opportunities through his long-running publication, Forecasts & Strategies.

What I’d like to do is get you his Special Report on the Decade of Gold now and then help you position yourself to profit throughout the year with his monthly issues of Forecasts & Strategies.

With the price of gold soaring, the wealthiest investors in the world are targeting the best gold stocks.

And Mark would like to help you understand which ones are likely to lead to the best profits.

Keep in mind… he’s been doing this for decades.

He’s personal friends with the best gold investors like Rick Rule and Jeff Phillips.

He’s traveled the globe exploring gold mines in person.

He’s done it in the Alaskan wilderness… in the Chilean mountains… even in communist ravaged Eastern Europe.

The point is, Dr. Skousen wants to use his expertise and connections in the gold market to uncover the top gold investments for you heading into the “Decade of Gold.”

If you are a gold investor, I recommend you get his Special Report today, so you can pick up shares of his favorite gold stock – which trades for $6 – AND his favorite gold penny stock, which is less than $1.

After that, he’ll help you track the progress and know exactly what to do going forward.

But again, it’s key that you act now before the bull market picks up full steam.

And best of all, Mark and I are going to give you the chance to receive everything I’ve talked about so far completely risk-free.

But before I show you how, we have two bonuses lined up for you.

BONUS #1: Dr. Skousen’s New Gold Royalty Report

With everything I’ve talked about today, smart investors definitely are preparing for the gold bull market.

Ray Dalio, for instance, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, is moving out of stocks and into gold.

“Stocks are unlikely to be good real returning investments. But the investments that will most likely do best will be those that do well when the value of money is being depreciated and domestic and international conflicts are significant, such as gold.”

Regular investors are piling into gold. Gold ETFs for example, saw an inflow of $2.6 billion in a single month recently.

All of these moves into gold signal that those who are watching the markets carefully see the same risks that Mark does.

And that’s why he’s put together another special bonus for you today.

It’s a report called, American Dream Checks: Golden Cash Flows (A $159 Value).

In this report, he details what he believes is the most reliable and potentially profitable way to invest in gold…

Gold royalties.

He likes gold royalties, because they take much of the risk out of the equation.

Gold royalty companies don’t have to do the exploration to identify gold deposits. They don’t have to pay the workers or buy all the mining equipment.

Instead, they sit back and collect royalty payments from existing mines that already are delivering proven gold deposits.

In this report, Dr. Skousen will show you his favorite gold royalty investment.

Over the past eleven years, even during a bear market for gold, it’s paid out investors almost eight times their initial investment, thanks to the royalties and the share price appreciation.

That’s nearly a double every year.

And with a new gold bull market starting, that’s only likely to grow even bigger.

So again, as part of everything you’ll get today, I want to include American Dream Checks: Golden Cash Flows.

That’s the first bonus. And here’s the second.

BONUS #2: Dr. Skousen’s Favorite
Silver Investment

If you follow the gold markets, you likely know that when gold goes up, silver tends to rise too.

Historically, the gap between gold and silver prices is about 47-1.

But lately that gap has grown tremendously.

Right now, it’s at 72-1!

The Financial Times confirms it’s the “widest level in more than three centuries!”

Silver would have to jump to nearly $50 per ounce to make up the gap.

And that’s assuming gold prices don’t increase from here.

Plus, industrial use of silver in electronics, solar panels, battery technology and more has led to a situation where demand greatly outweighs supply.

So how should you invest in silver and profit as the price soars?

You’ll see exactly how in Mark’s second bonus report, The #1 Silver Stock to Own Now.

The company operates four active mines in North and Central America.

They have six active mines in South America.

And several more in the exploration phase.

The company’s mines have reserves estimated at 550 million ounces of silver and another 5.2 million ounces of gold.

At today’s prices, that’s worth approximately $13.75 billion in silver and $9.36 billion in gold.

If gold jumps to $5,000 and silver to $50 or more… we’re looking at almost $50 billion combined.

This could be yet another 10-bagger for you.

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Forecasts & Strategies is a letter Mark formed 40 years ago, the year Ronald Reagan was elected. He started it with one specific purpose:

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Here’s a quick story of one of the subscribers Mark has helped over the years, Dr. L. Husni, who works at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

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In each issue, Mark likes to start by talking about the broad economy – interest rates, inflation, growth, trade, taxes, government regulations and geopolitics. 

He’ll talk about whether we have a bull market or a bear in front of us. How gold will be impacted. He’ll discuss the Fed’s latest moves and how it will affect stocks.

Next, he generally likes to show you which sectors are performing best.

The next ten years are going to be the “Decade of Gold.”

But along the way, as with any other decade, we will see booms in certain stocks, perhaps tech or maybe energy.

He will help you track those and identify the top stocks in booming industries.

One lesson we’ve learned over the years is that great stocks will continue to rise no matter what is happening in the economy.

So, he will continue searching for those stand-out stocks for you.

You can expect that in his issues of Forecasts & Strategies.

At the end of each issue, he’ll give you every action you should take.

He likes it to be easy to follow so you know exactly what to do.

I think this approach is one of the reasons Mark is celebrating his 40th anniversary this year.

His subscribers like the way he looks at the markets and how he recommends investments to them.

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For example, he has a subscriber named Jared K. This gentleman has tried over 20 newsletters, going from one to the next, searching for something that actually worked… Until he found Forecasts & Strategies.

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Perhaps the most gratifying has been the compliments of people Mark knows and respects deeply in this business.

Steve Mariotti, founder of the Network for Teaching and Entrepreneurship, called him “one of the greatest minds of the modern money era.” 

Stephen Halprin, editor of The Stock Advisors, runs a contest each year between all the leading newsletter publishers. Everyone submits a pick at the beginning of the year… and then Stephen gives out awards at the end of the year.

Here’s what Halprin had to say about his performance in the contest:

“For over 25 years, I have conducted an annual feature asking the nation’s leading newsletter advisors to select their favorite stock for the coming year. Year after year, Mark has consistently been among the top performers in this contest. Indeed, out of some 100 financial advisors, Mark has ranked in the top few spots more than any other.”

One of Mark’s heroes as an economist is Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman.

So it was an incredible honor when he called Mark an “able, imaginative, and energetic economist.”

His close friend Steve Forbes even said he should win the Nobel prize in economics!

In 2018, Steve presented Mark with the inaugural Triple Crown in Economics for his work in theory, history and education.

The point I’m trying to make with all of this is not to boost Mark’s ego.

I just want you to see that he’s proven himself to a lot of people out there.

It’s the reason he’s been around for so long. I consider him a survivor in a business where many financial gurus come and go. 

I have no doubt Forecasts & Strategies, and his analysis as an economist, can help you increase your success as an investor going forward.

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People sometimes ask me how Dr. Skousen has lasted so long in this business.

Most people who run newsletters end up closing up shop after just a few years.

I believe there are a few reasons he’s thrived in all markets.

First, he always focuses on solutions.

Even if something terrible is happening… his focus isn’t on the problem, but how we can still succeed regardless.

Focusing on solutions over problems is always important.

Second, he’s never missed a deadline in 40 years.

He puts a ton of work into everything he writes and never just “mails it in.”

And third, because his investing principles work.

I’m happy to report that Mark has beaten the market pretty consistently over the years. According to the Hulbert Financial Digest, he’s beaten the market for 15 years.

If you don’t offer good advice, people won’t stick with you for long.

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Keep in mind…

The Fed is in the midst of expanding its balance sheet from $1 trillion to $9 trillion.

The United States added more debt this year than in the first 215 years of our nation combined…

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is insisting on keeping interest rates at zero until at least 2023… although Mark expects it will be even longer.

At the same time, the U.S. Mint has stopped minting a huge number of its gold coins.

Gold dealers are reporting shortages all over the country.

And the richest investors in the world are now targeting gold, many for the first time.

Warren Buffett – the head of the anti-gold crowd – has invested $564 million for the first time in gold.

Billionaire Sam Zell, even before the coronavirus pandemic began, had decided it was finally time to own gold.

“For the first time in my life, I bought gold because it’s a good hedge,” he says. “Supply is shrinking and that is going to have a positive impact on the price.”

Paul Tudor Jones says his favorite investment for the next 12-24 months will be gold.

Even Bank of America has increased its price forecast to anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per ounce.

This is a historic opportunity we are looking at here.

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With a massive gold bull market on the horizon, this is a big moment.

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Roger Michalski
Publisher, Forecasts & Strategies