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The Road Less Traveled… Investing Rules for Bigger Profits

The contrarian wisdom of America’s best investors can help you beat the market year after year

Hello. Roger Michalski here, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

Roger Michalski

Today I’d like to reveal an unusual way to consistently outperform the market by 25% or more – one that might surprise you.

It involves our very own Dr. Mark Skousen, the renowned free market economist, investing expert, and bestselling author.

Most people know about Dr. Skousen’s impressive track record as a stock picker and investing advisor. 

His stock picks have yielded profits of 420% or more, and his option trades have banked gains as high as 2,500%.

Many people assume that Mark’s success is due to his training as an economist.

And while that does play a role in his success, there is another factor that you may not know about.

The hidden “secret sauce” to Mark’s investing success is the simple rules he has gleaned from the world’s greatest investors…

Rules about having the courage to be disliked, thinking for yourself, and not following the herd.

For decades, he has collected these maxims, rules of thumb, and financial adages and put them into practice. 

He eventually gathered them together in a finely crafted, leatherbound book that he consults almost daily.

Having the Courage to Be Disliked

For example, two of Mark’s favorite maxims have to do with having the courage to do what’s unpopular. 

Legendary economist John Maynard Keynes said:

“It is the essence of [a successful investor] that he should be eccentric, unconventional, and rash in the eyes of average opinion,” THE MAXIMS OF WALL STREET, (p. 44).

Superstar investor J. Paul Getty agreed:

“Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying,” (p. 45).

Dr. Skousen has always taken these contrarian ideals to heart.

For example, in early 2022 many analysts thought oil and energy were overbought. 

The sector had performed well for the previous year, due to Joe Biden’s disastrous energy policies. However, conventional wisdom was predicting a major pullback.

But Mark remembered what legendary trader Jesse Livermore said, as written in THE MAXIMS OF WALL STREET:

“The market does what it should do, but not always when”(p. 31).

He believed there was still room for big moves to the upside in energy.

Plus, he was still finding little-known, undervalued special situations in the energy sector – such as Comstock Resources (NYSE: CRK).

Based in Frisco, Texas, Comstock is a leading independent natural gas producer that is focused on the development of the Haynesville Shale in east Texas and north Louisiana. 

The company has 5,629 billion cubic feet equivalent (BCFE) in proven reserves, 460 BCFE in annual production, and approximately 2,000 high-return drilling locations. 

Comstock estimates it has total reserves of 19 TCFE – that “T” stands for trillion.

And while the Biden Administration opposes even a clean source of energy such as natural gas, tens of millions of American families rely on natural gas to heat their homes, cook their meals, and have hot water for showers.

As a result, in March 2022, Mark recommended investors buy Comstock when it was selling for $9.82 per share. 

Well, having the courage to go against the conventional wisdom paid off big-time for anyone who listened to what he had to say. 

The shares Mark recommended shot up from $9.82 to $15 – a gain of 52.7% in just two months.

Dr. Skousen’s contrarian bet paid off in spades.  

Just like noted industrialist J. Paul Getty said, as written in THE MAXIMS OF WALL STREET:

“No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success or ‘get rich’ in business by being a conformist” (p. 22).

That’s especially true of investors….

A Free Market Approach Outperforms
Most Asset Classes

A few years back, investment strategist Richard Bernstein did a 20-year study on individual investors.

He found that most underperform not merely the market but even a low-paying money market fund!

Look at the following chart from Richard Bernstein Advisors:

As you can see, during the 20-year study (from 1993 to 2013), the average investor underperformed a simple money market fund.

Bernstein concluded by writing, “What’s shocking is that, simply by investing, most people actually make themselves poorer. They’re just shooting themselves in the foot, over and over.”

What’s the reason?

Market timing! While some investors try to outsmart the market, most of them can’t. They sell too early, minimizing gains – or hold on too long to stocks once they’ve begun falling, maximizing losses. Not a good combination.

Investors who bought variable stock annuities did better, because the high surrender charges in annuities kept most investors invested for the long term.

The fact is, investors often sell when markets tumble temporarily and miss big gains when good stocks rebound. 

But they also sell when markets near all-time highs, afraid that a big crash might be coming.

In both cases, they leave profits on the table.

In this, Mark is a contrarian, through and through.  

His approach for the last 40+ years, found in his famous Forecasts & Strategies newsletter, is to find good companies and hold on to them through thick and thin.

He recommends that his readers remain 100% fully invested, drawing upon the advice of J. Paul Getty:

“The big profits go to the intelligent, careful and patient investors, not to the reckless and overeager speculator”(p. 136).

This approach outperforms almost all other asset classes by far.

As Much As 400% Gains by NOT Panicking

Here’s another example of how the potent, time-tested maxims of America’s best investors have helped his contrarian recommendations outperform those who only follow the latest trends…

In January 2023, everyone and their mother was predicting a housing crash.

“Is the U.S. headed for a housing market crash in 2023?” Newsweek asked right before Christmas.

Experts pointed to the housing crash of 2007 as a likely model, when close to 10 million Americans lost their homes due to foreclosures.

But as usual, Mark saw such predictions of doom as a buying opportunity.

As J. Paul Getty put it:

“Businessmen can profit handsomely if they will disregard the pessimistic auguries of self-appointed prophets of doom” (p. 110).

Or as Laurence J. Peter said:

“Many an optimist has become rich simply by buying out a pessimist”(p. 110).

Plus, as an economist, Mark understands how market forces can skew prices in unexpected, even surprising ways.

Sky-high interest rates mean many homeowners are reluctant to sell their homes. It would mean giving up mortgages with historic low interest rates (as low as 2% for 15-year mortgages just two years ago) for a new mortgage with an interest rate above 7%. 

As a result, and contrary to what many predicted, this created a massive shortage in the supply of homes on the market – and kept housing prices still relatively high in many places.

That’s why on January 17, 2023, when speculation was rampant about a looming housing crash and mortgage rates were nearing 7% nationally, he recommended buying shares of Toll Brothers (NYSE: TOL), makers of luxury homes.

The company had been named the World’s Most Admired Homebuilder – for the seventh time – in Fortune magazine’s 2022 survey of the world’s most admired companies.

Toll Brothers operates in 24 states and offers potential buyers several major advantages, starting with the very best locations.

It specializes in upscale neighborhoods with scenic views, natural amenities, and excellent proximity to schools, commuter routes, and entertainment.

Plus, the company was making money. 

In the most recent quarter, earnings jumped 71% on a 22% increase in revenue. The company enjoys a 15% operating margin. And management is earning a healthy 23% return on equity.

As a result, he recommended buying Toll Brothers when shares were selling for around $56.08. 

Well, interest rates continued marching upwards… but so did the value of Toll Brothers shares!

The shares rose from $56.08 to $77 per share. 

As you can see, his contrarian bent gave investors handsome profits.

Here’s another example…

Buying in the Face of a Volatile Market

You may recall that the year 2022 was pretty rough for investors.

Overall, the S&P fell from a high of 4,796 on January 3 to a low of 3,577 in mid-October – a decline of 25.4% in just over nine months.

What’s more, it was a very volatile market. 

The S&P would seem to recover, then plunge even lower, recover again, and then do another deep dive. It was hard on many investors’ nerves.

So while many advisors were telling their clients to move to cash, Mark advised remaining fully invested.

He typically recommends investing in companies that (1) are making money, (2) are paying a dividend, and (3) have a rising dividend policy.

When he finds those companies, it doesn’t matter if everyone hates them or expects the world to end – he’s getting in.

As William J. Bernstein put it:

“Investment success accrues not so much to the brilliant as to the disciplined”(p. 201).

For that reason, on October 24, 2022, Mark recommended Super Micro Computer (Nasdaq: SMCI).

Based in San Jose, California, SMCI develops and manufactures high-performance servers and storage solutions based on open architecture.

It’s a Fortune 1000 company, with operations in over 100 countries – a global leader in enterprise, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and information technology (IT) infrastructure.

The financial metrics are also top notch.

Super Micro generates over $5.2 billion in annual revenue. Earnings then were up 260% year over year on a 53% increase in sales. And management was earning a healthy 23% return on equity.

Mark recommended the stock at $63.20 a share.

Well, he was right on the money. Over the next month and a half, the shares soared to $84.

That represented a gain of 32.9% in 42 days.

There had been a ton of volatility all year and a decline of 25%, so many people got out of the market entirely.

But not Mark. 

He found valuable companies selling at a good price, and told people to buy.

As legendary investor Sir John Templeton said:

“If you are a long-term investor, you will view a bear market as an opportunity to make money”(p.108).

A Proven Strategy for Every Economic Situation

The market struggled in late 2023, especially technology stocks, in the face of stubborn price inflation and a United Auto Workers strike. The Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises was right when he said, “Inflation is never neutral.”

When inflation surges, real wages fall behind, and worker strikes are common.

As Harold Coffin puts it, the definition of inflation is:

“When nobody has enough money because everybody has too much”(p. 150).

Mark has several strategies for coping with inflation, and one of his favorites is to invest in natural resources – particularly energy.

For example, at the beginning of September 2023, uranium shot through $60 a pound and hit $62, a 12-year high.

Uranium is one of Skousen’s “road less traveled” investments.

It has recovered from the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, which drove the global uranium industry into limbo and caused Germany to abandon its nuclear power program.

And by 2023, things were changing.

More nations are turning to nuclear power as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels and especially to green energy sources like wind, water, and solar, which are much less efficient and have to be subsidized.

And an unprecedented number of announcements recently of nuclear power plant restarts and new constructions is likely to boost demand, even as supplies of uranium have fallen short.

As a result, he recommended that subscribers to his Forecasts & Strategies newsletter invest in the uranium producer Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE: UUUU) in late August 2023. 

Almost immediately, UUUU shares jumped from $6.79 per share, when Dr. Skousen recommended it, to $8.50 a share. That was a 25% gain in just 28 days.

And according to Zacks Investment Research, UUUU’s revenues will continue rising to $44 million, and earnings will climb to 63 cents per share – more than triple what they were in 2022!

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